Black Adam movie 2021: what date, date

Among the huge number of superheroes, it is not easy to decide. “Black Adam”, a separate film about which will be released in 2021, attracts the attention of viewers with its self-willed character and special story. The main role will be played by Dwayne Johnson, who was officially recognized as the highest-paid actor in the world by Forbes magazine. He was assigned to the role back in 2012.

Separate throne for the villain

In the complete absence of specific information, there are still some details that allow us to assume what the picture “Black Adam”will be about. This is a spinoff of the movie “Shazam!”, which Warner Bros released in 2019.

In the film “Shazam!” there was a short cut-out scene called “Family on thrones”. In it, the superhero family of the main character is located in a magic cave and sits on thrones. One of them exudes an ominous coldness and significance, because the throne remains empty. Fans logically assume that this is a reference to Black Adam, a champion who used his powers for evil.

Black Adam movie 2021: what date, date

A guess! There is a version in which fans assume that the anti-hero flashed in the project in the image of a dog that prevents lowering a bus that fell from a bridge. Black Adam could easily have become one of the characters, but the Studio decided to release a separate story.

The story in the comics

The appearance of Black Adam in DC comics dates back to 1945. Young Shazam has a powerful opponent who carries a similar power. Initially it was considered a good superhero, but has changed the Outlook on the cause of the abuse of power. Many years passed, and in 1990 the approach changed significantly. Another version – the character succumbed to the influence of evil from the outside, but managed to get rid of it, turning into an antihero. The cruel and rude villain is still trying to do good.

Black Adam movie 2021: what date, date

Director’s choice

The success of “Shazam!” becomes an incentive to start shooting as soon as possible. Jaume Collet-Serra, the Director of the upcoming project, is in talks with representatives of Warner studios about the early start of film production.

Colliet-Serra has been considered as a Director ever since filming of “jungle Cruise”started. The producers appreciated the Director’s work with the expensive Disney project and offered to film the comics.

Black Adam movie 2021: what date, date

The Spanish Director and producer worked on the films:

  • “Shoal»,
  • “Night of the running man»,
  • “Air Marshal” and others.


There were times when the guy was considered a hero, but the darkness enslaved him, so you need to clear the name of the sins of the past. He was a Prince of Kandak, and could succeed Him with magical powers. The intervention of Shazam’s daughter caused the God Set to grant him the abilities of six Egyptian gods. Adam becomes the hero of Egypt, but gradually moves away from the family.

Black Adam movie 2021: what date, date

Truth and justice

When one of the priests deals with his wife and children, he takes revenge on the offender, but voluntarily becomes a hostage of the amulet, from which he is selected thanks to archaeologists. These days, the character has his own rebellious nature, but is neither a villain nor a hero. The storyline of the film “Black Adam”, which is scheduled to premiere in 2021, is still unknown, but the project about a rebel who has his own opinion on how to make humanity happy, attracts huge attention.

The new hero follows the path of truth and justice, so he does not always get the support of others. His actions are sometimes difficult to understand and impossible to predict, but fans are looking forward to the appearance of a character who will allow you to admire the unsurpassed Dwayne Johnson and discover the bright possibilities of his talent.

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