Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

In the capital of Bashkortostan residential real estate market continues to evolve. Among the buildings of the Ufa with the delivery of the 2020-2021 year implemented a variety of projects from economy to elite class with different levels of prices and amenities. Developers increasingly prefer a monolithic, brick less buildings, use of bright colors in the facades, the organization of underground Parking.

Interesting suggestions

The acquisition of new buildings in Ufa in 2021 offers obvious benefits: buying an apartment before putting the house in operation, you can get it at a significant discount, especially because the waiting period will be a maximum of one and a half years. Those who are in search of their own homes should consider the following options.

LCD “Moscow”

In the Kirov region is building one of the most ambitious projects of Ufa Green grove – LCD “Moscow”. Close to shopping centers, banks, Park, Botanical garden, promenade, 2 Orthodox churches. 11-18-storey houses are built on modern technologies that provide high performance of heat resistance, insulation and durability. Special attention is paid to the safety system through the organization of security cameras, intercom with video functionality, fire sirens.

The project includes walking paths, gazebos, recreation areas, sports grounds, underground and guest Parking. Some of the objects have already been commissioned, but the full commissioning is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021. The developer offers apartments from small studios ranging from 15,72 m2 to 3-room housing on 130,59 m2 at a price of 59,000 rubles per square meter.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

LCD “March 8”

In the green area of Ufa on the street Youth is being built residential complex comfort class “March 8” with brick-monolithic buildings of variable height. Delivery starts in the 4th quarter, 2020 until the 2nd quarter of 2022, the Developer offers apartments with an area of 26,57-69,45 m2 (including studios) with installed Windows from own production and finishing interior decoration. Prices per 1m2 in the redistribution 42 000-60 000.

Each porch will be quiet comfortable lift with a spacious cabin, which is suitable even for transportation of furniture. For people with physical disabilities there are ramps at the entrance, spacious halls and corridors for the free turn of the wheelchair. In addition to direct transport access to the prospectus of October, the district plans to launch its own bus route. Close to shops, woodland and a pond is planned to build a school and a kindergarten.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

LCD “Biosphere”

A choice of apartments ranging from 26,69 m2 (Studio) to 77.5 m2 (3-room). On the fenced site will include underground Parking, recreation area with children’s and sports grounds, lawns for picnics and games, modern Park with art objects. Commissioning is scheduled for Q4 2020 – Q4 2021. Prices within 63 000-79 500 RUB. per 1 m2.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

LCD “Chernigovskie skyscrapers”

B. Khmelnitskogo street is the construction of two brick-monolithic 25-storey buildings LCD “Chernigovskie skyscrapers”. Surrender is announced for the period 4th quarter 2020 – 3rd quarter 2021 city of Ufa offers apartments with an area 36,28-72,11 m2 without finishing. A distinctive feature – high ceilings and large glass area. Price per 1m2: 48 000-54 500 RUB.

Thanks to the modern facade and window systems provide a reduction of external noise and an improved interior climate. On the first floor is scheduled to open a gym and children’s group short-term stay. Near the complex there are school, kindergarten, shops, medical facilities, Park Pervomayskiy. On the local area will house children, sports, economic platforms. Building the LCD and neighboring buildings separate them from the roadway, creating a quiet interior space.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

LCD “New Inors”

On the Boulevard of Tahuata yanabi in the rapidly developing district Inors for the 3rd quarter of 2021 is planned to deliver two 13-storey 5 sectional buildings LCD “New Inors”. Brick building ensures high energy efficiency and durability. The landscaping includes walkways, a Playground, the organization selenia, the Project provides diverse apartments pre-finished size 35.2-74,84 m2. Each of them is offered with a cement screed floor, plastered walls, counters for electricity, hot and cold water, plastic Windows, metal entrance door and intercom system. Price of 1 m2 47 275 RUB.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

LCD “Elegy”

The draft LCD “Elegy” includes 3 monolith-brick 23-story house in the demskiy district. The advantage of location – walking distance to schools, kindergartens, shopping center, sports centers, shops, stops of transport. The closed area is planned and children’s playgrounds, individual boilers. ensuring uninterrupted supply of heat and hot water. The house is equipped with cargo-passenger elevators (1000 kg), video surveillance systems, fire alarm and smoke.

Customers are offered for delivery in the 4th quarter of 2021 1-3 bedroom apartments with an area of 29.19-90,69 m2 without finishing. Prices for 1 m2 will start from 48 000 rubles.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

Smart quarter “Edison”

In the centre of Ufa, street Revolutionary is the smart quarter “Edison”, which includes 2 monolithic-brick building with a height of 27 floors. In the construction used the materials appropriate to the class of maximum efficiency “In”. The house is equipped with a digital Concierge system, “Robert”, which allows you to manage the engineering functions of their apartments with telephone number (to receive notifications on the appliance, adjust blinds and curtains, etc.). The project envisages organization of sports and the bunk children’s playgrounds, recreation areas, underground Parking with lift, outdoor Parking and gardening space.

In Edison you can buy an apartment with a rough finish square 26,34-52,62 m2 (from studios to 3-room). Object delivery in the 4th quarter of 2021. Prices from 64 000-67 000 RUB. per 1 m2.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

LCD “Aristocrat”

In the historic center of the capital near the Park to them. I. Yakutov is a respectable residential complex “Aristocrat” combines historic architectural tradition and contemporary style. It includes 4 monolithic 13-storey building, the first floors which are planned for public facilities. Features LCD: closed area with a checkpoint and surveillance, sports and playgrounds, fast, silent elevators Kone, own substation with transformers, led lamps with motion sensors in common areas, individual heating units, underground Parking for 338 cars with lifts to the residential part. Among the proposed layouts of apartments from studios to 4-room area of 39.75-189,39 m2. One of them offers apartments with a private Elevator, individual controlled access system. Prices from 87 to 121 121 973 979 RUB for 1m2.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

LCD “Prominent”

Here are the 1-4 bedroom apartments are fully ready for living or renting, which will allow you to save money in the long repair. Price for 1 m2 from 45 000 RUB.

Buildings of Ufa: the change in 2020-2021 year

Other construction projects

In addition to the above, wishing to acquire housing in Ufa it is possible to consider other buildings. There is still time and a choice of apartments, scheduled for completion in 2021 among the following complexes:

  • Peter and Paul on the same street (from 59 000 RUB/sq. m.)
  • “Alpine Park”, Pugachova str., 37 (from 53 000 p/ sqm)
  • “On assumption”, Kommunisticheskaya str., 109 (from 63 R. 647/sq.m).
  • “Bright”, St. E. Stolyarova/Drivers (45 500 p/sq.m).
  • “The old center”, Kommunisticheskaya str., 13/1-2 (from 70 000 RUB./sq.m).
  • Aksakovskiy, Aksakov str., 81 (76 000 RUB/sq.m).
  • “Vienna woods”, Mendeleev str (67 576 p./sq. m.)
  • “Enthusiasts” on the same street (from 85 448 p./sq.m).
  • Botanical garden, St. sagita Agishev (from 64 000 RUB/sq. m.)
  • “The seasons”, the Kirov region (from 57 000 RUB/sq. m.)

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