Boss sucker 2-cartoon 2021 | trailer, release date, footage

2021 is preparing a lot of exciting premieres, including the cartoon “Boss sucker” 2. What did the audience remember about this project and why did the authors decide to release a sequel? There are several objective reasons, so it’s worth voicing each one.

Boss sucker 2-cartoon 2021 | trailer, release date, footage

Record box office receipts

Studio DreamWorks Animation before launching a new amazing project conducted a large-scale advertising campaign and released a colorful trailer, having timed the start of screenings for the school holidays. The result was not long in coming – the cartoon was watched by more than seven million American viewers, who are looking forward to the release of “boss sucker” 2 in 2021. With a budget of $ 125 million, the cartoon collected three and a half times more worldwide – 527 million and became one of the most beloved for fans.

An important topic for every family

Before the birth of his younger brother, the cartoon character Tim believed that in an ideal family there should be three people. His parents created a wonderful world with fairy-tale characters for him, equipped a separate room and came every evening to sing a special song and hug the child several times. The boy believes that this should always be the case and is absolutely not happy with the news that another child will soon appear in the family.

Boss sucker 2-cartoon 2021 | trailer, release date, footage

When parents start spending most of their time with their youngest son and forget about the usual evening ritual, Tim begins to resent it. He knows perfectly well that the baby can use the phone, which gives clear instructions, and collect emergency meetings with colleagues who do not look any different from babies. Theodore, as the new family member was named, belongs to the party of highly intelligent kids who did not have a childhood.

A new version of the origin of humanity

The authors ‘ imagination made it possible to create a kind of heavenly Corporation that produces and produces children. Kids who are ticklish and laugh contagiously become ordinary babies. They will have to go through the usual path of growing up, lying in their beds and blowing bubbles. Serious guys are introduced to the world and perform special tasks.

Boss sucker 2-cartoon 2021 | trailer, release date, footage

Theodore has to cope with the competition, which is represented by cute little puppies. They always remain tiny and force adults to choose between Pets and children, and the comparison is not always in favor of the latter.

The main villain is Francis Francis, who has a lot of plans for revenge. He owns a firm where the boys ‘ parents work. Employees don’t even know what they’re actually doing.

Interesting fact! The first trailer for the cartoon “Boss sucker” appeared on the national day of the Boss.

High-quality voice acting is the key to success

An unusual baby speaks in the voice of Alec Baldwin, who will continue to work in the animated film “boss sucker” 2, the trailer will appear closer to the release of the film in 2021. Mom is voiced by Lisa Kudrow, and dad is voiced by Jimmy Kimmel.

Boss sucker 2-cartoon 2021 | trailer, release date, footage

Kudrow was thrilled to be reunited with Baldwin, whom she hadn’t worked with in years after co-starring on Friends. The actors noted the warm atmosphere in the Studio, so they gave their best. Tim received the voice of miles Christopher Bakshi, and the villain Francis was brought to life with special notes by Steve Buscemi.

American dubbing performed by Fyodor Bondarchuk, Igor Masuk, Julia Levakova, Dmitry Kosmin and others.

Family cartoons connect generations

The theme that is revealed in the cartoon “Boss-sucker” is close to every family. Not all older siblings instantly fall in love with their competitors. You will need the tenderness and care of parents who need to create a strong family. Using Tim’s example, you can understand how lonely a child is when a baby appears in the house with constant demands and whims.

Boys will have to plunge into new adventures in the animated film “Boss sucker” 2, which will be released in 2021 and from the first shots will fall in love with the audience. What problems harsh Theodore and his older brother will have to solve this time is still unknown, but life constantly slips surprises, and not always pleasant, so the employee of the heavenly Corporation will have something to do.

While waiting for the official trailer, watch a teaser about what will be the second part of the cartoon, which will be released in 2021:

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