Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Despite the fact that the stores have no shortage, many people still make Christmas toys with their hands. Why? First, this is a substantial savings, because many crafts you can create out of scrap materials. Second, get unique products, which more exactly no one. Thirdly, it is a pleasant pastime: it is possible to do this with the whole family. Finally, fourth, it is an opportunity to show their creative nature and make the toy of their dreams.

We offer several options for making Christmas toys with their hands for the New 2021.

Funny rat

2021 – the year of the ox, so be sure to make this symbol for their own luck.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

For this you will need the following materials and tools:

  • white (or gray) and pink soft fabric (fleece, corduroy, velvet);
  • stuffing for toys (cotton wool, synthetic winterizer);
  • wire (not the thin, but not too thick: easy to bend with your hands);
  • acrylic thread brown;
  • pliers;
  • PVA glue;
  • needle and thread for sewing.

One such bull takes about 1 hour.

Step 1. Draw freehand a pattern torso with a head. This is a fun rat, so the funnier it will get better. Leave the trunk a small rectangle: it will sew on its hind legs. Sew on the machine or hand-stitch back needle parts of the body, leaving a rectangle free (not close it). Wrenched the torso right side out and stuffed it with filler.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 2. Wire twisted legs. Twisting of fingers, use pliers. If the wire is thick enough, you can twist it, and just bend shaped legs. Wire wrapped acrylic thread, gradually adding the adhesive. The remains then will be easy to remove because it is a PVA glue. Ready hind legs is inserted into the sewn rectangle and hand sew it to the pants, at the same time securing the wire.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 3. Front legs also make wire. It pierces his body straight through. Wrapped front paws white fabric (or acrylic yarn with the glue).

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 4. From pink fabric make ears: normal circles. Sew them so that the middle did not care. Similarly, from pink fabric make a ponytail. You can also take the pink lace.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 5. From pink fabric make a base for the eyes. The eyes themselves can be made from fabric, but it’s very small details, so you can get some white beads and paint them with a marker pupils. Antennae – this is a common thread, and the teeth cut from a piece of plastic (tube of shampoo, for example). Nose just draw with a marker.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

the bull is ready! Optionally, you can dress her in anything and get, for example, Rat King, as in our example. This Christmas toy appeal to the child and will look great on the tree or at the head of the festive table.

The snowmen out of light bulbs

To give a second life to old light bulbs, you can use them to make Christmas toys with their hands. It is a universal snowmen that with careful application can be saved until the next New year.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

You’ll need the following:

  • the old incandescent bulbs;
  • wire, which is easily twisted;
  • pliers;
  • white paper;
  • white thread;
  • white felt;
  • paste (can be welded from starch, as in Soviet times);
  • jute filament (a thin string);
  • markers;
  • blue thread;
  • the hot glue;
  • hairspray;
  • colorful paint.

The manufacture of one snowman with their hands will take about 1.5 hours.

Step 1. Wire twisted skeleton with hands. Hands better twist of several layers, so they were more elastic.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 2. Fasten the frame to the base of the lamp to the hand of the snowman were on both sides. The top loop should remain loose (see photo), because for her, the toy will be hung on the Christmas tree or on the wall. On top of the masked cap, jute thread, which at the same time more firmly fix the wire. Start covering the torso of the snowman paper. Do it in style papier-mache lubricated glass part of the bulb with paste, and the top najlepsim pieces of paper.

Tip! If the paper is soft (like a newspaper), you can stick her in small pieces, as a whole, holding tightly to the glass.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 3. While the paper is still wet with paste, the reverse side of the brush or other sharp object (toothpick, for example) progovarivat holes (as pictured). Similarly glue paste paper onto the base to form the head. The nose of the snowman roll of paper and also glue.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 4. After drying, the snowman cover it with hairspray. Hand-wire wrapped with thread for beauty. To thread reliably kept, best to periodically lubricate it with white glue. On the transparent areas, which we prokofievo floss, embroider snowflakes blue thread. It is painstaking work that can be simplified by simply drawing snowflakes blue felt-tip pen.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 5. Coloring a snowman: nose, eyes, smile, cap, etc.

Snowman celebrating the New 2021 is ready! And we made it with their hands.

Additionally, you can tie the snowman’s scarf out of some furry fabric. You can also give it into the hands of a small toy. Hands snowman flexible so that it easily will hold any new year’s attribute or “take” the hand of the snowman, a little girl.

Original Christmas balls

No tree can not do any New year toys for decorating of this forest beauty is also to do with their hands.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

For this we need the following:

  • old Christmas balls (scratched, faded picture, annoying);
  • foam balls from the stores for creativity;
  • beautiful shiny fabric (any that are even slightly stretchable);
  • decorative elements: twigs, bows, beads, rhinestones, etc.
  • the hot glue;
  • wire.

These toys are made very simply and quickly. One ball takes about 15 minutes.

Step 1. Take an old Christmas tree ball and small square piece of fabric. Better to take more, then to decide, if be superfluous.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 2.We put on the balloon fabric and fasten it with a piece of wire (the ends of the wire can decorate, but not necessarily).

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 3.Almost ready. It remains only to decorate with balloon decor, fixing it with hot glue.

Manufacturer of Christmas balls with your hands is a huge scope for imagination. Each family member can make such a ball, which he liked color and decoration. By the way, if will be based on the foam, not the old Christmas ball, these toys will last for the New year, because they will not break. And when the decor is tired, you can take it off to change the fabric on a new one to decorate other elements.

Christmas decorations – crescents

Dilute a little ball ensemble and make your hands another interesting Christmas toys for the New year — it will be a graceful Crescent.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

You’ll need the following materials and tools:

  • cardboard or a thin sheet of plywood;
  • jute filament (a thin string);
  • PVA glue;
  • the hot glue;
  • scissors;
  • sponge for washing dishes;
  • acrylic paint;
  • decor: ribbon, POM-poms, wooden decorations or buttons, beads, rhinestones, artificial pine sprigs, etc.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

When you consider the cutting out of the Crescent plywood (this work is better to trust the man), the production of one toy will take 2 hours. If we take ready-made template or make it from multiple layers of cardboard, it will take about an hour.

You can also look for wooden blanks in the shape of crescents in stores for creativity.

Step 1. Coat a small area of the workpiece with white glue and begin to wrap it tightly with jute string. Gradually donativum to the end, adding glue.

Tip! Not spread from the entire part, since the glue will dry quickly.

Of jute thread make a loop for which a new year’s toy will be hung to the tree. Further coat with a Crescent moon on the outside with glue and distribute it on the threads, so they better “grabbed”.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 2. Prepare a solution of acrylic paint of any color. In our example, blue. From lips cut off a small piece – this will be the tassel. Coat with sponge Crescent. Edge of the Crescent of similar coat of white acrylic paint to create a beautiful effect of color transition.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Step 3. You can decorate a toy. Attached by hot glue various decorative elements in any order.

Christmas toys for 2021 with their hands

Crescent is ready! If there are sparkles, you can optionally cover the toy with them to her beautifully glittered and shimmered in the light garlands. You can also decorate it with artificial snow.

For imagination there are no boundaries: you can use a variety of shades. For example, Golden Crescent also look very nice.

Such Christmas toys for sure, no one would, of course, if you don’t want to give them to your friends and relatives. And you will save decently, because most of the materials for the manufacture of toys for the New year are at home.

See also master-classes in video format for the production of unusual Christmas toys:

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