Black widow – movie 2021

Whether to believe the rumors and legends? Why some women impresses with its uniform current, and others have to endure the blows of fate? The heroine of the film “Black widow”, which is planned for 2021 – a bright red-haired beauty with marble skin and striking eyes. We’ll have to understand why it is called the grim nickname of “black widow.” The so-called women, who by a strange coincidence, dying men. The reason for that becomes destructive energy lover…

Black widow – movie 2021

One of the Avengers

Marvel universe inhabited by the most colorful characters, from which depends the comfortable existence of mankind. They are the first to accept the blows of fate and reflect the attacks of enemies. Comic books have given rise to large-scale project, without which it is impossible to imagine a cinematic world.

In this universe Black widow is one of the most mysterious characters, so the authors finally decided to remove it on a separate film, which will reveal unknown facts and make you wonder. The trailer of the film “Black widow” 2021 not yet appeared, so one can only guess what will happen.

Black widow as a comic book character first appeared 55 years ago, in the distant 1964. The authorship belongs to Stan Lee, don Rico and don heck. It should be noted that the current favorite of the audience were not always positive character. Natasha Romanoff traveled to the Marvel universe as a villain – the Russian spy and early antagonist of Iron Man. Luckily, she managed to recruit the US and the shield, the end result she became a Vigilante. In the life of the heroine a lot of problems, because it is the perfect living weapon. The manual, which previously gave the orders, seeks to kill beauty, but she’s not going to give up.

The hope is that in 2021 the film “Black widow” will appear on the screens and frames will meet the expectations of fans who want to see a solo story of supersponge.

Black widow – movie 2021

Difficult childhood and the beginning of the spy career

Natasha Romanova was born shortly before the Second world war. Her childhood some time was cloudless, but then came the troubled times. The girl’s mother died in a fire after the imperialists had set fire to her old house. With his last strength, the woman threw daughter from the window. The child was caught searching for his sister.

First love came to Natasha in the face of a test pilot Shestakov, nicknamed the Red Guard. The dancer was married, but her husband soon died. She decided to become the best operative and brilliantly completed the task. After joining the government programme “Black widow,” her life has changed. After she had to perform tasks in the United States, she decided to stay here as a secret agent. Beauty deftly disposed of the hearts of the oligarchs and passed to find out the secrets of leadership. It’s possible that the movie “Black widow” 2021 will open new pages of the biography and unknown facts.

Black widow – movie 2021

Natasha Romanova is not the only character nicknamed “Black widow.” The same nickname called Elena Belova, who later became a Super-Adaptoid. Natasha once had to change the names, she experienced a split personality and fought against itself.

The actors and the plot

Since the project is under preparation to shooting, accurate information about the plot a bit. The Director will play Kate Shortland, Director – Lucrecia Martel. The film will happen in 2006, the character will face obstacles, betrayal and hard struggle. Trailer of the painting “Black widow” more details will tell about the adventures of the main character, but for this purpose, the authors have thought through all the details and kept the intrigue. At the moment, the trailer’s not out yet.

Starring will star Scarlett Johansson, who managed to attract special attention to his character. Among the other actors who will star in the film “Black widow” 2021 David harbour, Rachel Weisz, Florence Pugh and O. T. Fagbenle.

  • Under consideration is the question of how age restrictions will be at the movie. Because the spy has to use a variety of methods of seduction, it is possible that it will be 18+. That the project will attract increased attention;
  • The picture will become the fourth phase of the marvel universe and open up new qualities for many of the characters;
  • On the role of a character, Florence Pugh, were considered candidates Emma Watson, Alice Englert and other Actresses, but the choice was made in favor of this girl;
  • As the villain could be Andre Holland.

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