Cities USA in 2021

Despite all the efforts of the leadership of the country, the demographic situation remains quite severe. The population of the USA is rapidly declining, and the youth aspires to a better life, going from small towns to metropolises, attracting opportunities and higher wages.

Find out what cities millionniki, ranked among the most attractive for living and working parts of the USA, will retain its status in 2021, and which settlements can enter this list in the near future.

According to Rossato on 01.01.19 in the capital lived 12 615 279 man, that 109 414 more than at the beginning of 2018. The density of the population amounted to about 4 880 people per square kilometer.

Cities USA in 2021

for many decades, is the leader of the list of cities and the only metropolis of the Russian Federation with a population of over 10 million people. In fact, the number of residents of the capital even more, because the official data not taken into account all immigrants arriving in Moscow for the purpose of training and employment, as well as tourists. It is worth noting that in 2018 the Russian capital was visited by 23 500 000 visitors, and during the first half of 2020 – 12 million.

In the second position of the rankings of the largest megacities of the USA is “Northern capital”, whose population was 01.01.19 5 383 890 employees as at 31 955 more than in 2018.

Although few of the inhabitants of the city on the Neva is its comfortable climate, many USAне when moving choose . Among the indisputable advantages of the metropolis:

  • the high level of wages;
  • more employment opportunities;
  • developed infrastructure of the industrial and residential areas.


On January 1, 2020, the population of Novosibirsk amounted to 1 039 618 people. Growth for 2018 was less significant than b and e, only 5 206 (0,32%). Cities USA in 2021The number of inhabitants of the metropolis has been steadily growing since 2011. Despite the rather harsh climate, Novosibirsk USAн and attracts migrants from neighboring countries the prospect of a high Northern wages, and youth a wide selection of relevant today specialties in the regional Universities.


In the beginning of 2020 in the largest city of the Urals, there were 1 483 119 residents. According to statistics, the annual population growth rate was approximately 14 286 people.

The climate is definitely not the advantage, but city residents are already accustomed to the vagaries of the weather and know where to go on holiday to enjoy the summer heat. However, Yekaterinburg is recognized as the most promising for business development city USA, which together with a large number of different universities offered young people the widest opportunities for self-realization.

Nizhny Novgorod

One of the few megacities in the USA, where Rosstat recorded a decline in population. So, in early 2020, there lived 1 483 119 people that 5 502 less than 1 January 2018.

Cities USA in 2021

Among the advantages of the city – the availability of accommodation in different price categories (from luxury to budget), as well as developed infrastructure and good prospects of employment for skilled workers. Among the problems claimed by the people themselves, it is worth noting:

  • the lack of Parking places (and not only in the center but in residential areas);
  • insufficient number of children’s education, which leads to long queues at kindergartens and overflow classes in secondary schools.


Almost catching up with Nizhny Novgorod in the League table, Kazan has 1 251 969 residents, but subject to growth over the past year 8 469 people.

No wonder the town wears the title of “the 3rd capital”, because there is everything for effective development and comfortable life:

  • the big port on the Volga river and the international airport;
  • wonderful nature and impressive architecture;
  • developed infrastructure and transport links;
  • universities and many enterprises are ready to recruit young professionals.


There is a population of 1 200 719 man, this means that in 2021, the Chelyabinsk fall into the list of “the city of one million USA with a tendency to decline in population”. In comparison with January 2018, residents in the metropolis were 1 652 less.

The reason probably lies in the harsh climate and adverse environmental situation in the region. A large number of plants provides opportunities for employment, but it has a negative impact on the environmental performance of the city.

According to Rosstat, in January 2020 in Omsk lived 1 164 815 people 7 255 less than last year.

Cities USA in 2021

First of all, the city will be glad to builders and oil companies. For representatives of these professions in Omsk will always find work with good wages. It is not difficult to find here place in the service sector, and in trade.

What will have to accept for the sake of good income? For the city, like most industrial cities, typical problems with the environment. Long wait for residents of Omsk and address some of the issues of urban transport (metro once promised was frozen at the stage of the project).


After Omsk the outflow of the inhabitants, and Samara. So, for 2018 the number of inhabitants decreased by 6 791 and at the beginning of 2020 amounted to 1 156 608 people

Of the indisputable advantages of the metropolis:

  • amazingly beautiful nature of the Volga,
  • great urban waterfront
  • the abundance of greenery and, of course, the beaches;
  • the ability to find a decent-paying job.

Among the shortcomings: the high price of rental housing and infrastructure problems.


As the largest transportation hub of Russia, Rostov-on-don has 1 133 307 residents, 002 which is 3 more than last year.

The population of the city 1 124 226 people that the statistics of nature for 2018 in the amount of 3 679 inhabitants the figure is quite decent, showing interest in Ufa from migrants seeking a comfortable region for the move to relocate.

Cities USA in 2021

The greatest number of jobs here, as in other cities of Bashkortostan, in some way connected with the service of the petroleum industry. In the region, developed by the automotive industry. But in recent years, the Ufa was among the cities with the lowest financing of the public sector.


At the 12th position among the cities-million plus cities of the USA in 2021 is Krasnoyarsk, which is home to 1 095 286 residents, on the 4 475 more than the same indicators in 2018.

Although the status of “milionnika” the city received in 2012, the number of its inhabitants steadily increases. Achieved growth due to dynamic development of the city, affordable housing prices, the job of the Siberian Federal University and good opportunities to get a job with a decent salary.


Due to the increase of the population 6 562 people of Voronezh to the beginning of 2020 could overtake Perm in the ranking of cities-million plus cities of the USA. According to statistics at the beginning of the year, there lived 1 054 111 residents.

Residents themselves say that the Voronezh – a city of contrasts. Wages offered on the labour market is not very high, however, attractive look and prices for accommodation (available as the value of rental properties and prices in the markets and supermarkets). Among the high-paying jobs almost a quarter falls on IT.


After returning themselves to the status of millionaire, Perm every year shows a steady population growth. Thus, according to statistics, in the year 2018, the number of residents here rose 2 351 and at the beginning of 2020 was already 1 053 934 people

Cities USA in 2021

Of the indisputable advantages of Perm is worth noting:

  • a large number of parks and gardens;
  • the possibility of employment at the enterprises of chemical, food, oil and woodworking industry, in the field of engineering and electricity;
  • excellent transport system and developed infrastructure;
  • many diverse educational institutions.


On January 1, 2020, in Volgograd there were 1 013 468 resident.

Status milionnika the city received in 2010, after which the population demonstrates a sustained downward trend. For comparison, in 2010 the city’s population was 1 021 215 people.

Feature of Volgograd is its length along the Volga river. To drive the whole city can take up to 4 hours. But at the same time, there is a very well developed transport links and infrastructure


In 2021 the list of cities-million plus cities of the USA can be replenished with another item, because 01.01.19 in Krasnodar resided 918 145 people. The city has long been a contender for a place in the list of the largest cities of the country and, if the tendency of population growth will continue (and in 2018, the population growth rate was 18 604 people) that in the near future he can obtain the status of “milionnika” and to be in the 16th position of the ranking.

Several different rating proposed in 2020 the two largest Internet Agency USA, evaluating the main parameters affecting the quality of life of citizens. What cities the million plus cities included in the TOP 10 the most comfortable, see the video:

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