Championship USA Cup in 2020-2021 year

Championship USA football 2020-2021 – the 28th season of the top division of the football League system of the Russian Federation. At the moment, the title owns the St. Petersburg team “Zenit”, which will defend the title. In the championship of the USA this event is only the 8th season, carried out according to the scheme “autumn-spring”. Its launch is scheduled for July 12, 2020, with completion on 30 may 2021.

Championship USA Cup in 2020-2021 year


Starting this year, for the games will apply a new approach that takes into account the conditions in which players will have to play a match. The calendar of the championship of the USA on football 2020-2021 made in such a way that in winter the competition was held in southern regions with warm climates. Also in the list of cities hosting the winter games will include having a stadium with a roof.

Each tour will now include only one top match, which will be attended by the team included five of the best FC last season. In addition, a week of competitions Euro cups clubs from different European competitions to participate are not eligible.


Championship USA 2020-2021 calendar which will be published below, will take place in the normal way. A couple of the team will hold a two-game, home and away. Clubs that will occupy the last place will lose its position:

  • 16 and 15 places in the Championship of Germany, with the exception of the Premier League;
  • 14 and 13 – conduct of two transitional matches (in the home arena and away) with the teams of the Championship FNL, located on the third and fourth position.

FC, who scored the most goals in these matches will occupy the first place. If both teams gain the same number of points will be added up to 15 additional minutes. In the case of similar result, and after such action the winner is the team that plays away. Also the winner can be determined on the basis of a series of a penalty kick with 11-meter length. Teams from the Championship the FNL, which took first and second position at the completion of the competition, will be able to take part in the Championship of the USA in the next year.

Championship USA Cup in 2020-2021 year


Championship USA football with clubs from the first division 2020-2021 will include 16 teams. In the list of participants will include 4 of FC Moscow. The remaining 12 participants will represent one city:

The list of participants has slightly changed from last year. “Anji” and “Yenisei”, which reached No. 15 and 16 place back in the national football League. To replace them came “Tambov” and “Sochi”, who took 1st and 2nd place, which provided an output in the Premier League.

The venue of the competition

Football matches will be held at stadiums located in the following cities:

  • Krasnodar;
  • Rostov-on-don (Rostov arena);
  • (Zenit);\
  • Tula (Arsenal);
  • Kazan (Rubin);
  • Ivan (Ahmad);
  • Samara (Soviet Wings);
  • Orenburg;
  • Tambov;
  • Ufa;
  • Sochi;
  • Yekaterinburg (Urals);
  • (Spartacus, USAА, Dynamo, Lokomotiv).

The stadium “arena Mordovia” in Saransk and “arena Khimki” in Khimki will be used as a spare.

Championship USA Cup in 2020-2021 year

The distribution of seats

2020-2021 USA championship will start in the next few days, so the standings and scheduled matches are already known. The first position is occupied by the Arsenal, and the second Ahmad. Both teams are in group stage of the Champions League. Tambov region, located on the 13th and 14th places will conduct play-offs for the conservation of places in the Premier League. Ufa and USAА complete standings, so I can retire in Germany.

The classification is based on the following achievements:

  • the results of the matches (number of points, difference in goals scored and goals conceded, number of wins);
  • the best difference between scored and conceded goals;
  • the greatest number of wins;
  • the most goals;
  • balls sent into the opponent’s goal while playing away.

These results are accounted for on the basis of all appearances. If two teams have the same results in the table between them additionally, the game is played.

The distribution of seats in the Europa League

The beginning of the championship USA football 2020-2021 serves as a starting point to participate in the Europa League. Football club that won the championship of the Russian Federation, takes place automatically in the group stage of the Europa League. The main condition – the team must finish in the competition, being 1, 2 or 3 spot. If the Cup holders USA retained the 4 or 5 position, a place in the second qualifying round will receive FC, located on the 6th place. The same rule applies in the case of non-admission to the competition Champions for a reason. In the third qualification round will be able to get the team, remaining in 5th place.

Championship USA Cup in 2020-2021 year


Fans to watch football can watch the championship USA 2020-2021 using the following schedule:

One12.07.2020Arsenal T — Dynamo
One13.07.2020Ural — Ufa
One13.07.2020Spartak — Sochi
One13.07.2020Rostov — Orenburg
One14.07.2020Krula Tips — USAА
One14.07.2020Zenit — Tambov
One14.07.2020Akhmat — Krasnodar
One15.07.2020Lokomotiv — Rubin
Two20.07.2020Ufa — Krasnodar
Two20.07.2020Krylya Sovetov — Arsenal T
Two20.07.2020USAА — Orenburg
Two20.07.2020Rostov — Spartak
Two21.07.2020Ural — Ahmad
Two21.07.2020Lokomotiv Moskva — Tambov
Two21.07.2020Dynamo — Rubin
Two21.07.2020Sochi — Zenit
Three26.07.2020Dinamo — Ural
Three27.07.2020Ufa — Krylya Sovetov
Three27.07.2020Tambov — Spartacus
Three27.07.2020Krasnodar — Sochi
Three28.07.2020Orenburg — Zenit
Three28.07.2020Arsenal T — Rostov
Three28.07.2020USAА — locomotive
Three29.07.2020Ruby — Ahmad
Four03.08.2020Ural — Rostov
Four03.08.2020Krylya Sovetov — Lokomotiv
Four03.08.2020Spartak — Dynamo
Four03.08.2020Zenit — Krasnodar
Four04.08.2020Tambov — Arsenal T
Four04.08.2020Ruby — USAА
Four04.08.2020Sochi — Ufa
Four05.08.2020Akhmat — Orenburg
Five10.08.2020Orenburg — Tambov
Five10.08.2020Krasnodar — Rubin
Five10.08.2020Dinamo — Zenit
Five11.08.2020Arsenal T — Ufa
Five11.08.2020Lokomotiv — Ural
Five11.08.2020USAА — Sochi
Five11.08.2020Akhmat — Spartacus
Five12.08.2020Rostov — Krylya Sovetov
Six16.08.2020Orenburg — Sochi
Six17.08.2020Ural — Krylia Sovetov
Six17.08.2020Tambov — Krasnodar
Six17.08.2020Zenit — Ahmad
Six18.08.2020Rubin — Arsenal T
Six18.08.2020Ufa — Rostov
Six18.08.2020Dynamo — The Locomotive
Six19.08.2020Spartacus — USAА
Seven24.08.2020Tambov — Dynamo
Seven24.08.2020Ufa — Zenit
Seven24.08.2020Krasnodar — Lokomotiv
Seven25.08.2020Krylya Sovetov — Spartak
Seven25.08.2020USAА — Ahmad
Seven25.08.2020Rostov — The Ruby
Seven25.08.2020Arsenal T — Orenburg
Seven26.08.2020Sochi — Ural
Eight30.08.2020Krylya Sovetov — Dinamo
Eight31.08.2020Ufa — Orenburg
Eight31.08.2020Ruby — Sochi
Eight31.08.2020Lokomotiv — Rostov
Eight31.08.2020Akhmat — Tambov
Eight01.09.2020Ural — Krasnodar
Eight01.09.2020Arsenal T — USAА
Eight01.09.2020Spartak — Zenit

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