Bad boys 3 movie 2021

Bad boys 3 is one of the most anticipated movies of 2021. This is the story of two police officers from Miami who courageously struggle with the world of drug traffickers. The appearance of the film, the audience waiting since 2017: then the Studio had a lot of problems, and the shooting had to be postponed. The movie Bad boys-3, like the previous two parts, will delight fans of spectacular militant set of high-quality special effects, races, a gripping plot and sparkling humor. Release date is scheduled for January 2021.

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

The background

Bad boys 3 is the sequel to the franchise that first appeared on the screens in 1995. The story is about two detectives of the police Department in Miami Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett are investigating the drug-related offences. The main characters – the polar opposite of each other. The first (will Smith) is a womanizer and playboy, and the other (Martin Lawrence) is a diligent man, a father of three children.

In the first part commanded by captain Howard they have to pretend to be each other for information from the sole witness of the murder. To do this, they change their lives: Mike Lowry becomes the father of the family, and Marcus Burnett immersed in the bachelor world.

In the second part, the detectives have to figure out new ways of supplying drugs in Miami. During the investigation it turns out a cunning plan of a group of drug traffickers to become a monopoly in the black market, know what the other dealers. In the result, the real war erupted. Despite all the difficulties, the main characters manage to keep the situation under control, while Lowry not fond sister of Burnett. Now detectives begin to investigate the relationship between them.

The second movie received poor response from film critics. However, this did not prevent the two parts of the total action to collect rent more than $400 million.

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

The plot

The events of the film continue the story of the second part. Marcus Burnett became inspector General of police, and Mike Lowry is going through a midlife crisis. They are put together again when Armando Armas (a cold-blooded killer, a mercenary drug dealers), promises them retribution for his brother’s death.

The cast

The main roles are played will Smith (a ladies ‘ man Mike Lowry) and Martin Lawrence (family man Marcus Burnett). These actors make an excellent duet, which is very like the audience. Each of them has its own charisma and its own specific character acting. They have long captivated moviegoers worldwide, and their participation in the film, a priori, makes it successful.

The “bad guys” is the second franchise for each of the actors. Previously, will Smith was famous for his role in the trilogy “Men in black” and Martin Lawrence is famous for the distinctive game in the film “big momma.”

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

Among the other actors announced the following celebrities:

  • Paola núñez is a Mexican actress better known for his roles in the TV series (“Son”, “Word thief”, “Queen of hearts”, “Women’s secrets”, etc.);
  • Jacob Scipio – Gaiano-English actor and writer-writer (“We die young”, “hunter Killer”);
  • Joe Pantoliano – American actor, captain Howard of the trilogy “the Bad guys”, he is also famous for his roles of villains in “the Matrix,” “Memento” and “the Sopranos”;
  • Alexander Ludwig is a canadian actor, most memorable for his roles in the films “the dark is rising”, “witch mountain”, “the Hunger games”;
  • Charles Melton is an American actor he is known for his game in the teenage drama series “Riverdale”;
  • Vanessa Hudgens is an American actress and pop singer, starred in “touch and go”, “Machete kills”, “Warm earth”.

  • Bad boys 3 movie 2021

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

The crew

The production of the film, as the first two parts, deals with the film company Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. On the plans for the third film in the franchise was said in 2008. The production company, in 2009 signed a contract with Peter Craig, who had to write the script for a new part. However, in 2014, the producers stated that on the plot now works David Guggenheim. By the end of summer 2014, the script was ready, and began shooting the first scenes.

This is not the only staff changes that occurred during the creation of a “Bad boys 3”. Initially the Director was Joe Carnahan. He was one of the creators of the script. In 2015, the film company, it was announced that the premiere screening will be held in February 2017. However, shooting was constantly postponed and the opening date many times postponed. As a result, in 2017, Carnahan left the film due to constant breakdowns of the schedule, and his place was taken by Belgian Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilal fall. Main shooting began in November 2018 and ending in March 2020.

On the creation of the painting works of the famous American producer Jerry Bruckheimer. His specialty are action, drama and science fiction. His most famous television work is a series of the series CSI (Miami, NY, etc.). Under his leadership, has shot such remarkable films as “Flashdance” , “Top Gun”, “pearl Harbor” and many others. Including iconic franchise “Beverly hills”, “pirates of the Caribbean” and, of course, the “Bad guys”.

Bad boys 3 movie 2021

The writers also selected some of the best:

  • David Guggenheim is an American screenwriter, producer and novelist. His most famous works: “Christmas Chronicles”, “the Last candidate”, “access Code “Cape town”, “the Medallion”.
  • Joe Carnahan is an American Director, screenwriter and actor. He is known for work on films “Smokin ‘ aces”, “Team “a” and series “Black list”.

When working together these professionals is expected that the picture will be impressive and memorable.

In this part of the franchise does not take part Michael Bay (Creator of the first and the second “Bad guys”). However, rumor has it that he will take up work on the fourth film.

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