Baptism in 2021

The faithful will be eagerly waiting in 2021 Baptism, because it is a big Orthodox holiday, which is equivalent to Easter and Christmas. It is believed that on this day, the water gets curative properties, so many people go swimming in the hole. This holiday has a lot of other traditions. It is closely intertwined Christianity and paganism. Many rituals and customs passed on from generation to generation, preserved for centuries.

Baptism is celebrated on 19 January (old calendar January 6), in 2021 date does not change because it is fixed and does not depend on the phases of the moon or other holidays.

Baptism in 2021

The history of

The events that were cause for celebration, occurred during the life of Jesus Christ. But it all started with the fact that John the Baptist came to the river Jordan to be baptized by immersion. He preached to the people that after bathing in the Holy river and repentance can cleanse the soul from sin. The prophet had great power of persuasion, so people believed him and went to the rite of baptism.

When Jesus Christ was 30 years old, he came to John the Baptist. After the rite of the baptism of Jesus the heavens were separated, and descended to the earth the Holy Spirit in the likeness of a dove, while attending nearby heard the voice of God the Father saying that Jesus Christ is His son, through whom comes grace. In connection with these events described in the Gospels, Epiphany is also called Theophany.

To celebrate the holiday began during the life of the apostles. In those days it coincided with Christmas, and in the IV century it was moved to a separate day. Now Baptism is celebrated in all countries who profess Christianity, although the traditions of celebration differ in different people.

The tradition of celebrating

Christians believe that the day of Epiphany, every man can purify the soul and body from sin. To make this happen, you should perform several simple steps:

  • to observe one day of strict fasting;
  • to attend service in a Church or temple;
  • to drink the sacred water;
  • to confess and repent of their sins, ask God’s forgiveness.

On this day, “opened” heavens, so the Lord hears all sincere prayers.

Baptism in 2021

Blessing of the waters

An integral part of Baptism is water. The priests bless it twice – first on January 18 during the evening service, and then on the holiday itself. The prayers recited over the water, giving it special properties. It can help in the fight against disease, invigorates and purifies the soul from sins, but also serves as a talisman for the house. For this reason, all the people who come to Church for service, be sure to carry home a container of water. Drink it, and be sure to give little children and sick people use for washing. Housewives often sprinkle the corners of the house to expel evil spirits from the housing and provide reliable protection. Holy water has a positive effect on the energy and physical processes in the body. Even scientists confirm that changes in molecular composition, although I can’t explain this phenomenon from a scientific point of view. Epiphany water retains its properties for years, while it is not spoiled. Can easily be stored at room temperature.

On Epiphany water in and water. It is believed that even tap water has unique properties that day, because it comes from natural reservoirs and rivers.

Baptism in 2021

Swimming in the hole

As traditionally on Epiphany, many people bathe in the hole, in 2021 you will be able to feel the miraculous power of water. Did this ritual for a long time, although according to the gospel, doing it not necessarily because the purification of the soul happens through repentance and prayer. It is believed that bathing in natural springs not only helps to cleansed from sin, but also to get protection for a whole year.

Upon completion of the worship in the temple in the ponds make the hole in the form of a cross. Next set the dove as a symbol of the Holy spirit. The priest reads prayers, and then begin bathing. To go into the water should be on the chest, and after three times you need to jump right in. Before each dive, it is necessary to cross. Women are allowed to go into the water only in a shirt (so other problems are not stuck) and with the covered head scarf. After leaving the pond, you need to wrap yourself in a warm towel and drink hot tea, preferably with honey. But to take alcoholic drinks is strictly prohibited.

Baptism in 2021

What’s cooking for the festive table

Before the holiday the believers are fasting. Dinner is usually served “sochivo”. The so-called cereals porridge that you can add honey, raisins, nuts. Allowed to put on the table other meatless dishes – dumplings, cabbage stew, pickled mushrooms. If the family has enough to eat “sochivo”, to throw him not need to feed animals or birds. Cooking porridge on the eve of the Epiphany is associated with many signs. If the Christmas pudding turned out delicious, then the year will be favourable, and if burnt, we should expect trouble.

Knowing when the Baptism in 2021, the hostess will prepare various delicacies for the table. The holiday allowed to consume meat dishes, pastries and other Goodies. At the table the family would sit only after the service in the Church. First, all your family members drink Holy water and eat cookies in the shape of a cross, and then proceed to the main meal.

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