Codifier of the Exam on social science in 2021

As in previous years, in 2021 school graduates will not have to pass social studies mandatory. Certificate of passing exam in this discipline will need only to those who are planning to enter specialties such as legal, economic, pedagogical, etc. In General, the range of occupations where the required positive results of Examinations in social studies, is wide.

Students of the last classes who chose the above or related areas for future work, the first step is to carefully read the codifier Exams in social studies. This is an official document that contains the list of topics is subject to change in the course of the exam, and requirements for graduates. Codifier designed specifically for educational institutions in accordance with the state standards in education. Graduates who strongly identified with their profession, are kindly requested to complete and submit the application for testing. Then immediately start preparing for jobs.

Calendar 2021 Exams in social studies

To begin with, recommends that you read the calendar of Exams for 2021. Days of testing in social studies in the preliminary session, FIPI will announce closer to the month of November, and the timetable period already exists. For the discipline “social science” it would be:

8 Jun 2021

30 June 2021

3 Jul 2021

The content of the exam (first section)

As stated above, the codifier of the Exam consists of two sections. In the first, you specify the topic to be change, the second — demands on the knowledge and skills of school pupils. All testing positions are reflected in tabular form and are divided into the following blocks:

  • Man and society (18 points).
  • Economy (16 points).
  • Sootnoshenie (14 points).
  • Policy (15 points).
  • Law (20 points).

Codifier of the Exam on social science in 2021

It is important to note that the above list includes not only issues of basic level training. Students will have a number of items to work out further, over and above the amount of knowledge that was given to schoolwork.

Within these disciplines are preparing specific test tasks (all of them given 29). They are divided into two types: those that are sufficient to give a brief answer, and Vice versa, requires a detailed presentation. For tests of the first type of tasks 1 through 20, the second type — from 21 to 29.

Each of the types in turn contains tasks of varying difficulty. In the tests of the first type questions 1 to 8 belong to the basic level, 9 at the 20 — to increased. In tasks of the second type points 21 to 22 are considered as simple, the rest is complicated. Overall, we must admit that to prepare for the Exams should be taken seriously, because the requirements for knowledge and skills are very high.

The content of the exam (second section)

In the second section of the codifier Exams 2021 the requirements of practical and theoretical plan that must comply with each student who chose social studies as mandatory for delivery discipline. Simply put, this is what you need to know, understand and be able to do graduate school. So, for example, you should be aware of the issues of socialization, laws and tendencies of development of the state and society, the importance and necessity of legal regulation, etc. Need to learn how to explain social facts, circumstances, phenomena from the point of view of science, to find causal relationships between them and explain them.

Codifier of the Exam on social science in 2021

The test of knowledge the student must prove with specific examples, the understanding of passed theoretical exercises, to be able to find information from primary sources, to systematize and to generalize, to prove and formulate on the basis of its own conclusions. He will need to estimate actions of subjects from the point of view of social norms and practice. Every graduate must know how to prepare an abstract, a review, an opinion on the problem under study, etc.

The exam

In 2021, the codifier of the testing will be conducted according to the same rules as in previous years, with one exception — the venue. Now it is organizations in any educational institution, but under certain conditions. So, responsible persons should take care to equip selected classrooms with video cameras, observation posts. Testing in the native school, according to the Ministry of education, will help graduates to reduce the degree of tension during an already difficult test that is the Exams.

The relevance of the outcomes of the social studies exam due to the fact that it includes the verification of the foundations of the broad spectrum of knowledge in the fields of sociology, Economics, law, cultural studies, philosophy and sets the bar high requirements to the graduates. Even in order to obtain the lowest possible points, you need to work hard. The presentation of the material in these disciplines will require a thorough knowledge of the scientific definitions and terms, good knowledge of the literary language, but not everyday, structured presentation of information.

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