Changes to CTP in 2021

In June this year, the Russian Government approved a draft law which, if passed, will change the manner of calculating the price of mandatory insurance for car owners. In 2021, the new insurance plan to abolish the territorial coefficient and the indicator of engine power of passenger cars. At the same time, changes in the insurance in 2021 will allow insurance companies to extend the tariff corridor and form factors for personal customers, which will also affect the final cost of the insurance.

Planned changes

Recall that in 2020 are already of a legislative initiative of the Central Bank about rates for insurance. According to innovations, increased by 20% (up and down) the tariff corridor for auto insurance. Also reformed the coefficient of "age-experience" — instead of 4 categories of age now operates 58 degrees. These changes, according to legislators, a step towards fair pricing of insurance for owners of vehicles.

The new law, together with the cancellation of the listed factors, provides insurers the right to set a base rate with a deviation up and down from outside the tariff corridor by 40% (from 1 January) and 30% (from 1 October). The limit of compensation for threatening the life and health of 500 thousand to 2 mln. R., similar to the payments that would apply, for example, of bus passengers.

From 2021, in the process of issuing the policy, plan to consider the following factors that affect the size of the coefficient:

  • the number of violations of traffic regulations;
  • the overall driving experience;
  • the age of the driver;
  • the number of accidents;
  • testing to determine driving behavior using a special telepathic device that is installed in the car (devices already used in the design of the hull companies such as INTOUCH Insurance, URALSIB and INGOSSTRAKH)

The bill involves the introduction of a new coefficient for gross violations of traffic rules. Based on these factors, insurers will be able to determine the likelihood of vehicle accidents and insurance claims.

Changes to CTP in 2021

Association of CTP and hull

In September 2020, there was news that the regulator has developed and proposed amendments that combine two policies into one. Conditions for each type will vary, with a single form. In the document for the CTP will be made, data on the signing of the Treaty of CASCO. The validity periods of the agreements are interrelated.

The cost and calculation

The latest news suggests that next year for the base rate will introduce a broader tariff corridor, with the increase or decrease of 20%. For drivers with great experience the final cost may be reduced due to the expansion of the degrees of qualification. But after the changes come into force in the early stages of formation of the price policy will take into account the vehicle capacity, so I rely on cost reduction should not be.

To clarify the total amount insurers need to provide the following information:

  • brand and model of the vehicle;
  • effective date of the policy;
  • the period of insurance;
  • place of registration;
  • the list of persons who will operate the vehicle.

Changes to CTP in 2021

The calculation, as before, will be done individually and is not yet fully understood how your changes will affect the cost of insurance. According to representatives of the Union of insurers, the planned innovations, as well as the individualization of tariffs will reduce the price, as happened in the current year in respect of trucks – from 8053 to R. 7232 and passenger vehicles with up to 5635 R. 5488 due to the decrease in the cost of insurance for the Russian Federation as a whole.

Another view from motorists who believe that changing the boundaries of the corridor by 40% and 30% by the end of next year will increase the base rate to 9000 R., without regard to other factors. I.e., the reform would have negative consequences, especially for drivers.

Tougher sanctions for lack of insurance

Responsibility for driving without a policy enshrined in part 2 of article 12.3 of the administrative code. For the first violation a fine is imposed in the amount of 500 p. a Similar amount of penalty for drivers who purchased insurance in electronic form, but not printed the document on paper. The fine for overdue document 800 R.

  • if the driver is not inscribed in the document – 500 p.;
  • the lack of insurance – 500 p.

In the Duma actively discussed the bill providing increase of penalties for absence of the policy. Especially the worst offenders plan to deny driver’s license for six months. The document has not yet officially adopted, but the present penalties for lack of insurance (4 times less than the cheapest patent pending) incline car owners do not insure the vehicle. Do not stop violators and the fact that paying for the policy is much cheaper than to independently cover the costs of the accident. Therefore, the probability of adoption of the amendments is quite high.

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