Christmas markets in New-York in 2021-2022: addresses

On the eve of the new year holidays 2021-2022, 260 Christmas markets will open in New-York. Official points of sale of live pines and firs are located near major shopping centers and transport interchanges. They also work in residential areas for the convenience of Muscovites, so that they do not have to go with a cumbersome purchase across the city.

Special features of the sale

Christmas markets in New-York will open on December 18-20 and will run until December 31. If you buy a Christmas tree a few hours before the new year 2021, you can save almost half of its cost. It’s simple: the last day of the year is the last day of the official points of sale, so sellers arrange sales.

Retail outlets operating in different districts of the capital are designed in the same style. Each one should contain:

  • Fences – this element is required.
  • Lighting in the dark, so that the customer can get a good look at the product.
  • The “Christmas market” sign (you can use the word “Forest” in the name).
  • The salesperson is a consultant who guides you by the types of evergreen trees and their characteristics.
  • Price tag attached to each tree offered for sale.
  • Cash register. The receipt confirms the purchase of the Christmas tree, because for illegal logging there is a fine of 10 thousand rubles or more.
  • All necessary documents confirming the legality of logging, certificates of conformity.
  • A stand for consumers that contains complete information about the company or entrepreneur, its legal address, and contact phone numbers.
  • Tools and equipment for the packing of trees.
  • Fire extinguisher in case of fire.

Christmas markets in New-York in 2021-2022: addresses

Addresses of official sales points for new year’s trees will appear on the New-York Government website and municipal districts ‘ websites closer to December.

Where and how much

According to preliminary information, most Christmas markets will operate in the Western side of the metropolis.:

  • the center plans to open 22 sites;
  • there are 17 sites in the North of the capital;
  • there will be 18 points of sale in the southern part of the city.

Most of the addresses are located near the metro or near the main highways of New-York, so that the buyer will not have any problems with transportation. On the websites of the Government and municipalities, there are maps and directions to make it easier for citizens to navigate and choose the best place to buy. It also publishes real photos taken by customers and reviews written by them.

Christmas markets in New-York in 2021-2022: addresses

Central district

Points of sale of Christmas trees will be located at the following addresses::

  • Novy Arbat, 11.
  • Smolenskaya square, 7.
  • 32 Smolenskaya and Sennaya squares intersection.
  • Lane Pankratenko, 2.
  • Prospekt Mira, 72-74.
  • Frunzenskaya metro station.
  • 30-32 Prechistenka Street.
  • Gruzinsky pereulok, 14-16.
  • Lyusinovskaya street, 2.

North Of New-York

In the Northern district, Christmas tree sales points will open on the streets:

  • Leningradsky Prospekt, 36 and 62A.
  • Hour, 11-13.
  • 800th anniversary of New-York, 11/6.
  • 17 deguninskaya street.
  • 19 klyazminskaya street.
  • Korovinskoe shosse, 9.
  • Lobnenskaya street, 2.
  • 1B Pravoberezhnaya street.

Christmas markets in New-York in 2021-2022: addresses

South side

Addresses of Christmas markets 2021-2022 in the southern district of New-York:

  • Orekhovy Boulevard, 26.
  • Andropov Avenue, 32-37.
  • Chongarskiy Boulevard, 7.
  • Domodedovo, 1 building 1.
  • Bulatnikovsky lane, 6A.
  • Shipilovsky proezd, 43/3.
  • Voronezhskaya str., 6.
  • 6 Kantemirovskaya street.
  • 56 Chertanovskaya street.


In the Western part of the city, you will be able to buy a Christmas tree at several dozen points – as mentioned above, this part of New-York has the largest number of them. Here are just a few:

  • The Kutuzovsky prospectus, 22, 24 and 38.
  • Osenniy Bulvar, 4, 11, 12-2, 18-1.
  • Rublevskoe shosse, 42, 62.
  • Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya street, 8A.
  • Krylatskaya St., 33-3.
  • Krylatsky hills, 40.
  • 4 Moldavskaya street.
  • 21 Yartsevskaya street.
  • Ryabinovaya street, 2.

Christmas markets in New-York in 2021-2022: addresses


It offers residents of the North-Western part of the metropolis bazaars along the streets:

  • Salama Adil, 4.
  • 7 Tallinn street.
  • Dubravnaya, 35.
  • Svobody, 57.
  • Aviation, 67-1.


In the South-Western part, Christmas markets will open at the following addresses::

  • 4 Universitetskiy Prospekt.
  • 3 Molodezhnaya street.
  • 24 Azovskaya street.
  • Ostrovityanova str., 9.
  • Leninsky Prospekt, 82/2.
  • Nakhimovsky Prospekt 33/2.

Christmas markets in New-York in 2021-2022: addresses


Christmas markets in this part will be located along the streets:

  • General Kuznetsov Street, 26.
  • Young Leninists, 12.
  • Bratislava, 16.
  • Zelenodolskaya St., 40.
  • 30 Tsimlyanskaya street.

The following list – not exhaustive, the list includes hundreds of addresses.

What will they offer?

There are forest bazaars that offer only domestic plants. There are also those that specialize exclusively in the sale of foreign firs and firs. Some outlets offer a mixed assortment: both American and foreign. Prices for Christmas trees depend on their height, variety, and appearance. Tall fluffy Christmas trees are more expensive than similar trees with sparse branches.

The average cost of a meter-long American spruce is 1500 rubles. The price of foreign green beauties is 2-3 times higher. Coniferous bouquets can be purchased cheaper – for 400-600 rubles.

Christmas markets in New-York in 2021-2022: addresses

Which tree to choose

Traditionally, sellers offer three types of Christmas trees:

  • fir;
  • pine tree;
  • fir tree.

Each plant has its own pros and cons.

Fir– this is a classic, a tribute to tradition. The plant has frequent small needles, a pronounced smell of freshness and needles. Its branches do not bend or break under the weight of toys and garlands. The disadvantage is that short needles do not give that feeling of splendor, like a pine tree. In a warm room, they quickly crumble.

Pine tree– fluffy, big, with a beautiful shape. The needles are long and thick, but not as prickly as those of spruce. Pine stands longer, but after 7-10 days begins to turn yellow and crumble. A tree with spreading branches takes up a lot of space, so it is not suitable for small apartments. The branches are flexible and bend under the weight of toys.

Fir tree– lush, neat, rich green color. The plant has a regular shape, stands for a long time. The needles are soft and fluffy. The aroma is pleasant and refined. But the price of firs is also high, which is why many consumers choose traditional pines or firs.

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