Ball of Euro 2021 in football

Ball of Euro 2021 is one of the main symbols of the festival of football (along with the logo, mascot and winning the Cup). For each Cup its own unique symbolism, which represents the subject of ongoing competition. This year TH will be held in an unusual format: instead of one or two host countries, the matches will be played in 12 cities from 12 different European countries. The main hallmark of these competitions is the bridge that unites different nationalities with football. Its a symbolic image can be found on logo and other attributes of Euro 2021.

Ball of Euro 2021 in football

The official ball of the qualification

For each Cup creates its own design goals, which allows us to identify this period and become a wonderful souvenir. At the end of March 2020 in the social network Twitter published a picture of the ball for the qualifying round of Euro 2021. A soccer ball skill is based on white color with red, blue and green accents. The designers decided to introduce the Land, if you look at it from the sky. Fiery red colors represent the continents, and blue-green surrounding natural elements. In the center there is a football shirt placed in the heart.

Ball of Euro 2021 in football

The qualifying tournament of Euro 2021 will start on 21 March 2020 and will run until 31 March 2021. According to the results in the final part will be 24 teams who will compete for the title of champion. At this stage, national teams divided into 10 groups, named A to J. each group of 5-6 teams competing. Among participants in 55 teams.

In 2021, no team will be included in the championship automatically. UEFA have announced that between will be a fair fight on equal terms, which in the future will provide them with an exit in a final part.

The official match ball for the final part

The official ball that will be used for the final part of TH, has not yet been made public. If you compare with the previous tournament, while the ball was shown to the public in November 2015, i.e. more than six months before the start of the championship. It is expected that this time the timing will be approximately the same.

Since 1968 the official balls for the Euro was being developed by a company manufacturing sports clothing and footwear Adidas. This tradition is likely to be saved. In 2016, we used two style for final matches in the group stage and the playoffs. In 2021 it is expected that designers will impress fans quite new and exciting ideas. In fact, the problem they have is not easy to create symbols for the anniversary of the European Championship.

Note. In 2021 will be the 60th Euro football tournament involving national teams.

Corporate identity for Euro-2021 was developed as a marketing company Y R specializing in advertising, social media, direct marketing and brand building. For the logo we designed the motif of the bridge. The tasks of the designers was to come up with an image that would Express the theme of different peoples and at the same time represent football addiction of every nation.

Ball of Euro 2021 in football

As planned by the designers symbolic bridge brings together all countries which have hosted the matches. How in the world bridges connect different shores and a feast of football could be the component that binds all people together. Along with the General motives of each host city has its own distinctive features, expressed in its cultural heritage: monuments, historic buildings, and, of course, stadiums.

For each city developed its own logo Cup 2021. According to the basic concept, it is portrayed the most striking and recognizable bridge, which is one of the main local attractions.

Ball of Euro 2021 in football

In e used images of the Palace bridge. He is considered a hallmark of the city. To see this engineering marvel in every year millions of tourists come. In the Northern capital will host several matches TH: three group stage games and one quarterfinal.

Ball of Euro 2021 in football


Before the first qualification game between Germany and Netherlands UEFA presented the mascot of the competition. His name is Skills (from the English word skill — skill). And his motto is “it’s your move!”.

On the show before the match Skillsi showed the audience a few moves freestyle technique with world champion freestyle Liv British cook and well-known freestyle skier from Norway Tobias Becks. They showed that self-expression through soccer ball can exist not only in professional sports but in street football and freestyle.

Ball of Euro 2021 in football

Also Liv cook announced the contest, which will be able to take part residents of countries hosting Euro 2021. The freestylers should do a video where they show their technique of possession. Liv and Tobias with the help of the online voting will select the best two (a guy and a girl) from each country. Just get the 24 finalists, who will be able to demonstrate their skills at various events of the tournament.

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