Border guards day in 2021

There is such a profession — defend the Homeland! This catch phrase is accurately reveals the essence of one of the most important military occupations – guards. Protection is really a profession where you brave soldiers give 24 hours a day. Because the main postulate of the border guard is to always be ready, at any moment, to rise the alarm in the event of a threat to our country.

Traditional festival in honor of the defenders of the border celebrated annually in late spring, in the last days of may. On what number Day of the frontier guard in 2021, about the peculiarities and traditions of the holiday and its history in this article.

Border guards day in 2021

The question of what the number of border guards Day in 2021, occurs often enough. The reason is because most professional events are full-floating, non-fixed date. However, this holiday differs from all the others – every year it is celebrated on the same day, may 28.

Border guards day in 2021 we will celebrate on Thursday, may 28.

The feast is included in the list of the professional military, not a day off, of course, with the exception of those cases when falls on a Saturday or Sunday.

Border guards day in 2021


Modern Russian border guards Day can be called the successor of the old Soviet holiday of the same name. In the USA this celebration officially appeared in 1994, at the time of formation of the new state. In the USSR, the date of the holiday – 1958, when it was decided therefore to raise the morale of soldiers, “giving” them their own day in the calendar.

The history of the border troops is far older and richer than the story of the eponymous celebration. The first mention of the guards dated to the early middle ages, when special military detachment was arranged abatis to protect the Prince of the lands from the raids of nomads. Expanded the territory of Russia has changed its borders, and the issue of their protection became more and more serious. So the appeared guard towers, then around them began founding small settlements, then towns and cities. And, for example, Tobolsk owes its origin to the abatis, the first frontier point on the border of the Principality. So that border police can be considered a cause of many modern cities in the USA.

In the more usual form, already close to the modern border troops appeared in the XVIII century, when Catherine II issued a decree ordered to establish a service of “customs chain and custody.” In the nineteenth century, this formation was divided into two parts – the customs service and corps of border guards.

With the revolution the border guards — as well as other state institutions — have evolved. So, the main objective was the fight against smuggling and illegal defectors, and full security and protection of borders of the new state.

As time went on, changed the situation and issued new orders, and then, finally, turning the border guards into the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then KGB. In the new, modern USA, the Border service is included in the structure of the FSB.

Border guards day in 2021

How to celebrate

The holiday is celebrated not only in the respective armies, but literally across USA. Congratulatory speeches, presentation of awards and prizes, concerts and performances – this is not a complete list of events, traditionally taking place on this day.

The celebration begins with solemn ceremonies, and called the names of those who died defending their Homeland. Followed by the solemn speech of congratulations from officials of the governing military staff and the officials from the administration . Mandatory event in the official part – the laying of wreaths at the tomb of the Unknown soldier.

Festival continues concerts. Performances are held outdoors in the same Neskuchny garden, for example, and in concert halls. Of course, in the intervals between the numbers are the congratulations from all those who are not indifferent to the holiday.

Ends with the celebration of festivities and fireworks.

Border guards day in 2021

This day in other countries

Celebrates the Day of border guards 2021 and in other countries – our neighbors in the CIS. However, not all of them left the old Soviet date.

  • Together with Russia, may 28, celebrated the triumph in Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan.
  • In the spring, but only a month ahead – April 30 – the day marked in the calendar of holidays of Ukraine.
  • In Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan border guards Day is in August: in Turkmenistan it is the number 11, and in Kazakhstan – 18-E. by the Way, on 18 August, the festival celebrates and Azerbaijan.

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