Beautiful dates for a wedding in 2021

A wedding is a day that connects two hearts together. Newlyweds want everything to be romantic and unforgettable. Often, even the date is chosen in advance. Future spouses pay attention to such a seemingly insignificant nuance as numbers, looking for an option when the combination of the day, month, and year of the upcoming major event looks harmonious.

We will tell you about beautiful dates for a wedding in 2021, because the magic of numbers, like any other, is fascinating.

The most beautiful dates of 2021

When choosing the day of a wedding celebration, most couples pay attention to number magic. People say that a beautiful date will ensure a beautiful, happy life, and the Union itself, supported by numbers, will turn out to be strong and successful.

So what dates are we talking about?

Beautiful dates for a wedding in 2021

Mirrored numbers look spectacular. That is why one of the most beautiful dates for a wedding in 2021 will be February 12. If you write it in numbers, you get the combination 12.02.2021. A memorable, spectacular, mirrored number! It is not surprising if this date of the 21st year becomes the most popular in the registry offices.

Similar days look a little less impressive, but also interesting. For example:

  • 21.02.2021;
  • 20.02.2021;
  • 02.02.2021;
  • 01.02.2021;
  • 10.02.2021;
  • 11.02.2021.

All the marked options are unusual in that they have only three digits: 1, 2, 0.

From this point of view, similar dates in January, October, November, and December, which also consist only of the listed characters, will be original. Especially impressive are the days that coincide with the month number:

  • 01.01.2021;
  • 02.02.2021;
  • 10.10.2021;
  • 11.11.2021;
  • 12.12.2021.

December offers several dates for which you can schedule a wedding. In addition to being harmonious in writing, they are easy to remember, due to their shape. The favorite will undoubtedly be 21.12.2021 and 12.12.2021, almost entirely consisting of 12, 21. Slightly less attractive, then also non-banal variations: 01.12.2021, 02.12.2021, 20.12.2021.

Other good days for a wedding in 2021

In addition to the beauty of the date, many couples pay attention to lunar forecasts, astrologers ‘ predictions. After all, a memorable number is not so important as the favorability of the chosen day in relation to the married couple. It is not for nothing that future spouses study astrological calendars, and some turn to fortune tellers with a request to choose the most suitable day of painting.

Beautiful dates for a wedding in 2021

However, we will only talk about visually appealing dates. Keep in mind the most important caveat: all the options listed above will be popular in the 21st year, so if you do not take care in advance, you risk not getting on the right day. In this case, we suggest choosing from simpler, but also interesting combinations. True, they are found every year, but they still look harmonious.

A win – win solution is to assign a holiday to a date that matches the ordinal numbers of the day and month:

  • 03.03.2021;
  • 04.04.2021;
  • 05.05.2021;
  • 06.06.2021;
  • 07.07.2021;
  • 08.08.2021;
  • 09.09.2021.

Another option is to choose the 12th or 21st of any month. They also visually mirror the date, although not as effectively as February or December ones. For example:

  • 12.03.2021, 21.03.2021;
  • 12.04.2021, 21.04.2021;
  • 12.05.2021, 21.05.2021;
  • 12.06.2021, 21.06.2021, etc.

It will be especially interesting with October and November: 12.10.2021 and 21.10.2021; 12.11.2021 and 21.11.2021. There will be an increased demand for the last four suggested dates, so we recommend that you apply in advance.

Secrets of the magic of numbers

The magic of numbers attracts, creating a sense of some universal harmony, correctness, balance. When couples decide to form a strong marriage bond, they expect to live a long, happy, and productive life. That is why choosing a wedding day becomes one of the most important issues.

I want everyone around me, even the universe itself, to be on the side of the couple. Many people who are not inclined to believe in mysticism, who are completely alien to various magical views and superstitions, become sensitive to such moments. And the whole point is that wedding festivities in America have always been something sacred, mysterious. Echoes of this attitude have been preserved to this day. And even dates are chosen not just like that, but with a certain meaning.

However, do not be upset if you did not manage to get married on the day you liked. After all, the most important thing is not beautiful wedding dates in 2021, but further married life. There is nothing more important than love, mutual understanding, loyalty, and trust, on which a new family is built and then held together. If all this is between the spouses, then regardless of the day when they consolidated the Union, further life together will be successful and will bring a lot of happiness not only to the husband and wife, but also to the children.

Also, couples can find out their lucky date by using an astrological forecast. Astrologer’s advice on choosing a wedding day can be found in the video:

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