Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Beautiful and unusual Christmas balls with your hands for 2021 can be done from almost any material – paper, fabric satin ribbons. This can be a variety of classic options or original decorations in the form of a round bull.

For decoration suitable beads, beads, rhinestones etc. Created with your own hands Christmas decorations will be a real highlight in the house. Make them together with children, because the creative process of making Christmas toys like little restless.

From yarn and glue

These Christmas decorations are made very simple although exquisite lace beads look attractive and unusual.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

For work it is necessary to prepare the following tools and materials:

  • thread (you can take any thickness and color depending on the desired result);
  • PVA glue;
  • balloons;
  • hand cream;
  • decor – sequins, lace, flowers, bows etc.

Step 1. The winding of the thread.

  1. First, inflate the balls so that in diameter, they were no more than 10 cm From the bulb size depends on the size of the finished product.
  2. Tie it with thread at the base, and then lightly grease with a cream. This would prevent adhesion of the thread to the balloon.
  3. A container of adhesive puncture with an awl. Through this orifice pass the thread using the needle.
  4. Impregnated with glue and thread wrap on the ball in different directions. The density of the winding can be different.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Step 2. Extraction of the workpiece.

  1. Leave the product for a while, until the glue is completely dry. It is not recommended to force it to dry due to the possible deformation.
  2. With a needle, pierce the balloon and gently pull it out.
  3. Decorate the product at its discretion. You can stick a lace flower or to coat the top surface with glue and then sprinkle glitter to make ornaments sequins etc.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Spiky ball of paper

To make a cute and unusual decoration for the Christmas tree from materials, which are available in every home. No cash outlay and a little time at the Christmas beauty is an original product.

To make such a toy, you will need:

It is also worth to prepare a small saucer, a coin, scissors, needle, pencil, ruler.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

  1. Attach saucer to paper and draw. You will need 4 such elements.
  2. Cut out the drawn circles.
  3. In the center of each put a coin and draw around it with a pencil.
  4. Then divide each circle into 8 equal sectors. Line get line. Cut the circles on the drawn lines, but not boresite to the center.
  5. Put the pencil on the center of one sector. Roll the edges around a pencil and secure with glue. Repeat with all pieces.
  6. When the circles surround the pointed petals are dry, thread the fishing line through them with a needle.
  7. Pull all neatly into a ball. Decorate with rhinestones or sequins.

Tip! For manufacturing it is possible to use not only the usual white and colour double-sided paper.

Bulk cardboard ball

For this Christmas ornaments you can use colored cardboard, old greeting cards or calendars.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Actions are performed in the following sequence:

  1. From prepared cardboard or postcards cut out 20 circles. Depending on the desired size of the toy the diameter of circles can be from 3 to 5 cm
  2. After you want to cut out an equilateral triangle that will be cut in a circle.
  3. Triangle to insert into the circle and cut around all three sides. The drawn line will place bends.
  4. For each element make neat folds in the front of all the lines drawn.
  5. From the cooked circles glue the top of the ball. Connect the curved parts 5 of such elements. In the middle be sure to insert the folded loop cord or thick thread.
  6. Similarly, fabricate the lower part.
  7. Then, the remaining 10 pieces glue a strip, which will be the middle of the ball.
  8. Glue the upper and lower part.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

If you wish, you can also decorate with sequins, beads, beads or rain.

Fabric technology kimekomi

Delicious and colorful Christmas balls for 2021 can be made from fabric and foam pieces that you can buy in any store for needlework. Japanese technique kimekomi easy to master. You can start with simple patterns, and after getting the skills to complicate the task.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

To work you need to prepare:

  • fabric (preferably of different colors, can print);
  • cord gold or silver colored ribbon or decorative beads;
  • the foam framework;
  • scissors;
  • reprivatise seams (you can buy in the store for needlework);
  • adhesive;
  • stationery knife;
  • satin or sheer ribbon for bow;
  • decor;
  • pencil or pen;
  • flexible meter.

Best suited round foam sphere with a diameter of 7-10 cm, you First need to outline the purchased workpiece. The complexity of this phase depends on the number of segments. Divide the balloon gradually to pieces, so they were equal. When all lines are traced with a utility knife or a scalpel to make the incisions at a depth of 7-8 mm. At this stage, should be particularly careful not to damage the foam.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

A piece of cloth attach to one segment and a thin spatula or reprivatised seams carefully insert it in the slot. Remnants of fabric, trim carefully with scissors.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

You can do another way. First you make a template. To do this, use translucent fabric or substrate. Attach it to the template and trace the contour segment. Cut out the pattern. When cutting out the pieces make allowances for 5 mm on each side.

Cover all the segments with a cloth, alternating different colors.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Then all the joints carefully promazhte glue and adorn with decorative cord. Lightly press the cord into the seams, so he’s firmly entrenched and not lagging behind.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

After satin or brocaded ribbons make a bow and loop. With the help of adhesive or glue “Moment” attach them to the ball. Adorn decorative items and hang on the tree.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

In the technique of decoupage

To make Christmas balls with symbol of the year 2021 is possible using the technique of decoupage. It is worth remembering that the symbol of the coming year will be the bull and look for decorating beads fancy image rats and mice.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

To obtain such a beauty, you need to do the following:

  1. A plastic or glass bowl, cover with acrylic paint. Do it better do not brush and sponge, then the paint will go evenly across the surface. Instead of sponge, you can use a piece of foam.
  2. Leave blank for 45-50 minutes to allow the paint dry and then apply another layer.
  3. This time the ball should leave at least 3 hours so that the coating has dried well.
  4. Then dilute PVA glue with water in a ratio of 1:2.
  5. Of tissue or thin paper carefully tear out the picture of the mouse or a bull. Be sure to tear rather than cut off with scissors.
  6. RUB it liberally with the adhesive and attach to the workpiece. Carefully flatten the image, to avoid the bends of the paper.
  7. Leave on a few hours so that the glue is completely dry. Additionally, you can decorate the ball at its own discretion.
  8. At the last stage of the product need lacquering. It is best to use furniture Polish, as it has a sharp odor, but it provides a durable coating on the surface. Apply varnish to gently and without sudden movements so as not to damage the picture.
  9. To Christmas tree ornament has a beautiful Shine, apply the varnish should be 3 layers.
  10. After complete drying (time depends on the type of varnish) you can hang up unusual toys on the Christmas tree.

From buttons

To make Christmas balls for 2021 with his own hands from scrap materials such as buttons. If they gathered enough stands to make a pretty Christmas decoration. The process is so simple, that it easily cope even a child.

It is desirable to use buttons of different colors, then the hack would be bright and colorful.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Although you can use plain buttons, and also to decorate the products according to your taste.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

You should prepare the following materials:

  • Styrofoam sphere (billet, you can buy in the store);
  • little bulavochka or clove;
  • buttons (will fit different sizes and designs);
  • beads;
  • cord loop;
  • tape for decorating.

Buttons prispela foam to the basis a pin or nail. Between the buttons attach beads of different sizes. When creating such decoration, you can give free rein to imagination. To mount the buttons in a chaotic manner or create them using beautiful ornaments. It all depends on available material and desire.

Tip! To attach the buttons to the foam, you can not only pins, but with the help of a hot-melt adhesive, although the first option is more reliable.

When the entire area of the workpiece is covered with beads and buttons, ribbon make a bow. Prispela it or stick to the product. Make a loop from the lace. Reliably secure. Unusual Orb can be hung on the tree.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Of satin ribbons

Masters of satin ribbons can create a masterpiece. Artichoke technique requires perseverance, although the process is simple. To master it can be anyone, if be patient.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

For Christmas decorations, made in the style of the artichoke, need:

  • round foam billets;
  • satin ribbon of two or more colors;
  • pin post;
  • hot melt glue;
  • ribbon for bow;
  • decor (optional).

Cut a square of satin ribbon width of 5 cm. Clip it on the ball in the corners with safety pins. Cut from satin ribbons procurement of 6 cm, Fold them in a triangle and fix the edges on the foam sphere. You will need 4 or 5 pieces, depending on the desired result.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Then make triangles from strips of a different color. Attach the foam in a similar way.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Alternate different colors until the entire sphere is coated with satin triangles. The uncovered part of the foam seal a square of satin ribbon.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Next, from the ribbon of a different color bow tie. You can use brocade or lace. Attach the bow with hot melt adhesive to the product and make a loop.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Corrugated paper

Elegant look at the Christmas tree decorations out of crepe paper and Styrofoam spheres. Although the process requires a little patience, the technology is simple, but so under force to everyone.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

To make elegant Christmas products, you need to prepare:

  • corrugated paper;
  • scissors;
  • beads;
  • glue gun and silicone adhesive;
  • Styrofoam sphere;
  • thin satin ribbon.

Rolled into a roll of corrugated paper cut into strips of a width of 4-5 cm and Then from each strip fold a rosette. To do this, roll one edge of the strip into a tube. She is the center of the flowers. After you turn the paper around, twisting the edges to make the rosette. Conn bottom, so the flower didn’t disintegrated.

In a similar way make other roses. They can be the same size or slightly different. The number of flowers depends on the size and diameter of the foam sphere. First insert a loop of satin ribbon, secure with glue or pin. With the help of glue stick the flowers to the Styrofoam around the circle. Between the roses, secure the beads.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

In the manufacture of Christmas balls, you can give free rein to imagination. To decorate plastic or foam spheres, you can use the beads. If you are fond of beading, then you can create an original ornament. To simplify the task, you can liberally coat the ball with glue and roll in seed beads of different colors. Get bright and unusual.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Nice toy and decorated with lace. Field paint with acrylic paint any color or wrap the cord, and then attach lace. Additionally, you can use glitter, sequins or other decor.

Christmas balls with your hands for 2021

Tip! Almost any ball can easily turn into a Christmas mouse. it is enough to attach it to a long nose, add button eyes and a mischievous tail!

Also look at video still some original ideas on making balls with your hands:

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