Christmas topiary DIY 2021

Christmas topiary are a great element in the holiday interior. For the New 2021 can make some adorable mini-trees with their hands. It will not take much time and the result will be pleasing to the eye for very long. Below are a few options for new year’s topiary on 2021 with their hands. According to the instructions you can duplicate items or use them as a basis for creating their own jewelry.

Classic herringbone

  • base: a small flower pot (decorative bucket), gypsum (cement or polyurethane foam);
  • barrel: pencil or wooden sticks, or "Chinese wand", or cylindrical ice-cream, or a branch (it is desirable that the diameter was at least 5 mm);
  • crown: cone of foam (you can buy in the store decor or do it yourself, vystrugat of the rectangular parallelepiped foam), or of heavy paper;
  • decoration: Christmas tinsel, small balls (you can use a different color), wool;
  • for fastening: adhesive tape (regular and double), super glue (or glue gun), twine (any other thick thread).

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  • For the future of the crown uses Styrofoam or paper cone. To perform a crown out of paper, it is necessary to take the cardboard and make it the contours.

You can print the template, or put a compass in the corner of the sheet and to outline the arc. If there is no compass, use the pen tied to it with string. The free end of the thread held in the point of the angle, pull the handle to the required length of the cone and draw an arc. The resulting cone cut and glued tape lengthwise and crosswise connecting seam.

  • In order to get the barrel, you need to take a smooth stick or pencil. If the sticks are thin, then they are connected with each other to produce a trunk of the desired thickness. The trunk can be covered with paint or wrap with twine or thread. No need to paint or wrap the entire barrel, just the part that will be visible.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  • The barrel is fixed at the base (flower pot) in a special hole designed for water, using super-glue. If no holes, then on the bottom you can put a small piece of clay and stick in the trunk. To secure the base in the pot is poured the plaster (cement or foam).

Important! When working with foam it is necessary to consider that it will increase in size.

  • While the base dries out, you need to make the bottom of the crown. To do this, the base of the cone lead round and cut out the resulting circle. You can use green construction paper. At its center it is necessary to make the hole for the barrel. The base is glued to the cone with tape.
  • Crown put on the barrel.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  • Next, you should decorate the resulting tree. First, you need to glue the balls super-glue or duct tape, spread them on the crown. It is better to use double sided tape. With it glued and tinsel: on top of the cone is placed a piece of double-sided tape and stick it to the edge of the tinsel. Then wind it out of the trunk, fixing the double sided tape.
  • Pot you can also wrap the tinsel around the circumference, securing her double-sided tape.
  • To decorate the base, in the middle of the pot is placed in the cotton. You can use the grain, or sawdust, etc.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  • Additionally, the tree is decorated with a small star on the top, beads, and under the crown can put small gifts.

Fruit topiary

Christmas topiary can be not only a part of the interior, but also decorate the holiday table. For the New 2021 year you can make a topiary dessert.

  • base: flat small dish and a large Apple;
  • trunk: long carrots;
  • decoration: kiwi, grapes, strawberries, carambola (has a cut in the form of stars) orange and any other fruit, parsley or fresh mint leaves;
  • to connect decor used toothpicks.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  1. Apple cut the bottom part so that its base was flat and stable.
  2. In the upper part, make a recess coinciding in diameter with the base of carrots. It is inserted into the "trunk".
  3. Toothpicks (they should not be too long, so they can break) uniformly and densely stuck in Apple base and carrot.
  4. Then they strung fruit. The void and the bottom of the "Christmas tree" decorated with greens.

Topiary of Mandarin

Another delicious Christmas topiary with whom you can meet New 2021.

  • base: flower pot, plaster (polyurethane foam, cement);
  • trunk: branch;
  • crown: Styrofoam ball or floral foam round;
  • decor: small tangerine, green sisal;
  • connection: PVA glue, toothpicks or skewers.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  1. Anchor the branch in a pot with plasticine or a small piece of floral sponge. Pour plaster (foam cement).
  2. The branch is glued floral foam or Styrofoam ball.
  3. On the ball attach tangerines with toothpicks or skewers. The fruit must be small in size so they are securely fastened and do not fall.
  4. The gaps between the tangerines and the base of the pot is decorated with green Sisulu. You can also use sliced strips of corrugated paper.

Topiary made of candy

The principle is the same as in the previous version of the topiary, only used as decoration mermaids.

  • basis: the foam ball or cone;
  • decor: gummi candy (for Christmas tree it is better to use red, green and white);
  • fastening: toothpicks or skewers.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

The implementation of this topiary is quite simple: on the basis of alternately nakalyaetsya marshmallows with skewers or toothpicks. The length of skewers can be adjusted with scissors or clippers.

Such a tree is very pleasant to the child. Only need to prepare enough candies, because in the process of creating a masterpiece, most of them can be eaten.

Topiary of pebbles

  • base: flower pot, gypsum (cement or polyurethane foam);
  • the trunk stick;
  • crown: Styrofoam cone;
  • decor: pebble (or large beads), paper napkins with a pattern in shades of green, seeds (sunflower seeds, flax, grain, ready mix for birds), twine or string;
  • connection: glue PVA or glue gun.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  1. In the pot to secure the trunk by using gypsum. You can further decorate the pot with a bow of twine.
  2. To the trunk to glue the cone with white glue or a glue gun.
  3. From napkins to cut circles and wrap them pebbles or beads. Wipes well glued with white glue.
  4. To glue the stones to the crown cone (here it is more convenient to use a glue gun).
  5. Wrap the tree with twine or twine, and smeared with glue.
  6. In a pot pour the grain. So it does not spill, previously it is poured into the PVA.

Topiary balls

  • base: decorative bucket or flower pot;
  • crown: foam or Styrofoam ball or floral foam round;
  • decoration: plastic Christmas balls small size, branches of an artificial Christmas tree or tinsel, decorated tape, snowflake stickers or stencils for snowflakes and white paint, silver paint;
  • connection: glue PVA or glue gun.

Christmas topiary DIY 2021

  1. Flower pot or bucket of paint in the silver color.
  2. After the paint has dried, stick on it snowflakes or paint them white.
  3. The sides of the pot or pail to glue the decorated tape.
  4. Balloon to stick to the ground.
  5. From Christmas balls to pull the fixture and glue the balls to the ball.
  6. The spaces between the beads to decorate with tinsel or Christmas trees.

How to make a Christmas topiary with their hands: video

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