Benefits to labor veterans in 2021

The honorary title “Veteran of labor” can be awarded to citizens of the Russian Federation if they have special merit in employment (as in the period of existence of the Russian Federation, as in Soviet times). These persons are given certain privileges, the list of which is ratified by the local authorities separately in each territorial unit of the Russian Federation. In the regions approved their own terms, and they may differ depending on the place of permanent residence and registration veteran. In 2021 it is planned to introduce several amendments to national legislation regulating the status of veterans. However, they will not affect the regulatory documents of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, which determine the type and amount of benefits.

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The state policy of social support of veterans of different categories (including, and labour) are fixed in the Federal law № 5-FZ “About veterans” from January 1995. The law clearly States that social protection to categories of veterans of work, approved by the laws and regulations of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. The government of each territorial unit of the country is entitled to develop their own regulatory process conferring status and to form the list of social and material goods. Funds for this support are allocated from the local budgets.

Thus, Federal authorities are indirectly related to the measures of support for veterans of labor, and set only General provisions. And relate to them the changes that can begin to act in 2021.

Registration honorary title is made at the place of residence of the citizen in local social welfare agencies. It also indicates the list of provided benefits is entitled to a resident of the region. In the event of relocation to another region of the Russian Federation must re-obtain or confirm the honorary title. The new law requires the preservation of honorary status regardless of the original registration of the citizen. In the case of change of residence citizen has the right to social security, set in a new region.

In addition, in 2020, the Ministry of labour of the Russian Federation has prepared a draft law envisaging a unified national conditions of labor for veterans on the basis of which they can be assigned to the category of citizens in need of social assistance. When confirming the status of a needy citizen may apply for the appointment of an allowance. According to the current legislation (law No. 442 dated December 2013 “About bases of social service …”) circumstances that are not within the provisions of the basic law and is able to degrade or impair the conditions of life of the citizen, are governed by regulatory documents of constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Therefore, depending on the region, labor veteran may be deemed needy and to obtain additional payments. In approving the bill to honourable workers will apply the same national principles of social service, the status of needy citizens.

Benefits to labor veterans in 2021

The title

In 2021 to assign the status of “Veteran of labour”, it is necessary to address in bodies of social protection at the place of their permanent residence (registration). Also the procedure can take place in the MFC or remotely on the portal of state Services (registration required Personal account and identification). There you can specify the details of this procedure and a complete list of our benefits, as they may differ in different regions of the country. The title of “Veteran of labour” unable to workers applies to one of two conditions:

  1. The holder of the certificate “Veteran of labour” (could be issued in the Soviet period).
  2. Holder of certain insignia, which give the right to the honorary title 30.06.2016.
  3. The owner of awards, certificates, honorary certificates or medals of the USSR and the Russian Federation for merits in labor (or service) in the enterprise, as well as experience of at least 15 years in this economic region, and General insurance experience 20 and 25 years for women and men respectively.
  4. Citizen, started his career during the great Patriotic war, still under age, and subject to the availability of General insurance experience 35 and 40 years for women and men respectively.

Benefits to labor veterans in 2021

You will need the following documents:

  • passport (or other ID) of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • employment history, and availability of all labor agreements, confirming the duration of the activity;
  • evidence pointing to the authenticity of the honorary orders, medals, etc. and the affiliation of the person;
  • confirmation of employment during the second world war.

In the bodies of social protection may also request other documents or additional information about the applicant (such as social security number, proof of family composition, pension certificate, etc.). For example, when changing names after marriage, the wife will have to provide a marriage certificate. A complete list of required documents please refer to your local Department of social protection.

Benefits in different regions

The list of benefits and the procedure for their appointment is approved by a separate resolution or in the aggregate with the legal acts on social protection of the population separately in each subject of the Russian Federation. Documents can be updated depending on the financial policy of the regional authorities. Below is a comparative table of benefits for veterans of labor in several territorial units of the Russian Federation:

· free use of city transport;

· free use of commuter trains;

· the ability to pay half the cost of housing services;

· compensation of expenses for use of home telephone number;

· free production of dental structures (prostheses) in public hospitals (without the use of metal-ceramic and precious metals);

· provision of sanitary-resort treatment with transportation on the railway transport;

· monthly surcharge to pension allowance 500 p.;

· decrease in the tax rate.

· cost reduction of 50% or compensation of payment of utilities (depends on size of property and number of living persons);

· payment for the use of public transport in R. 570;

· the opportunity to pay only 10% of fare in suburban electric trains;

· reduced rates for use of commuter buses (valid only during summer season);

· free treatment of dental diseases and dental prosthetics in public clinics;

· additional monthly allowance of 870 p.;

· discounts when calculating taxes.

Krasnodar· discounts for payment of utilities (including the delivery of wood or coal for heating), provided that in a residential area is not installed counters;

· free medical care in urban and private clinics which have concluded a contract with the municipality (the existence of such contract should be checked additionally);

· benefits in the manufacture of dental structures;

· discounts for purchase of medications;

· free travel on urban public transport (except for services of private transport);

· 50% discount on the ticket in commuter buses and trains;

· possibility of establishing a monetary compensation benefits;

· additional monthly allowance of 500 to 800 p. (calculated individually);

Pskov· free public transport (excluding private transport);

· payment of 10% of the cost of travel in suburban electric trains and buses;

· 50% discount for housing and communal services;

· free dental treatment in public clinics;

· discounts on the purchase of medicines;

· possibility of establishing a monetary compensation benefits;

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