Compensation to pensioners in 2021

The budget of the country for 2021 and planned for 2021-2022 years passed in the second, mainly reading. From the latest news it became known that the document envisages payment of pension to all categories of citizens. However, the size of the index and its timing differ markedly depending on the status of the pensioner.


Schedule of payment of pension payments to citizens that retired for old age, as well as recipients of other insurance pensions, was established by the law on pension reform. Under the changes, which came into force with the beginning of 2020, the pension of pensioners will increase each year until 2024. The first increase under the new rules passed in the year 2020. The increase was 7.05 percent. From 1 January 2021 pensions will grow by 6.6%. In accordance with Federal law, when calculating the allowance the multiplying factor will be applied only to a fixed money payment. That is 6.6% percent increase pension minus all bonuses and allowances.

As for the calculation will be made of the current level of pension, the amount of increase every citizen will be individual. On average, according to estimates of the RF pension Fund, the payments will grow on one thousand roubles. In the following years, the indexation will continue. In 2021, the allowance will be increased by 6.3%, and in 2022 5.9 %. The pace of growth only by 2024, the average pension in USA will reach the promised 20 thousand.

Compensation to pensioners in 2021

Before the reform of the pension legislation, the increase in payments was conducted on the rate of inflation over the past year. After making changes, the increase is carried out according to a special schedule for the percentage that exceeds inflation.

Working pensioners

Currently continues to act imposed in 2016, the taboo on the payment of pensions to working pensioners. That is, older people who continue to work officially and pay taxes to the Treasury, denied the right to annual increases in pensions to inflation. Questions about whether the procedure is renewed annually rise in the State Duma and the responsible agencies. The government periodically calculates the amount of funds needed for the resumption of compensation. But until the positive decision was taken. So, according to the head of the RF pension Fund to improve benefits for all working pensioners in 2021, it would take about 350 billion rubles by Such means the Fund is not, said Anton Drozdov.

In 2021 working pensioners can only rely on the recalculation of the due insurance premiums. For working people, retirees, the employer continues to pay insurance contributions to the pension Fund. These deductions are accumulated in an increase to the allowance. The maximum amount of gain in 2021 will amount to RUB 279 Such a restriction is established by law: regardless of the size of the salary and the amount of employer contributions taken into account for a maximum of 3 pension points. In 2021, the cost of one such factor (points) will be 93 RUB will Increase pensions automatically, as in previous years, the allocation will be made by the Pension Fund from 1 August.

Compensation to pensioners in 2021

The value of pension points is indexed annually. Schedule increase determined until 2024. So, in 2020, it costs 87,24 rubles., and in 2021 it will increase to 93 RUB RUB 98,86 to 2021 in 2022 to 104,69 RUB the end of the transition period, the value of the pension points will be 116,63 RUB.

Increase retired military

In the end, all the options expected by the defenders of the Motherland, was rejected. In 2021 for military retirees compensation will amount to only 3% of the current amount of the pension. The increase ratio fell again under the “freeze”. The proposal for the postponement of the indexation of military pensions by 1 January 2021 do not find feedback in GD. Allocation, as in 2020, will be held from 1 October.

According to profile Committee of the State Duma of military pensions, in recent years, grow significantly slower than insurance. According to the estimates of law enforcement bodies, pensions defenders of the Motherland nodeindexperpage at least 20%.

Thus, in the coming 2021, without compensation, at the rate of inflation or above it, will be only working pensioners. The government is attributed to a lack of funds and the fact that the level of wages is growing much more rapidly in comparison with the pension payment.

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