Bond 25 / No time to die — film 2021

Release date on the wide screen of film bond 25 / No time to die is scheduled for April 9, 2021. The upcoming story about Agent 007 will be the 25th in a series of adventure Thriller about the “main” British spy. The lead actor, as in the previous four films will be Daniel Craig. However, the assurances of the actor, this will be his last incarnation of Agent 007.

Bond 25 / No time to die — film 2021

Longer than Craig to be bond was only Roger Moore, who played in 7 episodes of the film.

The storyline

Bond is trying to “engage” with the spy career and to retire. The Commodore marries his sweetheart from the previous series, Madeleine Swann, played the role of a Frenchwoman Lea seydoux. A calm life with a beloved spouse becomes the perfect excuse to forget about all previous adventure. But to find peace for a long time the secret service agent fails, the sudden death of his wife makes bond’s return to MI6 with a single purpose – to avenge the death of his wife.

25 bond film, the super-agent of the Navy after the death of Madeleine, beloved wife, will be able to love again. There is speculation that his beloved will again be a Russian girl.

Bond 25 / No time to die — film 2021

The last time the main character of Russian origin were found in the plot in 1999. As in all previous bandiana, 25-m film will be a new villain, probably marked with a scar. A large number of expensive cars, beautiful women and special effects, familiar to fans of the Commodore, be sure to make to the script.

The main idea of the struggle in bond 25 yet the Director was Boyle, was offered the strongest opposition to the superpowers of Western and Russian world in a new round of “Cold war”. However, it is unknown whether his proposal in the new version of the script that writes the famous tandem of the British screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade.

Directing the battle for the seat

In order to appoint the Director of the film the producers had to put a lot of effort. The first contender was Sam Medes, who directed several parts of James bond: “Spectrum” and “Coordinates Skayfol”. But the Director himself refused to shoot the next part of the franchise.

Later considered candidates: Christopher Nolan, Jan Demanda, Denis Mackenzie, Denis Villeneuve, Danny Boyle. Villeneuve himself refused the offer, after receiving the Oscar for directing the film “the Arrival”, he decided to focus on the adaptation of the remake of “Dune”. While British Director Danny Boyle began shooting the film, but then refused because of serious differences arose between him and Craig when selecting candidates for the role of the main villain. To fulfill the role it was supposed to invite well-known Polish actor Tomasz Kot, which was categorically unacceptable for Craig, and the terms of the contract that he endorses the candidacy of all the participants of the shooting. So Boyle approved for the position of Director in March 2018, removed himself from office on their own in August 2018.

Now the Director’s chair was occupied by the American, He is Cary Fukunaga, who directed the 2009 “No name” and in 2011 “Jane Eyre”. Also, Cary is known as the Director of the series “True detective” and movie “nameless beasts”. By early 2021 the filming bond 25 will be completed.

Bond 25 / No time to die — film 2021

He Is Cary Fukunaga

New Bond

Still not died down passion about bond 25, and fans put forward their theories on who may become the “new” MI6 superspy. Because Craig refused to participate in the next episode. Although he also didn’t want to play, but a solid amount of the fee changed his mind.

Until recently, the most “likely” Bond 25 after, was Tom Hillston, Luke Evans and Idris Elba. About Hellstone Barbara even said that he was “too perfect for bond”. Excellent aristocratic manners, British endurance this actor made itself felt even in villainous marvel roles. After that 10-year partnership with disney, Helston hardly would have signed the franchise with bond. Although bookmakers strongly tipped him a favorite to place “new” bond.

But the media has leaked information that the talks with the producers of James bond invited the young actor Jamie bell. On the basis of communication the boy has managed to conquer everyone, even Barbara Broccoli participating in the franchise for 20 years. If it is approved for the role, the 30-year-old Bella has a chance to become “the youngest” bond. But age is not a hindrance, especially because the actor has a decent track record “Teleport”, “Nympho”, “Billy Elliot”. Aspiring actor, according to the producers of James bond, is much more for the franchise than a real star performer. After all from-for unwillingness Craig to sacrifice his artistic career not related to the agent’s life, there is most conflict situations in the film.

Bond 25 / No time to die — film 2021


Assumptions about the stellar lineup was a lot. But only after the release of the official trailer, it became clear that to translate on the screen the most vivid images of the new James bond have such famous actors as:

  • Daniel Craig;
  • Rami Malek;
  • Ana de Armas;
  • Lea Seydoux;
  • Ben Whishaw;
  • Lashana Lynch.

Bond 25 / No time to die — film 2021

See also official trailer pictures of “bond 25” / “No time to die”, which will be released in the spring of 2021:

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