Cards for the New 2021 with their hands

Cards for the New 2021 made by hand in different techniques breathed life into the old tradition. To make the simple options do not need special skills and a complex, something will have to learn.

Paper greeting cards 3-D

Implement the idea Christmas cards gift for 2021 in 3-D will help the technique of quilling, origami, use velvet paper or large decoration. Collect the bulk composition with his own hands from the materials available.

Velvet paper

For postcard stylized Santa Claus will need:

  • cardboard for children’s creativity 1 PC.;
  • velvet paper of red, black, white and yellow 1 PC.;
  • black buttons 2 PCs.
  • quilted cosmetic sponges 1 piece.
  • PVA glue with a narrow spout;
  • a pair of scissors.

How to make cards for the New 2021 in the style of Santa suit:

  1. Cardboard sheet of A4 fold in half. Will have to fold several times so the card took shape.
  2. On the obverse of the “collect” outfit of Santa.
  3. Paste the front part of red velvet paper. Velvet white paper cut out a strip, glued in the center from bottom to top.
  4. Forming a band: from the black paper cut out a strip length equal to the width of the postcard. Sticking across.
  5. Yellow velvet paper, draw a square equal to the width of the black belt. In the middle of the square we enter the second smaller square. Carefully cut through it and glue on top of the belt, a simulated belt buckle.
  6. Glue the buttons one above the belt, another below.
  7. The sponge is folded in half, cut with scissors. Glue on top of the cards like the fold-over collar.
  8. Inside write a wish or a printed insert ready text. If you use beautiful stylized fonts, you get even more beautiful.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands


Quilling is based on the Assembly of shapes and patterns of twisted colored or monochromatic papers. For paintings in this technique suitable double-sided color paper. We will cut it into strips of different lengths and twist will be by means of pen or pencil. To obtain the volume of the spiral angular forms, will primem details fingers to the table.

For the correct layout is convenient to use templates-templates that will only fill with colored spirals. Postcard with the image of Christmas trees ready. You can pick up any template and fill it with folded colored paper pieces.

Cards for the New 2021 with their handsCards for the New 2021 with their hands


Cards in the style of scrapbooking so surprise the recipient, which is difficult to suspect that it is the result of manual work, and not the purchase of gift. The most difficult to consider the idea. But when you have a decent option to implement ideas a lot easier. Make two versions of the card using scrapbooking technique.

Prepare for the first of the master class:

  • paper for watercolor A4 2 PCs.;
  • scissors;
  • gold sequins;
  • brush;
  • decorative cardboard;
  • stationery knife;
  • ready printed greetings;
  • a cardboard blank five-pointed stars;
  • PVA glue;
  • rhinestones, beads, sequins;
  • the red felt or velvet paper.
  1. From a single sheet of A4 will get two cards. Fold the paper in half, cut. Each half folded in half again.
  2. Print greeting suitable size or write and draw by hand.
  3. Blank star outline on the felt and cut out. In the middle of the star, draw second, cut, but not discarded, it is suitable for decoration.
  4. From a piece of cardboard cut out of a deer, covered with a layer of glue and poured gold glitter over the top. Leave to dry.
  5. On white paper and red felt, draw the same patterns, cuts with a utility knife. The blend details as shown in the photo.
  6. Collect part of the postcard, applying the levels to one another.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands

The second variant of cards in the technique of scrapbook require even less effort. It can be repeated with the child. Prepare:

  • dense white landscape paper A4, 1 PC.;
  • red felt or velvet paper-1 PCs.;
  • white lace with a length of 10-15 cm;
  • beads-pearls of small diameter 1.5-2 mm, if I can find halves of the beads is even easier;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • silver braid with a length of 7-9 cm;
  • red acrylic paint;
  • brush for paints;
  • PVA glue for paper and fabric, and Dragon beads.

Instructions create Christmas cards:

  1. Landscape sheet, fold in half. Cut, half again fold. Get the rectangle that will be the first billet.
  2. Center tape square felt. In the middle of the fabric tape white lace. Around the perimeter of the workpiece paint red acrylic paint.
  3. While the paint dries, making the second blank is 2 mm smaller perimeter than the first. In the center of the second workpiece draw a circle and gently cut through it.
  4. Glue the blank is cut by the circumference. Now, through it one can see “a Christmas ball”. On the edge of the circle with glue “Dragon” fix beads. Added pearls in the corners of the upper workpiece.
  5. Adding thread for bead of silver braid. Front billet glue to the second half of the folded sheet, double received a new year card.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands

Embroidered postcards

If you have experience sewing to take up such options Christmas cards: Christmas ball, Santa Claus, bells, candles, chimes, snowman. Any Christmas symbols can be the object embroidered picture-postcards. When making presentations in the frame, he will be able to take its rightful place on the wall or the desktop of the recipient.

Materials for the embroidered postcards:

  • thread for embroidery matching colors: floss, acrylic, silk, iris;
  • needle;
  • fabric-canvas, made specifically for cross stitch;
  • the Hoop;
  • scissors;
  • additional decoration by design: buttons, beads, streamers, wadding;
  • the scheme of embroidery.

The finished work before final design wash in warm water with a mild hand soap. Below threads have not lost the brightness, fix color. To do this:

  1. 200 ml of warm water pour 8-12 g 9% of th vinegar, stir.
  2. Dip in a mixture of cloth for 1-3 min.
  3. Take out, squeeze and lay to dry.
  4. Will progladni fabric embroidered iron on medium through cheesecloth.
  5. Cut off the excess fabric, tape to the cardboard and place in a frame or apply for a traditional card with greetings and good wishes.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands Cards for the New 2021 with their handsCards for the New 2021 with their hands

The schemes can embroider any theme pattern.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands Cards for the New 2021 with their handsCards for the New 2021 with their hands

Beautiful cards obtained in the technique of embroidery satin ribbons. But a decent mastering, too, will take time.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands

And if you do not sew, just glue a satin ribbon, it turns out not worse. You will need: white sheet, satin green ribbon, glue and some colored buttons.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands

The simplest option resembling embroidery stitch will be crimping the cardboard figures. Instruction:

  1. Cardboard cut out a triangle frame future Christmas trees.
  2. Colorful wool threads tightly wrap the workpiece.
  3. With the help of the glue gun tape beads to the thread.
  4. Herringbone tape to a cardboard base for future postcards, decorated in random order: colored paper, theme pattern, pencil drawing, or cloth.
  5. Decorate a greeting card, textile, or paper snowflakes, satin ribbon, braid and lace bows.
  6. In the middle of the hand writing text is pasted or printed.
  7. On the external front side of the tape themed inscription “happy New year” or “merry Christmas”.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands

Not to mention the totem 2021. You can make a few Christmas cards with the image of a bull. For this fit the finished pictures on the Internet, and you can draw a mouse with their hands, paint and brushes.

Cards for the New 2021 with their hands Cards for the New 2021 with their handsCards for the New 2021 with their hands

How to make greeting cards for the New 2021 with their hands: video

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