Carrot planting in 2021 | when to plant, calendar

Carrots are one of the basic vegetable crops in the diet, which has a huge nutritional value. Although it is grown for many generations in a row, not everyone can achieve good results. An important factor is the time of sowing. To choose the most favorable period for planting carrots in 2021, you need to read the sowing calendar, advice from agronomists and other useful information.

Experienced gardeners practice two types of planting: autumn and spring. Each of these approaches has its own pros and cons, so farms that plant carrots for sale most often do this twice a year.

Planting in the fall

Autumn sowing guarantees an early harvest in the season when fresh root vegetables are more expensive. It is important to remember that planting for winter is possible only in those regions where there are no harsh winters, that is, in temperate or southern regions. In case of severe frosts, the planting material will die.

The advantage is that the winter months provide a natural hardening of the planted plants. They become resistant to temperature changes, and their natural immunity to various diseases increases.

Carrot planting in 2021 | when to plant, calendar


To make everything go as well as possible, you need to follow these rules::

  • Sowing is carried out until the first real cold weather. The easiest way is to focus on the average daily temperature – it should be in the range of 0-2°C. If you sow seeds in warmer ground, they will germinate before the onset of cold weather and die at the first frost. The best option is the land caught by the first frosts.
  • To sow carrots, you should choose a place where spring meltwater will not wash away the planting site. At the same time, you should take into account the light factor – this culture needs enough light for normal development.
  • It is important to consider progenitor plants. Carrots have common diseases with beans and parsley, so the areas where these crops were grown last season cannot be used. But favorable predecessor plants are tomatoes, cucumbers, various varieties of cabbage and potatoes.
  • Carrots do not tolerate fresh organic matter, so manure must be applied to the garden for at least two years before planting this crop. Otherwise, the risk of fungal diseases will increase, and the root crop will increase its vegetative mass, sacrificing the volume of the root crop.

Sowing calendar

The main mistake of novice gardeners who started planting carrots in accordance with the lunar sowing calendar is the incorrect interpretation of its data. The fact is that most garden and vegetable crops are recommended to be planted on the growing moon. Professionals know that this data is quite true for land plants, but when it comes to root crops, the ideal time for planting is the waning moon.

Carrot planting in 2021 | when to plant, calendar

Another nuance that should be known to those who grow carrots according to the lunar calendar: planting a few days before the full moon initiates root growth in length, and sowing before the new moon-development in width.

A monthFavorable daysUnfavorable days
September1-3, 24-25, 29-30 SeptemberSeptember 5, 6, 22
OctoberOctober 23, 25-271-2, 14 October
November2-3, 21-24, 28, 30 November5-6, 10-11, 15-16, 25-26 November

Planting in the spring

Spring planting is more traditional, as it is successfully used in all regions suitable for agriculture.


When choosing the time frame, it is necessary to focus on the temperature of the atmospheric air and the warming of the soil. In temperate zones, it is recommended to start sowing in the last decade of April or the first decade of may. The air temperature must be at least +15°C, and the ground must be— +7-+8°C.

You need to prepare and view the weather forecast: spring can be early or, conversely, prolonged. In the southern regions, spring planting can be made earlier: from the first days of April. The main thing is to exclude the possibility of frost, which can destroy the tender shoots of carrots. In the Northern regions, on the contrary, it is recommended not to rush and postpone landing until the middle or end of may.

The soil is prepared in six months: in October, it is dug up, fertilizer (perennial manure) and charcoal are applied. The planting material also needs preparation: the day before planting, it is soaked in warm water to swell.

Secrets of sowing carrots:video

Sowing calendar

In April and may, there are enough days that are suitable for sowing carrots.

A monthFavorable daysUnfavorable days
AprilApril 1, 3, 5, 8-9, 28April 10-12
MayMay 2, 5-6, 28May 11, 19, 30

Using these tips, you can choose the most favorable time for planting carrots in 2021 to get a good harvest.

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