Benefits in 2021: table

The government has approved all changes concerning social benefits for 2021. We offer you to familiarize with the list of basic Federal payments and their size. For convenience, the information is presented in two tables: benefits for families with children and other categories of citizens.

Benefits for families with children

Support for families with children to date, the priorities of the social policy of the current government. The birth of a child parents are entitled to a number of benefits, both Federal and regional. In 2021 will come into force amendments to the legislation, leaving some children’s benefits paid from the Federal budget will increase significantly. Part payments will not be indexed in the new year. A list of the main Federal benefits and their size in 2021 is given in the table.

Who shouldFor the registration of pregnancy up to 12 weeksBefore indexing in January 2021 655,49 RUB.

After indexing February 1, 2021 680,40 RUB.

Officially employedStudents hospitalEmployees working on contract in the armed forces of the Russian FederationUnemployed (with official status)On the birth of a child (at a time)Before indexing in January 2021 17479,73 RUB.

After indexing February 1, 2021 18143,96 RUB.

Women, starting from the sixth month of gestationFor child care up to 1.5 years


For the first child: 40 %

(4 852 to 27 984,66 RUB)

On the second and subsequent: 40 %

(6 554,89 to 27 984,66 RUB)

Poor Putin also relies payment in the amount of the regional minimum subsistence level

The mother or father caringChild conscripts (monthly)11 863,27 RUB.
The child’s motherBenefits in 2021: table

In 2021 there will be new payments to low-income families. We are talking about extension payments “Putin” benefits from 1.5 to 3 years. The relevant law was signed by President Putin. Thus, the deadline for payment of monthly allowances for low-income people has doubled. Families in which the third or subsequent children born from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2022 have the right to receive compensation in the repayment of the mortgage. The amount of the payment is 450 thousand RUB. you can Get it once in one loan. If the amount of debt in the Bank less than the amount of compensation, the difference to the recipient will not be refunded.

In addition to the above Federal benefits, families can rely on regional assistance. Types of benefits, amounts, conditions of their appointment are at the discretion of the regional authorities. So, in 60 regions of the Russian authorities pay the allowance for the third and subsequent children from 1.5 to 3 years. In the Nizhny Novgorod region authorities to support families in which there was a third little one-time payment of 100 thousand roubles. Also in 2021 to continue issuing certificates for maternity capital. For the first time after a three-year “freeze” certificates index of 3.8 %. As a result, the birth of the second child the family receives 470 thousand rubles., instead of 453 thousand.

With the beginning of 2021, there will be a change years in the calculation period for maternity benefits. For women leaving in the decree in 2021 when calculating the benefit will be considered income for the 2018-2020 G. the Minimum payout and maternity leave will also change depending on the new minimum wage.

Benefits in 2021: table

Social security other segments of the population

Social security, as part of the system of social protection of the Russian Federation includes numerous benefits and payments, appointed in certain cases and for material support of a particular person or members of his family. The list of Federal payments of this nature are presented in the table:

Name benefitsWho shouldSize
Unemployment benefitsUnemployed persons registered with the employment serviceDepends on seniority, average earnings (45-75%), but not less than 1 500 and not more than 8 000 RUB. For confirming the status of pretensioner 11 280,0 RUB In 2021 will not be indexed.
By reason of temporary disabilityAll officially employedDepends on the total length of service and average earnings for 2018 and 2020 (60%-100% of salary).
Care allowance for disabled (monthly)Non-working parents, adoptive parents or guardians caring for a disabled child under the age of 18 years or the invalid since the childhood of I group.A plus to the disability pension 10000,00 RUB.
Monthly payment (full or partial waiver of benefits)War veterans, former prisoners of different places of detention (concentration camps, ghettos), persons who suffered from radiation, as well as the disabled and children with disabilities.Depends on the preferential category
FuneralThe person who is arranging the funeral5946,00 RUB.
Lump-sum payment on the occurrence of post-vaccination complicationsThe person who obtained complication or legal representative (in the case of a child)in the case of death – 30 000 RUB. in determining whether -10000 RUB disability – 1000 monthly

For people with disabilities in 2021 will be a law exempting them from the need to constantly reaffirm their status certificates or other documents. The bill provides an exemption from paperwork due to the launch of electronic document management between the Bureau of medical social expertise and the competent authorities.

Benefits in 2021: table

Precise information on what benefits will be paid in 2021 and in what amount will appear in the beginning of next year. It is also possible that the government may trigger an unplanned change in the schedule of benefits or in their size.

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