Birds of prey – film 2021

I’m sure many have heard about the movie “birds of Prey”, the premiere of which is scheduled for mid-2021. No no reference to Hitchcock there are no (Fi Thriller “the Birds”, 1963): the picture will tell about the adventures of superheroes from the DC Comics universe – Harley Quinn, Black Canary and the Huntress. For the women’s team will be joined by Batgirl Cassandra Cain and Renee Montoya detective nicknamed Kuessen (from the English. question – question).

The plot

Margot Robbie posted on his social networking site a photograph of the title page of the script, on which is written the original title for the next movie (Birds of Prey), and below the handle assigned “And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn”, which translates as “the emancipation of some Incredible Harley Quinn”. So the actress has made it clear intrigued viewers that the film “birds of Prey” is not only about fighting superheroines with the forces of universal evil, but also about the development of Harley Quinn as a separate personality. She got rid of sick love for the Joker and willing to prove himself and the world that is capable of many things and without him.

To make birds of Prey will be against one of the most ardent opponents of Batman and Black Mask. This crime boss has planned another repulsive thing that will prevent a great and dangerous beauty. The film just started production, but we already know that it will be rated R. the American rating system, this means that “birds of Prey” will see only persons over 17 years old, or teenagers accompanied by their parents. What Robbie’s plans to stuff the movie – obscene language, erotic scenes or scenes with physical violence?

Birds of prey – film 2021

A film with a female bias

The highlight of the film “birds of Prey” is that the main characters are the superheroes of the female sex, which did not exist. Of course, ladies were present in different fantasy, but they were always part of the men’s group. Birds of Prey is a story about a women’s team that will fight injustice with not only their superpowers, but also charm, charm, attractiveness.

The film “birds of Prey” will be female in terms of not only the main characters but also the organization of the shooting process. The script belongs to Christina Hodson (“Bumblebee”, 2018), will be directed by Cathy Yan (“Dead pigs”, 2018), and to produce a picture of will Margot Robbie, known for her striking roles (“suicide Squad”, 2016, “Goner”, 2018).

Features of chronology

In the film, is devoted to DC Comics characters, there are always difficulties. They are connected with the chronology of events occurring in a fictional Universe, and the producers always worry that the movie where some character dies, will come sooner than painting, where the same character is alive and well.

In the case of “birds of Prey”, it was decided not to adapt to other projects and shoot independent film. The authors believe that the audience will understand everything right, because the plot and an interesting development more important than any chronological gaps. Besides, DC Comics is a fantastic world where it can happen anywhere.

Birds of prey – film 2021

And rumor has it that Harley Quinn in “birds of Prey” will appear without their bright tattoos, which she remembered for the “suicide Squad”. And her outfit will remind Alechinsky. But Margot Robbie claims that suit her character will be extravagant and original, and ensures that “in the near future, viewers will find a new look for Halloween”. In fact, after the premiere of the film in 2016, a lot of girls have dyed their hair green and pink and picked up the bat.

The cast

The role of Black Canary is Dinah lance approved Gerni Smollett (“Second chance”, 2006, “the Great debaters”, 2007). Strong suit of a Canary is playing sounds incredible frequency that can kill people and destroy the metal structure. In addition, Dinah lance is a virtuoso of melee combat, capoeira and Hapkido.

Young 12-year-old Ella Jay Basco will be Cassandra Cain. This teenage girl, who has martial arts and is dexterity and agility. Actress Rosie Perez (“Pineapple Express”, 2008, “games of Gods”, 2012) will play a female detective Kuesschen that can change hair color and clothes.

Birds of prey – film 2021

Antagonist order of birds of Prey, villain, nicknamed the Black Mask will play actor Ewan McGregor (“I love you, Phillip Morris”, 2008, all episodes of “Star wars”). And this is a trick of the filmmakers, who understand what it takes to win not only the male but also the female audience. Charismatic supervillain with the appearance of Hollywood hunk is the dream of most girls.

Birds of prey – film 2021

The exact release date of “birds of Prey” is unknown. Although some sources indicate that the movie will premiere on February 20, 2021, and others say that the movie will be released on 2 June 2021. But it is too early to think ahead, because the production is just started.

See also official trailer movie “birds of Prey”:

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