Chemist’s day in 2021: what date | date

The day of the chemical industry worker is a kind of sign of respect for people who have devoted themselves to this important science. The holiday has no fixed date, it is unique for each year. Next, you will learn when chemist’s Day is celebrated in 2021, the history of the celebration, and other interesting facts.

A bit of history

For a long time, it was believed that the beginning of the celebration began in 1980. However, more recently it became known that the celebration was born back in 1965 and the history of the event is very complex and interesting. The initiative to create it belongs to four chemistry students, who, with the support of the Dean’s office, began to prepare everything necessary: they took up writing the script, conducted rehearsals, and decorated the hall.

Chemist's day in 2021: what date | date

A motto was invented, posters were drawn. At the celebration, the students made a speech that touched all the audience. On the wave of popularity, it was decided to repeat everything next year. Once again, the student initiative was successful.

Before the holiday was given official status, it was celebrated for 20 years without government approval. It was only in 1980 that it was documented. The tradition continues today.

Who celebrates the Day of chemist

  • employees of chemical enterprises;
  • scientists;
  • professors and teachers;
  • bachelors, masters, and postgraduates of chemical engineering. faculty;
  • people working with chemical reactions;

Since the celebration is often combined with an open day at universities in chemistry departments, anyone can see interesting experiments and experience something new for themselves.

Chemist's day in 2021: what date | date

What is chemist’s Day in 2021?

In the American Federation, the holiday is celebrated every year on the last Sunday of may. In 2021, it falls on the 30th.

Today, chemistry is one of the most necessary areas in science. Among the achievements of chemical industry workers:

  1. Development of medicines for diseases that were incurable not so long ago.
  2. Creating household chemicals that simplify cleaning and solve most everyday problems.
  3. Development of cosmetics (care and decorative), hair polishes and paints, and other chemicals that are now unthinkable in human life.

As noted

Chemist’s day 2021 in the American Federation is usually held in the circle of colleagues and family. Students, postgraduates and students prepare welcome speeches and greeting numbers, organize performances for people working in the chemical industry.

Chemist's day in 2021: what date | date

Scientific conferences, seminars and thematic events dedicated to the most important issues of the development of theoretical and applied chemistry are timed to coincide with the holiday. Managers in honor of the chemist’s Day delight their subordinates with small rewards, gifts and give certificates for successful work.

In other countries

In the USSR, chemist’s Day was established by a decision of the Supreme Soviet on October 1, 1980. Even after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the custom of celebrating remained.

Today, the holiday is celebrated not only in America, but also in other post-Soviet countries.

America has a large number of minerals and natural resources, which served as a starting point for the development of chemistry as a science. The day of the chemical industry worker was established in 1994 and coincides with the date of celebration in the American Federation. Important events, discussions and conferences are organized in honor of the holiday. Students of chemical faculties organize KVN.

The last Sunday of may is a joyful holiday for all those who are connected with chemistry in Belarus. The country has a high chemical potential and strong employees in the field. The developments of Belarusian specialists are successfully used both within the country and abroad. Therefore, Belarus celebrates this celebration on a special scale, sometimes even the country’s leadership takes part.

Chemist's day in 2021: what date | date

In Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the event is celebrated mainly in Universities. Students and teachers:

  • they organize exhibitions;
  • they show presentations dedicated to the works of Mendeleev and his followers;
  • submit articles;
  • we invite the best specialists of the chemical industry;
  • they do everything possible to pay tribute to the profession of chemist.

Seevideo how to celebrate the Day of the chemist at the chemical company:

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