Christmas in the USA in 2021

Almost all citizens know when will Christmas in USA in 2021. This religious feast popular so aware of it, and in small villages and in large cities.

When will celebrate

Since in USA there are mostly Orthodox Christians, the celebration of the birth of the son of God, celebrated according to the statutes of the Orthodox Church, not a Catholic one. The date for the celebration of the Nativity fixed, and therefore in 2021 will not change in comparison with previous years.

Important! Celebrate Christmas in USA January 7, although satisfied gala dinner on the eve – the evening of January 6.

It’s not only the Church but also a public holiday, so it is always a statutory holiday. Now the question of the transfer of the day does not occur because Christmas falls during the new year holidays, which last till 8 January.

Christmas in the USA in 2021

The history of the emergence

The holiday commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Originally it was celebrated on 25 December, but after the introduction of the Gregorian calendar between Catholics and Orthodox Christians have a disagreement. The first refused to change the date of the celebration. They were supported by Protestants and representatives of other Church denominations. Orthodox Christians began to celebrate Christmas according to the new calendar – on 7 January.

In Russia, the holiday has been celebrated many centuries ago − after the baptism of the country by Prince Vladimir. Later, Poland passed the tradition to have a Nativity set. The so-called theatrical performances dedicated to the birth of the son of God. At the beginning of the last century started to decorate the Christmas tree and gifts delivered Santa Claus, but in the 1920-ies the situation has changed dramatically. The atheist government has banned Christmas and all the traditions associated with it. The feast secretly celebrated only in small villages and individual families.

Interesting! Part of the Christmas tradition in 1935 was postponed for the New year. It relates to the Christmas tree and Santa Claus. Later, there was another character – the snow maiden.

At the state level, Christmas was revived only in 1991. Earlier in December, signed a decree on the output bottom, although some republics have ignored the law, and therefore, the institutions worked on 7 January.

Christmas in the USA in 2021

How to celebrate

According to Church tradition, in 2021, on Christmas day in the churches and temples will be held all-night vigil, after which go into a Liturgy. On this day prayers and fragments from the gospel. The faithful will go to Church to pray and take communion. The TV channels often broadcast the worship services of the Church of the Savior.

Christmas eve and post

The hostess always cooked for dinner the following dishes:

  • dumplings;
  • pies;
  • Lenten pastries;
  • baked fish;
  • salads;
  • vegetable stew etc.

Christmas in the USA in 2021

Christmas carols and other folk traditions

On the eve of the holiday, and adults and children singing carols, that is, sing songs of praise about the birth of Jesus Christ. Initially, the ceremony was pagan. People in Russia worshiped the Sun God, but after his baptism, he was changed. Carolers usually dress up and gather in small groups, go from yard to yard. Be sure to wear a large star that symbolizes the star of Bethlehem. She led the shepherds to the birthplace of Jesus. Carolers are necessarily entertained with candy and other sweets, give money.

Christmas is a family holiday. Usually this day at the same table is going for several generations. In some regions there is a tradition for godchildren before the holiday supper are his godfather.

What not to do

On Christmas day in the USA in 2021, try to observe some simple prohibitions:

  • It is impossible to do physical work – to cut, chop firewood, repair or other similar cases.
  • Women should abandon sewing, washing, Ironing.
  • It is forbidden to hunt animals, because on the occasion they inhabit the souls of the dead.
  • Do not wear dark or old clothes.
  • It is impossible to wash and go to sauna.

Housewives should get out in the morning of the 6th to the feast the house was clean.

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