BMW 4-series 2021

BMW is preparing to release a new series convertible 4-series and we offer slightly open the veil of secrecy and to discuss what will be the new generation of the popular coupe, estimating the first picture, and also what are the specifications and price of the production model 2021.

The history of the model

For the first time compact luxury cars the BMW 4-series was introduced in 2013. It was visually similar to the 3 series coupe and convertible, possessing a spectacular design, excellent performance and legendary Bavarian quality.

BMW 4-series 2021 BMW 4-series 2021

In 2014, in addition to the two previously presented models was released as a sporty version of the BMW M4 received the electric power steering and powerful turbocharger.

BMW 4-series 2021 BMW 4-series 2021

In late 2018 — early 2020 are increasingly began to sound the statement that BMW is preparing to release a new generation of the popular BMW 4-series, but most likely the car will be presented in late 2020 or early 2021.

The BMW concept 4-series

The concept of a new Quartet, the Bavarians presented at the Frankfurt motor show, which started on 12 September 2020. Although the technical characteristics of the new BMW models are still not known, the design of the car has exceeded all expectations.

BMW 4-series 2021

The exterior of the BMW 4-series, which promise to run the series in the first half of 2021, it is not like its predecessors. Attention is drawn to:

  • substantially elongated hood;
  • large radiator grille with chrome surround;
  • narrow led headlights;
  • complex design front bumper provides excellent aerodynamics at high speeds;
  • impressive size black air intakes;
  • new vyshtampovki doors and ending line glasses;
  • uncluttered rear bumper with a pair of trapezoidal exhaust system, hinting at what is under the hood of the novelties we will see a sufficiently powerful power unit.

BMW 4-series 2021 BMW 4-series 2021

Experts and fans of BMW brand consider that the increased in size grille, large air intakes and features of the exhaust system presents the prototype suggests that the new “four” 2021 will receive the traditional gasoline engine, or a hybrid installation.

However, most likely, in 2021, the BMW 4-series will not fully electric, despite the rapid development of technology and the trend of the transition to electric models of many European automakers.

BMW 4-series 2021

The production model

Of course, the production car will arrive in showrooms already in 2021, will significantly differ from the presented concept. This is obvious, because the network appeared the first photos of a real live Quartet road tests.

What will remain in the production model, and that will remain only a conceptual idea of the BMW engineers?


Traditionally, Bavarians carefully hide everything that is connected with the peculiarities of the new model before the official premiere. But first a photo of two camouflaged BMW 4 body type coupe undergoing tests on the snowy expanses of Sweden, still allow to evaluate the main changes that happen to the body.

BMW 4-series 2021

So, of the obvious changes, the experts say:

  • the change in the grille design, which will become slightly narrower;
  • replacement head optics (most likely the headlights will get a new geometry);
  • the convertible will receive a soft folding roof.

BMW 4-series 2021


While photographers failed to capture the interior of the BMW 4 series, but it is possible that the interior of the model 2021 will have a reference to the Troika, although the Top version of the sports coupe is likely to get the most advanced options, such as:

  • digital instrument panel;
  • projection display;
  • touch screen monitor to control navigation and functions of the multimedia system;
  • modern the gear selector and other controls on the Central tunnel;
  • background illumination of the cabin etc.

BMW 4-series 2021


The two cars spotted by photographers in Sweden have some differences in the region of the rear bumper. That it is possible to accurately estimate, so that different bits of the exhaust system, which clearly indicates that vehicles are equipped with different power units. Most likely, the manufacturer is testing two versions: basic and Top-end configuration, although experts do not exclude the possibility of testing the new exhaust system.

BMW 4-series 2021

While information about the new power units for the Quartet was received and is to be expected can be adding a coupe and convertible standard range of engines familiar from models of 3-Series and Z4. It is also unknown whether the company plans the release of hybrids on the basis of the Quartet.

Recall that the first generation models were equipped with rear or all-wheel drive and received a line of power units:

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