Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

The celebration of the New year starts before 1 January. People are starting to create Christmas mood in the beginning of December, and someone before. And the easiest way to do this is by decorating the apartment. The main attribute is the Christmas tree, but apart from it you can think of to make yourself even a lot of interesting crafts. We offer original Christmas songs that you can do with your hands for 2021.

Fairy house out of cardboard

Sounds bad, but looks just gorgeous. Because the cardboard is only the Foundation of the house, and creates the beauty of the decor. To create a simple Christmas song can bring a child.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

Materials we need:

  • a piece of cardboard (you can get a box of the appliance);
  • scissors;
  • stationery knife;
  • pencil;
  • line;
  • masking tape;
  • decorative wool or snow;
  • gouache: white, red, green and other Christmas colors;
  • the figure of Santa Claus, snow Maiden or symbol 2021 bull;
  • bumps, rain and other small objects for decoration.

For the manufacture of a fabulous house will take less than an hour. Let’s get started.

1. On cardboard, draw a scheme for future cabin. Approximate dimensions are shown in the first picture. Them get the house that fits in the palm of an adult. You can multiply each number by the same number, and then the house will be more.Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

2. Cut out the template. Just don’t cut the lines that indicate the folds. It is better to sign them to avoid confusion.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

3. With a ruler bendable along the lines of house.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

4. Draw a door and cut it with a utility knife.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

5. Assemble the house by gluing the walls and roof inside with paper tape.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

6. In the assembled house, draw the Windows.

7. Coloring the hut to your liking. Use Christmas colors (avoid black, yellow, purple, pink). It is understood that the house is in the woods, so do not regret white color simulating snow. Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

8. On the roof of a house painted glue on cotton wool. On top of it, making silvery rain or other decor items. Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

Set the house under the tree. Get more cotton to make "snow". And next put the stick figures that you have. Well, if it’s Santa Claus or the snow maiden. But other characters: bull, gingerbread men, bunnies, snowmen, etc.

You can make a few houses of different sizes, and you get a whole fairy village. Children will love to play with this Christmas song, inhabiting the hut toys.

Table-arrangement of branches and cones

The space near the Christmas tree decorated. Now let’s make beautiful Christmas composition decoration of the festive table. It will look good in the middle of it. You can also put it on the coffee table, on the windowsill, on the shelf.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

Materials for the manufacture of such compositions are not always there at home, so will have to get ready and possibly go shopping or even in the woods. You will need:

  • tray or any other flat object made of metal, plastic or wood;
  • pine branches and cones (can be decorative, but it is better – real, to smell the forest);
  • branches of mountain ash or cranberry berries;
  • beautiful candle with a large diameter;
  • the hot glue.

The time to produce the Christmas songs minimal. It will take the strength of 20-30 minutes.

1. In the center of the tray leaving a place under the candle and begin to stick twigs and buds. Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

2. Try to apply the elements symmetrically relative to the center, so that when viewed from above, the composition looked harmonious and beautiful.

3. Add sprigs of Rowan and also pasted them. Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

4. In the center of the tray "plant" candle. With glue do not work, so the heated bottom of the candle so the wax began to drip, and then leans against it to the tray and hold for a few seconds.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

Christmas song ready! If desired, you can further beautify it with a decorative snow, mimicking the frost on the branches. But if beautifully packaged crafts, it will be a great gift for 2021.

Attention! When you light a candle, leave the room and keep the situation under control. Otherwise branches or bumps can catch fire.

Candlesticks, glasses

Candles – a very important attribute of the New year, because they create an atmosphere of mystery and magic. So candles in the apartment should be plenty. Produce a simple composition in the form of original candlestick, which will fit in the new year the interior of any home.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

  • a couple of glasses of wine (although you can use a triangular wine glass for a Martini or other drinks);
  • small figures of animals or men, which are freely included in the glass;
  • decorative snow, or a piece of foam;
  • grater;
  • pencil;
  • thick cardboard;
  • double sided tape;
  • ordinary Scotch tape.

At the time making such a beautiful Christmas song will take about 15-20 minutes.

1. Draw out the glass on the cardboard and cut out the resulting circles strictly according to the resulting lines. You can even add a few millimeters to cardboard circles not subsequently failed inside the glass.Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

2. Using double-sided tape glue the figures on cardboard. If the figures uneven floor (e.g., this is the man who is standing up) it is better to use more reliable with hot glue.

3. Spray decorative snow in a glass so that part of it remained on the walls.

4. If no snow, we’ll do it with my hands from foam. Grate a slice on a small grater. Be careful: grated foam "magnetic" to the hands and easily shatters. So don’t sneeze at it and keep away from children and Pets who may accidentally create a breath of wind.Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

When the snow is already inside, cover the glass with a piece of cardboard with the toy and fix the multiple strips of transparent tape.

Christmas candle holder is ready!

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

Left to hoist it on the table and set on top of the candle. Instead of figurines and snow in the glass, there may be other Christmas attributes: Christmas balls, cones, decorative shiny stones, needles, etc. When the holidays end, you can pull out the contents and wash the glass to use it as intended.

You can further decorate the glasses. Offer to make them like in the photo.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

You will need:

  • masking tape;
  • toothpaste (plain, white);
  • a piece of foam or sponge for washing dishes;
  • decorative Christmas accessories;
  • the hot glue;
  • string.

At the time it will take more than an hour, because the pasta needs to dry properly.

1. From masking tape cut out stars or other figures. Sprocket evenly pasted on the glass. Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

2. To the foam, apply the toothpaste and spot movements apply it to the glass.Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

3. Will have to do several layers to make a smooth white color. Although, you can leave the glass half transparent. After drying the paste (you can check this experimentally touched a finger) to gently unstick asterisk.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

4. Make the decor. For this it is necessary to create a beautiful composition of cones and twigs. Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

5. It remains to glue the decoration onto the rope and tie a mini-hack to the stem of the glass. Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

New year’s bull of wire

To meet the 2021 without his mistress does not. But to make a real rat optional: you can make it from wire and wine corks. To make this possible the original crafts with their hands, and this does not necessarily be able to sew.

Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

  • wine stopper;
  • aluminum wire of different diameter (one approximately 2 mm, the other thinner, for example 0.5 mm);
  • nippers for wire;
  • pliers or long-nose pliers;
  • melkoabrazivnymi sandpaper;
  • stationery knife;
  • string;
  • a tangle of wool yarn grey, brown or white (depending on what you want rat);
  • 2 pins with a white ball on the end (for the eye) and 1 – black or pink (for the nose).

Quickly make a rat does not, therefore, include a favorite Christmas movie and enjoy the process. Can connect to work and schoolchildren. The kids better not to interfere in the process, because it involves wire, which can be not really safe for kids.

1. With a utility knife, give the tube a conical shape. Sandpaper treated the resulting workpiece so that it was smooth. Take the large aluminum wire and harvests details: neck, head, feet front, feet back. Use the clippers (for cutting) and pliers (for bending).Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

2. Blanks for the legs are folded one end to make a "droplet". This is especially important for the back legs because our bull must surely stand. Coat curved ends of the wire with hot glue and apply them on three little pieces of thin wire. It’s claws. Take a ball of wool and begin to wrap the ends of the legs. Don’t forget about the claws.Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

3. Feet while putting off doing the body. Stick in the plug wire, which serves as the neck and head of a bull. If the wire does not stick, sharpen the end with a wire cutter. Attach the head relief with twine. Wind it wire so that the head was broader and the muzzle tapers. In the tip of the muzzle you can just insert the trimmed pin with a ball on the end.

You can now insert and foot.When all the tabs in place, begin to wrap the thread the entire piece. This was a delicate process, because you will have to avoid all obstacles. And layers get a lot.

Rat is almost ready and is already on her paws. Do the lugs. Of thick wire collapsible "droplets" and wrapped them with thread. Cut the ends and insert in the head.Christmas songs with their hands for 2021

4. White pins make eyes. Take a narrow strip of any cloth and tie a rat scarf.

The toy is interesting due to the fact that her legs are moving up and down. If desired, you can add the ratty skirt or other garments. And this toy is very symbolic because 2021 – the year of the white metal bull. And our ratty is made of metal wire.

If a fabulous house, which we described in the beginning of the article, you get more, you can put around him this wonderful rat to complete a Christmas song. A good rat will look great next to the candleholder, waving his foot and is taken to indicate that 2021 is very close.

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