Biology exams in 2021

The new school year has begun and it’s time to discuss what will change in 2021 biology Exams, what will be the structure of the new KIMS, will be known when the exact date early and main periods, and which, in the opinion of experienced teachers should be training.

To take biology?

In 2021, the biology Exams will be among the disciplines at the choice. The subject will be compulsory for those who are planning to apply to medical schools and wants to associate life with ecology, biochemistry, psychology, landscape design, agronomy, veterinary, or paleontology.

Biology exams in 2021

The average score of the certificate amounted to 52.2, and the percentage of vysokopolnogo demonstrated the result at 80-100 points, only 5.6%. This statistic indicates that the graduates underestimate the complexity of biology Exams, find the subject quite simple and do not pay enough attention to the training.

However, for admission to the quoted Metropolitan universities are required to demonstrate the outcome from 90-95 points, and in the less popular regional Universities USA, not less than 65 points. This often required a combination of chemistry and biology, and some directions paired with biology want to see the certificate in core mathematics.


In the pre-season Exams 2021 biology can be bued to pass in those days:

  • basic exam — 30.03.20 (Monday);
  • reserve — 10.04.20 (Friday).

In the calendar, GIA for the new school year, presented by Kravtsov, identified the dates of the Examinations in biology in the framework of the substantive session 2021:

4 Jun 2021

20 Jun 2021

3 Jul 2021

Please note that the calendar in one day are two subjects, history and biology. If you decide to take both disciplines, then one of them will have to move to the reserve day.

Important! If you need to retake, take the time to write a statement to back days of June and July as in September is an attempt to improve the result only for compulsory subjects.

Features tests in 2021

According to information provided on the website FIPI biology Exams in 2021 will not be revised, and training for graduates should become easier, thanks to the preservation of the unified system of requirements and structure of the KIMS.

But, let’s understand all the details.

The format and rules

In the summer, there were proposals to bring back GIA in the school. But, judging by available information, the examinations will be held in 2021, as always, in certified testing centers Exams.

Remain unchanged the following rules:

  • test duration – 3,5 hours (210 minutes);
  • in Kim are only 28 questions;
  • the highest raw score 58;
  • the minimum score of the certificate is 36 of 100 possible;
  • allowed to use additional materials and equipment.

As you can see, any changes in the format and the regulations of the Examinations in biology 2021 no. As in 2020, the jobs will cover all 7 main blocks, studied in the school course:

Biology exams in 2021

Structure Kim

28 proposed tasks will be distributed between the two parts of the work as follows:

Type of questionsThe short answer

Detailed answer

Among the tasks of the first part the pupils will meet such questions as:

  • 6 – on the multiple choice;
  • 6 – correspond with each other;
  • 3 – the restoration sequence;
  • 2 – Cytology;
  • 2 – addition tables;
  • 1 – on Supplement scheme”
  • 1 – on the analysis of graphical information

The distribution of tasks by level of complexity will be:

Biology exams in 2021


The maximum for the performance of all 28 jobs Kim biology examinee can dial 58 raw score, which will be interpreted as a 100-point score certificate.

In grading the Exams 2021 in biology there are no changes!

Distribution of primary scores between all the tasks of the ticket will be:

Thus, for the execution of the task 21 of the first unit you can recruit a maximum of 38 points and 20 over 7 tasks of the second part.

As you can see, the issues of high levels of complexity give 34% of the total score and without them it is impossible to get a high score, as required for admission to the budget.

Find out which school corresponds to your assessment of the result of the Exams, you can use the informal translation table:

Biology exams in 2021


Biology – a subject interesting and is very versatile, which is its main difficulty. To achieve a high outcome requires a thorough preparation consisting of such important items as:

  • familiarization with the assessment criteria of examination work;
  • repetition of the theory (concepts and terminology);
  • the consolidation of the skill of working with various graphic materials, diagrams and tables;
  • solution to demonstration of options for 2020 and 2021.

Biology exams in 2021

On the stage of the theory will help the finished printed publication FIPI, which is compact and laid out basic information on the subject. Practice in solving typical problems using ready-made Bank jobs FIPI or collections of tests Exams 2020 and 2021.

Though in 2021 the tickets Examinations are not affected by the changes, last season they were quite many, as biology was reformed along with other items of GIA. Therefore, you should not rely on the materials developed for exams in 2018 and earlier.

If in the course of repetition of some of the topics will be difficult to understand, help video lessons, in which experienced Tutors available to talk about the most difficult topics of the biology course. Also not be superfluous to familiarize with the analysis of jobs that offered on the pages of the demo KIMS. One of these video lessons offer you to watch right now:

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