Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer

The script for the new Batman movie in 2021 has been written, it remains to conduct a casting call and . The reboot of the franchise causes controversy in advance, opponents think that the hero has become too much, and fans are delighted with the opportunity to see vivid adventures. According to the available information, the picture will have a clear detective bias, which should reveal special qualities. The project is called the jewel of the DC Comics franchise.

Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer

A bit of history

If there are people who do not know the plot of the Batman films, it is worth clarifying that they tell the story of the heir to the richest family in Gotham. Bruce Wayne managed to become a superhero without fantastic abilities, sculpt a new personality and turn into a symbol of vigilante justice. The film “Batman”, which will be released in 2021, will be a continuation of the adventure.

Previously, the audience got acquainted with the following projects::

  • 1989 – “Batman” directed by Tim Burton,
  • 1992 – “Batman returns”, Tim Burton,
  • 1995 – “Batman forever”, Joel Schumacher,
  • 1997 – “Batman and Robin”, Joel Schumacher,
  • Batman Begins trilogy, 2005, the Dark knight rises, 2008, the Dark knight Rises, 2012, Christopher Nolan,
  • 2016-Batman V Superman: dawn of justice, Zack Snyder.

The Batman project, which is scheduled for release in 2021, will be the tenth.

Changes in the cast

Ben Affleck, who is considered the best performer of the role, will no longer play a famous character. This time, the Central image should be performed by Robert Pattinson, who was remembered by the audience in the films “Twilight”, “High society”.

Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer

Other applicants were also considered at the casting:

  • Jack Raynor;
  • Jack O’connell;
  • Alexander Ludwig;
  • Nicholas Hoult.

Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer

Charismatic Pattinson will be able to bring new notes to the appearance of the beloved hero. Many experts doubt that a happy vampire will be able to turn into the most severe and gloomy character on the planet, but the attention of the female part of the audience is provided in advance.

Actors and roles that they will have to perform in the movie “Batman” 2021 cause a lively discussion of the audience. Fans will have to get used to the changes.

The image of the Penguin will be embodied by Andy Serkis.

Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer

Charming Jamie Lawson, who has never had to play in a movie before, will play a special role. Previously, the girl played in the theater. Details have not yet been disclosed by the creators.

Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer

Curious! Ben Affleck was offered to take over the Director’s duties, but he refused, preferring to pay maximum attention to the script.

Big transformation. Should we expect success?

It is known in advance that the picture will be a Noir story, in which the main character will have to do something unusual, but quite feasible. Batman will prove himself as a detective, demonstrating intelligence, ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. Abilities will help protect residents from criminals.

The narration will be conducted on behalf of the hero and should cause a storm of emotions, because the first films did not focus on this part of Batman’s life.

The authors will have to show maximum imagination and add sharp moments to “Batman” in 2021, so that viewers can get to know their favorite again. It is not necessary to delay the preparation, too long a wait is not liked by fans, who may be disappointed. The team of actors is ready to embody the images, but the start of filming “Batman” 2021 was postponed from November 2019 to January 2020.

Batman-the movie 2021 / release date, cast, trailer

It won’t be long before fans will be able to see the news from the set and the first shots that will finally reveal the intrigue. The network is discussing what the hero’s costume will be, but the details are still unknown.

What else is known about the new Batman movie, see the video review:

To be continued…

The creators are not going to be limited to a single “Batman” movie in 2021, they are going to make a whole trilogy with Pattinson in the title role. The trailer hasn’t been released yet, but there’s no doubt that it will attract huge attention from fans and opponents alike, giving food for new conversations.

The heroes will have to go through a lot of adventures and show secret sides of the personality that will answer many questions.

Also seeofficial trailerthe movie ” Batman»:

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