Border guard day in 2021: what date | in New-York, USA, date

All those who are connected with the service in the border troops do not need to specify what date the border guard Day will be celebrated in 2021. The “border guards” know that on may 28, they will gather together, remember the past and raise the first toast to those who are performing a difficult service now, being in the state border guard unit of the American Federation.

History of the holiday

Border guard day in 2021 will be traditionally celebrated on may 28 for the 103 time. The holiday date is fixed. It was on may 28, 1918, that the Border guard was established by the decree of the Council of people’s Commissars of the young Soviet Republic.

One political system replaced another, and structures involved in the protection of state borders were given new names:

  • Border troops of the state security Committee;
  • Federal border service of America.
  • From 2003 to the present, the border troops are under the jurisdiction of the FSB and are called the “Border service of the Federal security service of the American Federation”.

The main tasks assigned to the special forces remain unchanged:

  • Ensuring the inviolability of state borders.
  • Detaining persons and objects that cross the state border in violation of established laws and regulations.
  • Repelling an armed invasion.
  • Control over the safety of border signs located on the state border line.

The celebration of this significant date is aimed at proving that the combat power of the border troops is at the highest level. And also to strengthen the morale of the personnel performing duties to protect the Fatherland.

Border guard day in 2021: what date | in New-York, USA, date

The tradition of celebrating

Historically, the celebration of border guard Day is divided into official and private.

Official ones

Day of the border guard in 2021 will begin with the fact that on the official website of the President of America at 9:00 there will be a text and video message of the President of the American Federation to veterans and personnel of the border Service of the FSB of America. In it, the head of state will emphasize the importance of the tasks assigned to the troops and thank them for their honest and conscientious service.

Border guard day, despite the fact that it is not a day off, is celebrated on a large scale. In most American cities:

  • wreaths and flowers are laid at memorials dedicated to the army;
  • solemn meetings are held to honor those who have distinguished themselves in the service of border guards: they are awarded titles and awards;
  • concerts are organized with the participation of stars and Amateur groups;
  • hand-to-hand combat techniques are demonstrated;
  • exhibitions of weapons and military equipment are organized.

State events dedicated to the border guard Day in 2021 in New-York and other major cities will end with a festive fireworks display. When colorful fire sparks fly up into the sky, accompanied by artillery volleys.

How to celebrate the day of the border guard in New-York:video

Unofficial ones

The border guards themselves begin an unofficial celebration on may 27, starting at 20: 00. This is due to the fact that for those who wear “green caps”, the day starts at 20:00 local time. When a combat crew is being carried out and personnel take over the protection of the state border. It is on may 27 that colleagues meet in parks and squares to remember their youth, funny and tragic moments of service.

Border guards, among whom there are no “exes”, are very friendly. After all, most often I had to serve in small units located in remote areas. Therefore, after participating in public celebrations, dressed in tunics and green caps with lacquer visors, they gather in companies to walk along the city streets, sit in cafes, and spend time in nature.

There are places that border guards must visit:

  • Grave of the Unknown Soldier in New-York;
  • Grave of Yevgeny Rodionov, who was tortured and executed in captivity during the Chechen war, in the village of Satino-Russkoye settlement of Shchapovsky Troitsky administrative district of New-York;
  • Obelisk “to the Hero city of Leningrad” in St. Petersburg;
  • Monument to “border Guards-defenders of the frontiers of the Fatherland” in Astrakhan;
  • Monument to “border Guards of all generations” in Vetluga.

It is not uncommon to meet celebrants carrying symbols and mascots of “border guards”.»:

  • red-green Flag of the Border troops with a heraldic sign in the center;
  • a border post that is alternately colored with red and green stripes.

The border guard army of all generations piously honors traditions and preserves the memory of those who devoted their lives to protecting the borders of the Motherland.

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