Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year

In 2020-2021 year in Kazan it is expected a wide range of new buildings from developers. The acquisition of the primary residence for the last time found on a much larger scale than just a basic need for any family or living alone adult. Sale apartment in a new building becomes a good investment, serving alternative to Bank deposits or the purchase of precious metals. It is especially advantageous to conduct such operations, buying apartments from the Builder at the stage of start of sales. In 2020-2021 year is planned to start sales in many residential complexes of Kazan, representing the housing of various levels, from “economy” to “elite”.

Expected LCD

New buildings changing the landscape of the Kazan and make it more modern. In different residential complexes you can find diametrically opposed concepts for the consumer with any financial possibilities and tastes.


The project from the developer of “Categorizers”, which builds new construction in Kazan for over 15 years. The start of sales is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2020. House built in Vakhitovsky district, Kalinina str 69. The format of the residential complex belongs to the business class, since the house is made from high quality Belgian bricks in compliance with the modern construction technologies in the manufacture.

Particular importance is given to safety, so the inside of the courtyard is a pedestrian, and to pass on the territory of the LCD “Architect” can only be tenants. For this the gate has a system of recognition registered in her machines. The first floors are reserved for commercial property. Because many facilities (sports grounds, play area, Playground) can accommodate families with children, in addition on the ground floor has a wheelchair.

For sale are one-, two – and three-bedroom apartments of various sizes. The cost varies from 5 000 to 244 11 809 600 RUB.

  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year


The residential complex is located in the Moskovsky district in St. Roundabout. To purchase an apartment here will be in 2021. There are interesting economy proposals, which will primarily be of interest to young families with children. The main advantage is the kindergartens and schools in walking distance, which makes life easier for parents.

In the new district built a large shopping centre, a market, Park, recreation areas. The advantage is convenient transportation, providing easy access to the centre by private transport in 15 minutes. Nearest metro station – 20 min walk.

Very interestingly executed interior spaces, doors: maximum glazing making them incredibly light, bright, modern and open. In addition, on-site design applied landscape design, which allows to make the inner part of the yard is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. The developer of “Radiant” offers to buy apartments in the price range from 2 to 665 000 4 507 000 rubles.

Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year

“Nightingale grove”

Regular buildings will be commissioned in the residential complex “Nightingale grove”, located in Kazan in the Volga district on the street Rawis Gareeva 80. Located in the heart of the city makes the offer very attractive for business people and youth. The developer is an experienced company “Face”, working in the real estate market for over 20 years. The complex already handed 7 new buildings, as currently being built 4. The cost of one-, two-and three-bedroom apartments range from 3 200 00 to 4 780 000.

The architects aimed to create a quarter with a contemporary European design without eclecticism and unnecessary elements in pursuit of architectural minimalism has become very popular all over the world. To keep the concept of multi-level Parking is hidden from the eyes of the residents. The infrastructure involved recreational places, a large supermarket, swimming pool, fitness center, etc. Separately equipped children’s playgrounds and zones for relaxation and comfort.

  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year
  • Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year


“Victory” is called mega, because there has 84 lift and 2.4 thousand flats, which occupied more than 7 thousand residents. The inside of the courtyard is completely closed to traffic, so it is absolutely safe to skate on inline skates or skateboards. In addition to playgrounds there are several playgrounds and great places to relax with benches, which will be enough for everyone. Not spared the authors of the project party and security issues, so on-site video surveillance, developed and implemented a reliable fire protection system. For the convenience of residents and guests of the residential complex “Victory” a two-level Parking with Parking lot.


The developer “AMG” continues the project the residential complex “Eurasia”, under construction in Kazan in the region of Berry Sloboda str Krasnokokshayskaya. In the 1st quarter 2020 for purchase will be available next turn apartments located in the building D. the Price of one-, two – and three-bedroom apartments is 3 000-6 700 800 000 rubles, besides a possible mortgage on favorable terms from the developer.

You can choose apartments of various layouts with partial finish or “turnkey”. On the lower floors are commercial properties with entrances from the outside of the buildings. For people with disabilities entrances are equipped with ramps functioning. For owners of cars built, two Parking: underground (for the tenants of the residential complex “Eurasia”) and freestanding for guests and buyers.

Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year


Cozy complex, located at Kazan, Privolzhsky R-n, street Commissioner Gabisheva. Implementing the project developer “Standardtriple”. For purchase in the 1st quarter of 2020 will be accessible apartment in a monolithic building business-class with high level of comfort. Studios and one-bedroom apartments can be bought for 2.15-2.5 mln RUB.

The residential complex is fenced, which makes it quiet and free from visiting strangers. Emphasis is placed on the landscaping of the yard, which planted a large number of green spaces, flower beds, lawns, etc. round the Clock security makes the living in the residential complex “Melody” as safe as possible. Built next to the metro station, so the realtors are right in saying that after its opening, property prices in this area of Kazan will increase dramatically, so the period 2020-2021 year is the perfect time to buy a home in the residential complex “Melody”.

Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year

“Fairy forest”

Developer – the company “Superstreet”. She made a bid for the maximum sustainability of the area, which is reflected even in the title of each enclosure: Cypress, poplar, Maple, Rowan, Ash, Chestnut and Cherry. The buildings are located in the Privolzhsky district of Kazan on the street Rawis Gareeva. Here you can buy studios or standard apartments with different capacities for a 1.75-5.17 million

Houses of different height (a minimum of 19 floors) are equipped with cargo and passenger lifts. Each apartment is finished “turnkey” with the modern interior design. The infrastructure is very extensive and thought out: nearby kindergartens, schools, large hospital, etc.

Another plus – an exceptional ecological clean district of Kazan, which is a “Fairy forest”. Nearby is the St. Petersburg forest and lake superior Boar, rising above the buildings. In addition, the territory is improved a large number of green spaces.

Buildings of Kazan from the developer 2020-2021 year

Other LCD

This is a list of all available residential complexes of Kazan, which will be available to purchase in the 2020-2021 year, is not limited. You can pay attention to the following projects:

  • “Vincent (Vincent)”, Vakhitovsky district, the Tatar Sloboda, ulitsa Nikolaya Stolbova, from 99 000 rubles/sq. m., “Kamastroyinvest”.
  • “Mayakovskogo 27”, Vakhitovsky district, Mayakovskogo 27, from 122 000 RUB/sq. m., “Mayak-invest”.
  • “Generation”, Soviet R-n, Adelya kutuya street, 81, from 60 000 RUB/sq. m., “invest-Stroy Torg”.
  • “Zalisne city”, Kirovskiy R-n, zalesny, St. Gavriil Derzhavin, from 44 000 RUB./sq. m., “Superstreet”.
  • Sokolniki, Privolzhsky R-n, ul pavlyuhina, 99b, from 85 000 rubles/sq. m., Unistroy.
  • “The KAZ”, Kirovskiy R-n, Berry settlement, Komsomolskaya St., from 79 000 RUB/sq. m., “Briz”.
  • “Islands (Seven Islands)”, Aircraft R-n, Sotsgorod, Tetsevskaya St., from 64 000 RUB/sq. m., “SOLDCO”.
  • “Sportivnaya”, Privolzhsky R-n, the fare for Children, from 52 000 RUB/sq. m., “Superstreet”.
  • IQhome” Privolzhsky R-n, trakt Orenburgskiy, from 80 000 RUB/sq. m., “SOLDCO”.

All prices are current at the moment, but may slightly change over time.

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