Christmas bazaars in 2020-2021 year: addresses

To buy a Christmas tree for the New year – not a problem, because on the eve of the holiday throughout the city begin the work of hundreds of Christmas markets. Locations that will be operational in 2020-2021 season, it is possible to know in advance. Most of them are located near the interchanges, so getting there is not difficult.


The first markets where you can buy Christmas tree will open in early December. But the bulk of these points begins 20 th. They work around the clock without breaks and weekends, until December 31. If necessary the purchase can be done even on the eve of new year’s eve, as the bazaars would be open till the last, and all, had not managed to purchase the beautiful forest in advance will have the opportunity to fix it.

Christmas bazaars in 2020-2021 year: addresses


Address Christmas markets in different areas :

CentralSmolensk-hay square, d. 32;

St. N. Arbat, d. 11;

Smolenskaya sq., 7;

Prospekt Mira, d. 72-74;

Pankreaticski lane, D. 2;

Dubiniskaya St., D. 2;

ul lyusinovskaya, d. 2;

Georgian lane, VL. 14-16;

Georgian street., ow. 29;

The Presnensky shaft, VL. 1/2;

Tishinsky square, VL. 6;

Georgian lane, VL. 14-16;

Georgian street., ow. 29;

The Presnensky shaft, VL. ½ ;

Tishinsky square, VL. 6;

the metro station “Frunzenskaya”;

St. Prechistenka, 30-32;

Plyushchikha str., VL. 44/2;

Leninsky prosp., 13.

WesternKutuzovsky prosp., 38;

Kutuzovsky prospect, 22-24;

B. Dorogomilovskaya str., d. 8A;

Autumn Blvd., 18, korp. 1;

Autumn Blvd., d. 11;

Rublevskoe sh., D. 62;

Autumn Blvd., 12-2;

Krylatskie Kholmy, VL. 40;

Krylatskaya str., 33-3;

Autumn Blvd., 4;

Kastanaevskaya street, building 54;

Rublevskoe sh., d. 42, korp. 1;

ulitsa 26-ti Bakinskikh Komissarov, house 2, building 1;

ul Yartsevskaya, 21;

ul elninskaya, d. 23;

Moldavskaya str., 4;

street of Tolbukhin, d. 12;

ul Ryabinovaya, d. 2.

NorthLeningradsky prosp., 36 (between the metro station “Dinamo” from the North exit);

Leningradsky Prospekt, 62A;

Deguninskaya street, house 17;

St Hour VL. 11-13; Beskudnikovsky Blvd., VL. 12;

St. Z. and Alexander kosmodemyanskiy, d. 11/15, korp. 1;

St. Z. and Alexander kosmodemyanskiy, d. 1;

ul 800-letiya , d. 11, korp. 6;

Kronstadt Blvd., 30B;

Klyazminskoe str., 19;

lobnenskaya str., 2;

Korovinskoe sh., D. 9;

Leningradskoe sh., D. 132A;

street right-Bank, d. 1B

SouthLipetsk street, VL. 7, p. 1;

Bulatnikovskiy St., VL. 6A;

street Borisovsky ponds, VL. 26, p. 2, entrance №4;

Walnut Avenue, VL. 26;

Kantemirovskaya str. ow. 12/14;

St. New items, VL. 30;

Andropova Prospekt, VL. 32/37;

Domodedovskaya street, building 1, building 1;

Chongarskiy Boulevard, VL. 7;

Shipilovskiy proezd, VL. 43/3;

Voronezhskaya St. VL. 6;

Kantemirovskaya str. ow. 47;

street of red Lighthouse, VL. 10;

Chertanovskaya str. ow. 56.

Northweststreet Salam Adil, house 4;

Rogova str., house 15, building 1 (Northern Butovo);

street, house 57;

Aviation, building 67, building 1;

Tallinskaya ulitsa, 7;

Dubravnaya ulitsa, 35;

Pyatnitskoe shosse, 18.

South EastUlitsa Generala Kuznetsova, 26;

ul Yunykh Lenintsev, 12;

Bratislavskaya, d 16, building 1 (Marino);

Zelenodolskaya ul., d. 40;

Alex D. 30.

South WestUniversitetsky Prospekt, 4;

Nakhimovsky prospect, 33/ 2 (center);

Leninsky prospect, 82/ 2;

St. Azov., 24;

Molodezhnaya street, house 3;

street Vvedensky, d. 13, building 1;

street Ostrovitjanova, d. 9;

Lithuanian Blvd., 22 (Yasenevo).

The table shows not all addresses as bazaars will be very much. The full list can be found on the website To identify point is not difficult, they all look the same: the area around them is fenced with a fence, above the entrance hung the sign. Last year on the sign was the inscription – “Christmas Bazaar”. According to rumors, this year the title may be a few others wishing to purchase a Christmas tree will need to look for the “Forest market”.

Christmas bazaars – this is the only opportunity to legally acquire the coveted evergreen tree in . To make sure the outlet is working legally, you can ask the sellers appropriate documentation. In addition, note the presence of a cash register. In the legal institutions of all it should be.

Prices and availability

As a rule, spruce and pine brought to Moscow from the Saratov, Tambov and Perm regions. The domestic options are from 1000 rubles., depending on the height and variety. Cheapest cost low tree up to 1.25 m In the presence there are also great trees at 3-5 m and even 10 m that are intended for the decoration of streets or large-scale events. The price of the highest spruce can reach 50000 RUB.

Christmas bazaars in 2020-2021 year: addresses

On the markets not only sell trees grown in the territory of the USA, but also goods from abroad. So, in the range often Danish and Norman fir spruce. Their cost is much higher than the Russian counterparts.

Some outlets provide a service for the delivery of the goods at home for an additional fee. Some companies have their own websites through which you can choose a Christmas tree online.

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