Cancel whether the parent capital in 2021

USAн who prefer long-term planning of the composition of the family, now interested, whether will cancel the maternity capital in 2021. Such assistance became an instrument for improving the demographic situation in USA and good material help for the parents at the birth of the second and third child, but from time to time, officials have disputes about the appropriateness of its continuation.

Duration of the program

It was originally planned 10-year duration of the program (2007-2016 g), after which the media periodically mentions about termination payments in connection with the budget deficit. However, the President extended this period 2 times already: in 2016 and 2017. Thus, it is known that the parent capital will not be canceled in 2021 and even extend to the end of 2021. The decision reflected in Federal law No. 432-FZ of 28.12.2017.

Registration of the certificate on the financial state assistance is available to families where a second or subsequent child appeared (was born or adopted) from 1.01.2007 according to 31.12.2021. To apply for registration payments USAне may at any time after having a child, even after the program is complete. In addition, there are no other constraints:

  • In terms of usage: they can be disposed at any convenient time.
  • Number of cases (payments): to draw up charges can so many times, how many children will be born (adopted). Individual situation applies to the appearance of twins, triplets. For such families, there is just one payment upon delivery, regardless of the number of children born.

Cancel whether the parent capital in 2021

Law No. 432-FZ fixed another innovation – the right to use the prisoner for payment of services of preschool institutions for the supervision and care after two months from birth. Although previously parents had to wait up to 3 years of age second child. This allowed the choice of extra-budgetary institutions, which confirm their right to engage in activities relevant to accreditation.

In addition, the law No. 418-FZ approved an additional opportunity to receive part of the monthly means in the form of cash payments to 1.5 years of age child for families with incomes no more than 1.5 the regional subsistence level (according to the second quarter of the previous year). The average target payout of approximately 10 500 rubles every month.

The resumption of indexation

Since the abolition of the parent capital in 2021 is not worth it, expectant parents have another nice bonus. The government will resume indexation of payments, suspended in 2016 due to the difficult financial situation of the country. The decision was made in the framework of the state national project “Demography”. The amount of accruals will grow according to the rate of inflation. The indicators reflected in the budget of the Russian Pension Fund for the plan period 2021-2021 G. G., projected the following figures:

  • for 2021 (with an inflation rate of 3.8%) – 470 RUB. 241;
  • for 2021 (with an inflation rate of 4%) – 489 051 RUB.

Note! During the period of the “freeze” indexation (2016-2020 gg) payments were set at 453 026 RUB.

Cancel whether the parent capital in 2021

Action shot in USA

The program started in USA in 2007 for citizens who are the parents of second and subsequent children (including adopted children). The appearance of the firstborn, such payments are not provided. To use funds in the framework of the law, only the following needs:

  • Improving housing conditions through repair, refurbishment or purchase of new housing, but not necessarily in the territory of the Russian Federation. The purchase of housing is allowed in the primary and secondary market (by terms of the mortgage, loan, equity, a member of the cooperative), with the exception of the old buildings that will not be considered as an improvement of living conditions.
  • Education (preschool, secondary, higher), including the payment of the hostel for the period. It is obligatory to choose an educational institution with accreditation, its location on the territory of the country and the age of the student to the beginning of the course to 25 years.
  • Payment for goods/services required for social adaptation of children with disabilities.
  • The monthly allowance for a second child, subject to his birth (adoption) on or after 1 January 2018.
  • The formation of the cumulative part of the parent pension (through the payment of a certain part or the entire amount).

At the beginning of the program, the amount of certificate was $ 250 000 RUB. for subsequent years, the indexation until 2015, it has grown to 453 thousand, while in the end of 2016, the President has not decided to freeze the index to 2021.

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