Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

With the onset of winter there is an opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the kindest, fabulous and colorful festivals, is able to recharge with positive energy for the year ahead. It is best to go to Europe for the famous Christmas markets, which in 2020 – 2021 year promises to be especially rich and varied. Here you can stock up on original gifts at very affordable prices, have fun and enjoy delicious dishes of national cuisine.

The capital of Austria is known for a centuries-old tradition of celebrating Christmas and the fairs. No wonder, since the first of December, tourists flock here, attracted by the scale and variety of activities. To get to the new year’s fairy tale, it is enough to visit the Park Rauthaus (town hall), located in the historic center of Vienna, near the eponymous square.

In 1975, the city authorities decided to use the beautiful “oasis” for the largest Metropolitan fair, which pleases the eye, heart and stomach. Every year it is constructed more than 150 stalls offering colorful Souvenirs, products of local artisans, delicious food and drinks. Among the most popular treats is the famous Austrian mulled wine, Apple strudel, sachertorte and “Esterhazy”, which became the hallmark of the country.

Vienna is one of the safest European cities. Here you need to bring the whole family to ride the latest rides, to admire the huge tree in the center of the fair, and visit the unique master-classes where children will be taught the tricks of cooking and needlework.

Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

When: November 17 – December 24.

Where: W Rathauspark, 1010 Vienna, Austria.


The heart of the political life of the country at Christmas is transformed into the capital of magic and beauty. In late November, the streets of Berlin try on festive attire and most popular among tourists and locals areas, open noisy fairs. In Germany they have a special splendor and panache. Each city tries to present their exclusive program, and Berlin is no exception.

Number one, of course, the fair “Christmas magic” in the old Mitte district. Located close to the main administrative building of Germany – the Bundestag, the Bundesrat and the Federal government.

In such a magnificent environment, it is especially nice to drink a glass of mulled wine or a Cup of hot chocolate, adding them to traditional German pastries. Capital farmers present at the fair their products, by which also it is impossible to pass. And after a celebratory treats, can be a long walk from stall to stall, choosing handmade gifts, brought from different corners of the world.

The popularity of “Christmas magic” evident in the statistics: every year it is visited by over 600,000 tourists. The only negative – the entrance will cost €1. But it’s a small fee for a truly memorable experience. Besides, on weekdays until 14:00 the fair is free of charge.

Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

Where: Leipziger Strasse 65, Berlin, Germany.

When: November 26 – December 31.


French city, received the title of “the parliamentary capital of Europe”, is also famous for its Christmas fairs. They are held since 1570 and is considered the oldest in the country.

Sparkling lights, elegant Windows of boutiques and midst of this splendor are many colorful goods, from which is breathtaking. And noisy winter activities and a 30-metre tree in the centre of the historic square.

Having a good shopping tour, a must-eat roasted chestnuts, say, in France they are incredibly delicious. Delicious crackling hot fruit and a glass of mulled wine… here it is – the true spirit of European Christmas.

Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

Where Place Kléber, Strasbourg, France.

When: November 23 – December 30.


The most beautiful city in Eastern Europe with the coming of Christmas becomes even more. Fair here to impress, not only the range but also picturesque. Wooden kiosks, decorated in a traditional European style Christmas trees look amazing against the backdrop of ancient buildings of different styles and eras.

The first thing to go in old town square, in the heart of historical Prague. Here among the houses with fragrant food and Souvenirs is located Nativity scene with handmade animals. They can feed, pet and take a picture.

Moreover, “smaller brothers”, it is necessary to eat and itself. Among the authentic delicacies, which are prepared right in front of the visitors: ham, spit-roasted, delicious grilled sausages, Hungarian pellet “langos” with garlic sauce, pancakes “palachinke”, and ginger glazed carrots, sweet trdelnik. Keep warm in the cold will help grog, hot chocolate, mulled wine or the local drink “medovina”.

Almost every kiosk sells hand-made Souvenirs, ceramics and the famous Czech glass, wooden toys, dolls in national costumes and luxurious embroidered lace. And in the evening the square is filled with music, school and folk groups perform folk carols.

Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

Where: Staroměstské nám, Prague, Czech Republic.

When: since November 30, 2018 to January 6, 2021.


The most famous fair of the Danish capital, located in Tivoli, famous for its luxury rides and unique design. So, visiting a Christmas market, you can not only delicious to eat and to stock up on gifts, but great fun. And that’s not all.

The event in Tivoli has an elegant decor that is annually developed by John Loring – honorary designer of the jewelry house “Tiffany”. Christmas market is fully consistent with the cult place, which is. The journey between the trading stalls, accompanied by classical music and dizzying lights. This setting configures the sublime way and makes every, even the smallest purchase at a miracle. And with the onset of night over the Park blossom fireworks.

Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

Where: Vesterbrogade 3, Copenhagen, Denmark

When: 16 November 2020 5 January 2021.


The main city of the Tuscany region, Central Italy has a lot of regalia. This is one of the reference points in the contemporary fashion industry, the largest historical, cultural and tourist center. The architecture of Florence is rich in monuments of the Renaissance, here you will find the creations of Donatello, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. In such a special city and Christmas markets to match.

The most impressive – in the square of Santa Croce, opposite the Basilica of the thirteenth century. Beautiful building in the late-Romanesque style serves as the backdrop for the wooden stalls in the spirit of Tyrolean Chalet-like cornucopia showered guests with Italian delicacies and Souvenirs.

Here you can buy Christmas tree decorations, gifts hend-made, ceramics and clothing. To try first recommended local specialties: cheeses, meats and wines of the Tuscan producers.

Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

Where: Piazza di Santa Croce, 16, Florence, Italy.

When: December 1 – January 6, except Christmas day, December 25.


The historic capital of Scotland is best to visit for Christmas. The exact address of your final destination: the city Park Princes Street Gardens, which offers the largest holiday Bazaar.

Favorite edinburghe and guests of the capital green area will appreciate the festive and fun rides. Including a spiral slide, from where the descent is breathtaking. Just paid for this game, you can ride all day that children and adults do with great pleasure. To see the glittering lights of the city will allow the Ferris wheel, installed at the highest point of the Park, and warm up will help a huge ice rink where no minutes will not stand on the spot.

As expected in the cold season, the food and drinks are served in piping hot: baked blood sausage and potatoes, as well as the national dish, the Haggis is made from sheep’s offal with oatmeal, fat, onions and spices. You can warm up the national drink of whiskey or less “degree” mulled wine.

For the sweet tooth provides chocolate fountains, skewers of marshmallows and a marshmallow, and a dessert of “Cranachan” of rolled oats (my favorite cereal of Scots), wild berries, honey and alcohol.

Christmas markets in Europe-in the 2020-2021 year

Where: Princes Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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