Calendar of games of Spartak in 2020-2021 year

The Network is already available in the public domain in the calendar of Spartacus 2020-2021, which is available to everyone. Moscow football club continues to be one of the most active. Based on the results of the Premier League, he has settled in 5th place, making the third qualifying round will play in the Europa League.

Calendar of games of Spartak in 2020-2021 year

Scheduled matches

The team will be opening the season with newcomers from the top division “Sochi”. The event is scheduled for July 13. Experienced Spartacus is the clear favorite in this competition, and, most likely, will win. Most analysts predicts that FC will emerge victorious from the game, scoring 3 points.

You can see, having carefully considered the calendar of games of Spartak 2020-2021 that football with his main opponents in the first round will be held at the home arena.

DateRivalWhere the match
25.01.1900Krylya SovetovAway
02.02.1900Arsenal TulaHome
03.02.1900Krylya SovetovHome
10.02.1900Arsenal TulaAway

Playing July 20 with Rostov and 27 July, Tambov, FC will return home and spend 3 Aug difficult match against Dinamo. Despite the rich experience of the Moscow team, most analysts do not consider it as serious contenders.

Similarly, the experts belong to the football club “Ahmad”, which Spartacus will fight in the 5th round on August 11. But USAА could pose a serious threat to the team on the way to the championship. Experienced CSKA on August 18 will play on the road, but it does not hurt them to do a great game. In addition, this match will be the first for Spartak 6 points, so the voltage is expected to be very high.

Calendar of games of Spartak in 2020-2021 year

August 25 will be a game with little-known team “Wings of the Soviets”, then September 1 of FC will clash with Zenit. Analysts believe that this match will be the toughest in the first round. Pitertsy have repeatedly left behind Muscovites, much forging ahead, so the probability of winning opponents is very high. Most experts predict the defeat of Spartacus, but if necessary he will be able to collect points in the following games with weak Opponents:

  • September 15 – “Ural”;
  • September 22 – “Ufa”;
  • September 29 – “Orenburg”.

October 6 will be a game with “Krasnodar”, which has recently gained momentum and became a serious contender. October 20, Spartak will be able to relax a little, after a match with “ruby”. But already in the 14th round on 27 October, he awaits a new trial in the face of “Locomotive”. Railwaymen will play at home. In addition, they boast a competent defense and counterattack, therefore, pose a risk to residents.

15 round 3-November, a team will clash with the Tula Arsenal. This football club is not regarded by experts as a serious opponent of the Moscow club. Similarly, do not present risks “wings of the Soviets” and “Ural”, which Spartak will play on 10 and 24 November, respectively. But the next rivals of the Moscow football club can create a lot of problems on the way to the championship.

Calendar of games of Spartak in 2020-2021 year

Can be replaced by viewing the Premier 2020-2021 calendar of games, that Spartacus 1 Dec again will play with Zenit, which has already won by a large margin. The probability of a victory of Muscovites – small. 8 will be held on December 19 tour last year, in which the opponent of FC Moscow will become the strongest “Rostov”. After that, the clubs of the Russian Premier League going into the winter break.

The first game in the new year will be held on 1 March between Spartak and not the weakest team. The prospects of winning in this contest between rivals are valued about equally. March 8 FC will be another difficult opponent – “Krasnodar”. In case of a victory Muscovites will be able to relax for a while, because they will have matches with the “Orenburg”, “Arsenal” and “Ufa”, which will be held on 15 March, 22 March and 5 April, respectively.

On 12 April the Moscow team will have to play a difficult match with USAА, had time to prove himself as one of the most powerful opponents. The game with the “Tambov”, scheduled for April 19, will allow participants Spartacus to relax for a while. But on April 26, visitors will enjoy a duel with “the Locomotive”. A team of railway workers have already shown a good game in defense, so deal with it will not be easy. It will be the last serious rival to FC in a year.

The Moscow club will finish the year, playing with “Sochi”, “Ahmad” and “ruby” 3, 10 and 17 may, respectively. These football clubs are not in the leaderboard, so special risks not present.

Calendar of games of Spartak in 2020-2021 year


People who regularly watch football, calendar of matches Spartak 2020-2021 might be a surprise. The team will face a difficult year, but the chances of winning the title, she is still there. New head coach Oleg Konnov, who took office last winter, more familiar with the players and their capabilities. In summer, the FC changes took place, which left veterans:

  • Denis Glushakov;
  • Ze Luis;
  • Dmitry Kombarov;
  • Just Bochetti.

Also there is the addition in the person of newcomer Ezequiel Ponce. The leadership of Spartacus has set a goal to win a championship and get in the Champions League. This will be enough to get second place.

See video the change of leadership in FC:

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