Builder’s day in 2021: what date

Every year our compatriots celebrate Builder’s Day, and 2021 will not be an exception. Traditionally, the holiday is celebrated on the second Sunday of August. So the date will be different every time. In 2021, it falls on August 8.

Who celebrates Builder’s Day

The professional holiday was celebrated in 1956 on the initiative of Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. Since 2011, it has been considered Federal. At that time, the whole country was under construction. The profession is on a par with such specialties as a doctor or a teacher. There were many hospitals, schools, and residential buildings.

Today is a holiday for all those who in any way relates to the construction of structures and buildings. This area includes:

  • construction;
  • demolition;
  • reconstruction;
  • restoration work;
  • major and current repairs.

Builder's day in 2021: what date

The celebration is celebrated by employees who carry out design, installation, and organizational work. This also includes:

  • plasterers;
  • bricklayers;
  • designers;
  • welders;
  • installers;
  • house painters;
  • plumber locksmiths;
  • engineers;
  • tilers.
  • the crane operator;
  • interior designer;
  • design Manager.

The next Builder’s Day in 2021 will be celebrated not only by employees of this field, but also by its veterans, as well as students of relevant universities.
Builder's day in 2021: what date
A separate holiday is provided for architects. It is celebrated on the first Monday of October. However, it is customary to congratulate people of this profession on the second Sunday of August.

As noted

The industry employs more than 5 million people. Therefore, the Builder’s Day is always celebrated on a special scale throughout the country. It has special meanings:

  • evaluating the significance of the work;
  • showing respect for the profession;
  • attracting young talents to the field.

You can celebrate professional day in any format, because it falls on the warm season. Some companies choose cafes and restaurants for this purpose, while others go to camp sites or stay in the office. Concerts organized with the participation of industry structures are popular. In any case, the holiday is not complete without a good feast.

Customs and traditions

Different cities have their own traditions and customs. Often, new facilities are opened on the Builder’s Day, solemn and cultural events are held, and awards and diplomas are presented to the best employees.

In 2000, a unique object was opened for a significant date-the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the capital. Its construction took 5 years.

For the professional holiday, they open specialized exhibitions, organize seminars and conferences on relevant topics. Festive programs and programs about the history of construction of structures are broadcast on television. Also on the Builder’s Day, there is an initiation of beginners. They need to eat bread with salt, put on a hard hat and say a special oath.

Builder's day in 2021: what date

There are other countries where the holiday will be celebrated on August 8: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan. In Azerbaijan, it falls on April 10. In America, Builder’s Day is also celebrated every year on the second Sunday of August. Officially, it is called “Budivelnik’s Day”.

What to give for Builder’s day

Every year, relatives and friends “puzzle” over what to give for the Builder’s Day. The most popular ideas include:

  • chocolate tools or themed cake;
  • quality alcohol;
  • electronic roulette;
  • ultrasonic range finder;
  • telescopic lantern;
  • “building” a game of chess or any other Board game;
  • thermos flask;
  • uniform.

Gifts originally from the Soviet Union are especially warmly received. The original gift will be a framed poster, the image of which was created back in the 50s. Many phrases from such illustrations have become popular: “let’s Build for glory!”, ” five-year Plan ahead of schedule!”. Representatives of the fair sex are given expensive sweets, certificates, personalized cards.

Congratulations for builders choose touching, heartfelt or humorous. They usually wish you great success in your hard work, health, prosperity and interesting projects, and thank you for your responsible work. In any case, you need to give the gift and wish meaning, and then only positive emotions will be fixed in your memory.

We offerdownload congratulations on Builder’s day:

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