Bloodshot movie 2021

In March 2012, Columbia Pictures got the film rights of the comic book “Bloodshot” from Valiant Comics. Superhero universe of Valiant Comics will make 5 movies, a couple of them will be “Bloodshot”. Premiere of the first part will be released in February 2021. The shooting of the film already completed, so you can reveal some more details.

Bloodshot movie 2021

The film “Bloodshot” is in the top ten most anticipated new 2021, according to the ranking of a site Kinopoisk.

The plot

The plot revolves around a former soldier of the US army Raymond Harrison, who, after mortally wounded on the orders of the government with the help of modern nanotechnology was raised from the dead and transformed into a killing machine.

Raymond Harrison also known under the alias Death angel and Psi-killer.

For complete submission Frankenstein erased the memory, and to make him immortal, blood launched thousands of microcomputers, allowing you to heal wounds on his body and to control various electronic devices. However, something went wrong… Advanced machine is out of control and declared war on those who stripped her of her memories.


Work on the film began in the summer of 2018. Shooting started August 6. Sites have been organized in several countries, including South Africa (in Cape town), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary and Budapest. On 25 October last year, formally declared the shooting days.

Bloodshot movie 2021

The crew

To work on the film involved many well-known people and newcomers alike. Director appointed Dave Wilson, whose “Bloodshot” became a debut in cinema. Prior to that, he acted as the assistant Director of the first part of “Deadpool”. In the list of his works listed as well as the Intro to the game “Halo 2”, “Mass Effect 2” and “BioShock Infinite”.

  • Among the writers, and Oscar winner Eric Heisserer (“Arrival”, “there goes the light…”). Currently, he writes the script for the second picture of kynoselen Valiant (Harbinger). In addition to Erica on the script worked well Jeff Wadlow and Yvel Guichet.
  • Impress and the names of the producers of the film, including Toby Jaffe (total Recall), Neal H. Moritz (the franchise “fast and furious”), Matthew Vaughn (“Kingsman”).
  • Operator – Jacques Joffre, known for the films “the purge”, “22 miles” and “Truth or dare”.
  • On music worked composer Steve Jablonski, who wrote the music for “the Texas chainsaw massacre”, “transformers”, “the Nightmare on elm street” and many other films.
  • Editor – Jim may, among whose works are “Hey, Vern, it’s Ernest”, “Ernest goes to camp”, “Doctor Otto and the mystery of the glowing ray,” and others.

Bloodshot movie 2021

The cast

In the beginning of 2018 had a casting for participation in the film “Bloodshot”. In March it became known that the main role performed by VIN Diesel. Later the actor posted on his page in Instagram photo, the caption to which he admitted that he considers his character the main character of the whole universe of Valiant Comics, and noted that this role has been one of the most difficult ones he had ever played.

By the end of spring and announced the other members of the troupe. Together with VIN Diesel in the film will appear Sam Chuen in the role of corporal Harlan Shifflet. Guy Pearce will play Dr. Emil Harting, Tallulah Riley – Gina DeCarlo, Alex Hernandez – Tibbs, Toby Kebbell – Axe, Lamorne Morris – Wilfred Wigans, Johannes Haukur the fourth official shows – nick Baris. Also in the film involved Michael sheen (“Midnight in Paris”, “Masters of sex”) and ACE Gonzalez (“the Kid on the drive”).

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