Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year

More and more young families thinking about purchasing new housing in Voronezh in 2020-2021 gg has a Positive impact carried out by local authorities, social policies, reasonable housing prices, relatively good environmental situation in the region and quite urban infrastructure.

The most anticipated LCD Voronezh 2020-2021 year

Any family evaluates such criteria of:

  • housing affordability – the cost;
  • the location is well – developed transport infrastructure, kindergartens, schools, shopping centers, etc.;
  • class of housing, the floor will be flat, its size, the layout of the rooms, internal communications, availability of a Playground in the yard, fencing the area, etc.

Consider the different variants of the new buildings in Voronezh, which will be completed in 2020-2021. and their prices.

Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year

LCD “Moscow quarter”

One of the most anticipated new buildings next year, is located at the intersection of Moskovsky prospect to the St. Shishkov 33 hectares. 15 monolithic and prefabricated buildings altitude of 10 to 25 floors and can accommodate 15 thousand people. Customers are offered apartments from 30 to 90 squares with the “finishing” trim from quality materials — Kerama Marazzi, Tarkett Messina, etc.

In the residential infrastructure: ground Parking for 2 thousand Parking spaces, landscaped yards with playgrounds. Nearby there is a school №102, a kindergarten №199, Church, shops. In walking distance – shopping Mall, sports complex, stadium, ice arena.

The Builder of the “house-building factory” sold over 9 000 000 m2 of residential space, and in 2017 entered the TOP 20 largest construction companies in Russia.

The start of sales began in 2018: some houses are already rented, and the final deadline is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2020 the Cost of 1 room apartment the area of 39 m 2 is 1 793 000 — 1 954 000 RUB 2-room apartment of 65 m 2 will cost 3-3,5 million rubles., and a three-pointer by the square footage of 85 squares costs 4 200 000 rubles.

LCD “Russian avant-garde”

Buildings completed by the developer “VDK” in the style of “luchism” as one of the directions of Russian avant-garde. LCD is located in the Central district to the address: mkrn Olympic, 17. The entire residential complex consists of 3 courtyards joined together by a “radial” system. Buyers offers apartments with a traditional plan, the evroformat and apartments with terraces on the upper floors of high-rise buildings, which offers magnificent views of the natural riches of the native land.

Of the infrastructure it is worth noting 2 of the budget kindergartens №190 and 197, as well as 4 private schools №101 and 102, located within walking distance, including music and arts, fitness center. Yards equipped with playgrounds and places to relax. The completion date is scheduled in the 4th quarter 2020

The cost of housing varies from 2 000 000 rubles for a standard room apartment of 34 m 2-class “Economy” and Studio footage of 36.41 m 2 to spacious apartments of class “Luxury” for 11.56 million RUB.

  • Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year

LCD “Antonov apples”

Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year

LCD “azure”

One of the most affordable buildings in Voronezh for the last 10 years can be called LCD “azure”. In the district as planned by the developer DSK must be 24 storeys high-rise buildings from 10 to 17. The concept of “mini-city” that has it all: two secondary school №71 and 52, high school No. 2, located nearby, 2 kindergartens, grocery stores in the format of “Home”, 4 cafes, a beach, playgrounds, developed infrastructure, etc. For families with average income, this solution would be quite nice due to the low cost with decent quality finishes. Each apartment will have a reasonable repair with quality materials. The facility commissioning is scheduled for the 2020-2021 gg.

The cost of housing varies from 694,4-2 million RUB over the mini-lorry from an area of 20.42 m 2 to 3 bedroom apartments $ 1.5-3.8 million rubles. depending on square footage.

Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year

LCD Tsvetnoy Bulvar

A bright solution for young families with children. The complex area of 10.7 hectares located on the street 9 January in front of the Park and will consist of 13 high-rise buildings. To buy an apartment in one of the houses the LCD should citizens who plan to make their own repairs, because the premises are presented in a rough finish. Of the infrastructure it is worth noting the presence of the school №98, a kindergarten №185, located in an ecologically clean area, the presence of the standard grocery stores format “At home” by type “roundabout”, a sports center and a beauty salon.

The submission objects to the 1 stage is scheduled for 2020.

The cost of housing in “Tsvetnoy Boulevard” is 1.4-2.3 million rubles. for the apartment of 36 m 2 , 2,37-3 million rubles per flat of 60 m 2 and 3.2 million RUB for three rubles.

Buildings of Voronezh 2020-2021 year

Other suggestions

Here are more options for new buildings, commissioning of which is scheduled for 2020-2021 gg.:

  • “Tram of desires” — R-n Leninskiy, street Krivosheina, 13 of 42 373$. per m 2 , “the KRAYS”;
  • “Grand Prix” — R-n Leninskiy, Voroshilov St., 1 “A”, from 64 584$. per m 2 , “VDK”;
  • “Bereg Dona” — R-n Soviet street Hothouse, 26, 36 740 RUB. for m 2 , “Voronezhstroy”;
  • “Dolphin” — Mr. Train, St. Perevertkina, 1, 41 860 RUB. for m 2 , “Select (Voronezh)”;
  • “USA Five capitals” — R-n Central St Shishkov, 142, 58 493 rubles per m2 , “VDK”;
  • ZHK “the Contemporary” — R-n the Comintern, St. 45 Infantry Division, 68, 46 from 610 RUB. per m 2 , “DSK”;
  • “Admiral” — R-n Leninskiy, street Krivosheina, 13 “To”, from 43 732 RUB. for m 2 , “ЖБИ2-invest”;
  • LCD “Rosemary” — R-n Leninskiy, 121 St Infantry Division, 50 “A” from 42 996$. per m 2 , “GC Development”;
  • “Galaxy” — R-n Kominternovskiy, Independence St, 84, 36 997 RUB. for m 2 , “GC Development”;
  • “Amber” — R-n the Comintern, St. Jogging, 223, 459 RUB from 52 per m 2 , “Torch”.

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