Avatar 2-movie 2021 / release date, cast

The story of the creation of the film “Avatar” 2, which should appear on screens in 2021, causes a lot of rumors and speculation. To create a spectacular picture, you will have to use the latest technologies and special effects, go down to the sea floor and tell the details of the life of a planet called Pandora, which were not in the first film.

Avatar 2-movie 2021 / release date, cast

An explosion of emotions

“Avatar” made a real sensation. The very idea that invading a foreign civilization is a crime has caused quite a few associations. The script appeared in the mid-nineties of the last century, but the authors had to do a huge amount of work to prepare for filming.

The Director had to wait until he had everything he needed to work with. The scenery was prepared by 150 contractors who embodied ideas of incredible complexity. Creating a fairy-tale world, the Director required the actors to be as immersed in the process as possible, so he simply nailed mobile phones to the floor with construction nails from a special gun.

The na’vi language was created especially for the painting. It took the researchers almost four years. Its structure is somewhat similar to earth’s languages. The actors were offered a special brochure and the necessary materials that helped make the pronunciation correct. One of the authors is the famous American linguist Paul Frommer.

The sequel to “Avatar”, which will appear in 2021, will not be the only one. After the film with the subtitle “The way of water”, a third one called “the seed Carrier”should appear. There are two more sequels in development, but after the postponement of the release date, it is difficult to say what the future schedule will be.

Avatar 2-movie 2021 / release date, cast

The plot

The action of the film will take place several years after the famous events. Jake and Neytiri have an eight-year-old daughter. Cameron revealed the secret of one of the scenes in an interview with “Empire”. He is going to show the quarrel of the main characters through the eyes of a child who spies on his parents from hiding.

According to the plot, Jake Sully becomes the leader of the local population, who will again have to confront the earthlings. The rich resources of a particular planet haunt the invaders, who stubbornly do not want to understand the principles of the ecosystem. People are as much a part of the planet as animals and trees. This time, military operations will take place in the water part of Pandora – the ocean.

Large-scale preparation

Work is in full swing, but before starting filming, Cameron had to go to an incredible depth, in the Mariana trench, to arrange a tour of Hawaii for the heroes. The hike was as realistic as possible and helped to feel the unity with nature, to get into the spirit of the indigenous population.

The sequel will bring a lot of surprises to those who have missed the colorful world. The release date for Avatar 2 is set for 2021, so there’s not much time left to wait.

Avatar 2-movie 2021 / release date, cast

  • A single sentence uttered by Worthington helped him beat the other candidates. Cameron believed the actor after saying, ” This is our land! Go ahead! Fly on the wings of the wind»;
  • The other contenders were Chris Evans and Channing Tatum;
  • Among the actors in the 2021 Avatar movie is Titanic star Kate Winslet.

The MBS Media Campus serves as the filming location. To shoot the film, the Director uses devices that work exclusively on solar panels. This creates a special atmosphere.

Since Cameron has always been interested in science fiction and Hindu mythology, he decided to use the term “avatar”, which means the incarnation of one of the gods in an earthly body.

After the release of the film, many accusations of plagiarism followed, but none of the opponents could prove their case in court.

The unusual world aroused the love of the audience. The original plot helped to look at human civilization in a different guise, to think about what development of events earthlings will choose in the future.

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