Black Friday in 2021 in USA

“Black” is called fourth Friday in November that comes right after thanksgiving (public holiday in USA) and opens the season of the great Christmas sales. The idea of holding Black Friday first originated in the us city of Lancaster in the nineteenth century and quickly spread across the country and then abroad. As worldwide, 2021 Black Friday in the USA falls on November 27.

Traditional events

The first day of the season of sales you’ll be the big discounts that stores use for their advertising and attract customers for the future. Those sellers that reduce the cost of goods of 70% or more receives the maximum return in the form of regular clients for the whole year.

Despite the fact that the date of Black Friday is not an official holiday, many people take time off to have a night to get in the queue and be the first at the time of opening stores. However, unlike U.S. retailers, most of which on Black Friday opened at 5 am and even at midnight, stores in USA do not change the schedule of their work. But it is likely that by 2021 they will understand the benefits of this approach to sales and the buyers too will open their doors early, offering to the visitors the biggest discount.

After the Black Friday sales season continues until Christmas day, which Americans celebrate on December 25. But the most striking and impressive is just the start of this period. In traditional activities and are actively involved Internet sites, which have the advantage of not having to queue. Just enough time to buy any product on the site of the proposed discount.

Black Friday in 2021 in USA

In USA this day is often buy:

  • appliances
  • clothes and shoes;
  • goods for sports;
  • items for health and beauty.

Large retailers are beginning to Express planned actions in the early autumn. Therefore, buyers have the opportunity to determine in advance with shopping.

How to buy

Recently on sale Black Friday annually involving more than 20 million USAн buying goods on 30 billion rubles. Many of them make spontaneous purchases and acquire some not so necessary things and not at the most favorable prices. Not to commit such mistakes in the future, when USA is Black Friday in 2021, you need the right approach to such shopping.

Check rates

Unscrupulous sellers before lower, first raise prices in order not to lose anything. It is therefore necessary to study the menu in advance or before you purchase to compare the value of similar goods in other stores, or better yet, clarify it on the Internet. Most convenient to do this in advance, before going on sale.

Black Friday in 2021 in USA

Make a list

Make a list of necessary purchases will not only avoid hasty acquisitions, but also simplify the process of determining the relevance of prices. Next to each is really the right commodity, you must specify the value without the discount, and then just compare with a special offer of the seller. Without such a list in the evening of 27 Nov possible to become the owner of masses of unnecessary things, many of which will be purchased more expensive than they are on ordinary days.

Act fast

Since the start of Black Friday do not delay, since a lot of stores do sell products with huge discounts, but in limited quantities. This action is based on the fact that those buyers that do not have time to take advantage of this special offer, in a sale the excitement will take what remains on the shelves, even without the discount.

Black Friday in 2021 in USA

Due to very high probability of fraud during the sales at the same time with Black Friday in recent years, an opposite action – “buy nothing Day”. It was suggested by American advertisers, claiming that people are not getting happier, getting a lot of things. And although this is true, you just have to find a middle ground, not enticed by on a lot of shopping, but without losing the opportunities offered by Black Friday.

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