Avatar 2 — movie 2021

The release of the film “Avatar 2” (2021) is planned for December 2021. Shooting the second part of the film about the na’vi tribe living on the planet in the constellation alpha Centauri, was announced even before the launch of the first series. However, according to the statement of chief Director, Cameron, to judge the appropriateness of the project it will be only after the analysis of the amounts of the rental. 2009 avatar became the first film which managed to surpass the box office of “Titanic,” and screenwriter and Director had to keep his promise, and continued shooting history. Rent collected almost $ 3 billion with investments in the picture of the 240 million you Know that the sequel, released in 2021, will not be the last series, and scheduled a minimum of 4 pictures. All the actors, the characters who survived in the previous section, was invited to the filming of the sequel.

Avatar 2 — movie 2021

The plot

Continue popular stories about the brave Jake Sully, finally moved into the body of the avatar created from the DNA of his twin brother and the local aboriginal people, the na’vi set in the same picturesque landscapes of Pandora. In the second part, Jake is involved with his beloved Neytiri and the whole family: two sons Nyayama and Lo AKOM and daughter of Tachira.

The Central idea, in addition to confront the grounders, they become family values. The events of the second part to happen in the story 8 years after the first episode. A bet to promote the idea of education of children and participation in the life of Cameron commented ambiguously. He believes that it may be as resounding success of the franchise, and a spectacular failure, but the idea is selected, so the results will be known in December 2021, when assessing box office.

Although in the first film, the inhabitants of Pandora won under the leadership of Jake their right to live on the home planet, defeating the Armada of greedy earthlings, people’s plans in respect of mining of unobtanium has not changed. This is the reason for new clashes and attacks on peaceful life of aboriginal people existing in harmony with the rich flora and fauna of his native land.

The action sequel will not happen only in forested areas in the possession of a native tribe Neytiri, but in the marine reefs and aquatic expanses of Pandora. The reefs of the planet are inhabited by people of the clan Metkina along with sincora family Sally will be the protagonists of the story.

In the second part of the Saga will be a new Central character – Tonovani clan leader Medina reefs, its role will be performed by cliff Curtis. That it will occupy a significant place in the story, says the duration of the contract. It is planned that Toneware will appear in the next parts of the Avatar. Another “star” acquisition of Cameron – Oona Chaplin, daughter of the legendary Charlie Chaplin. Her character name is Waranga, before the actress starred in the television series “Sherlock,” “Game of Thrones”. The film will star Kate Winslet name her character Ronal.

The admirers of Sigourney weaver will be pleased to know that the death of her character in the first part, was the occasion for the final withdrawal out of the picture. Long-standing friendship with the main actress, the Director and screenwriter George.Cameron gave her the right to “second” life. However, according to the confessions of the actress, to call the forthcoming the role of a simple will turn out hardly. It is destined to incarnate in a new avatar, thanks to the fact that part of the soul of the heroine after the death in the first part, went to the Sacred Tree of Life of the people. Ava will give grace Augustine new sinagogue body.

Avatar 2 — movie 2021

Another wonderful “resurrection” is waiting for the main “villain” of the first part of Colonel miles quaritch’s. How the hero managed to survive after he pierced a well-aimed arrow Neytiri, and he was left to die in the atmosphere uninhabitable for the earthlings, remains a mystery. But the Director is not open, and change a favorite image of a bloodthirsty and greedy Colonel to another villain, James Cameron did not.

Along with well-known heroes in action Avatar 2 children Sully and Neytiri, two sons and a daughter, and a group of their teenage friends the na’vi clan Omaticaya and Medaina. The company joined the earth guy Javier Socorro, who was born in an abandoned people the basis of “the Gates of Hell” in a family of scientists left on Pandora after the battle.

Details from the Director

For underwater shooting Avatar 2 for the first time applies the technology of motion capture, well shown in the first film. When the costume characters fixed a huge number of sensors that record the movement of each muscle of the actor. But the water environment has set the team new challenges that had to be solved during the shoot. The official movie trailer is still there at the box office, but the Internet is full of a large number of fakes on the topic of blue-skinned and possible developments.

Avatar 2 — movie 2021

According to producer Jon Landau achievements of computer graphics allow you to “draw” the water environment, but shoot Avatar 2 in this water, to maintain the credibility of the movement of the actors beneath the ocean. For this purpose, the heroes of the film are immersed in deep pools.

The sequel will be shown a new variety of amazing fauna and flora of Pandora, namely her underwater Kingdom, the portrayal and development which has received considerable attention.

In 2012 John.Cameron spent $ 16 million to purchase land in New Zealand in 2 500 acres, which will be the shooting location for the ground part of Pandora.

Cameron said that at the same time with the second part of hard work on filming the third, which is scheduled for a year later. Action Avatar 3 will apply to the entire star system alpha Centauri, beyond the oceans and Islands of the planet. Presumably simultaneously with the release of Avatar 2 will be the trailers for the next series history.

A permanent shift of the premiere

The original release date of the sequel, according to Cameron, was planned for 2014. But even to announced later John Landau December 2018 the shooting is not ended.

According to information posted on the website Bleedingcool, the last move of the premiere of Avatar 2 is associated with excessive preoccupation with James Cameron in three-dimensional filming of the Titanic, requires constant technological innovation.

The premiere of the second part of “Avatar” in Russian was to be held, like the English version, 18 December 2021, but the film company Disney has postponed the release of the film on 17 December 2021, thereby sliding on the year premiere of the next part.

What is the reason? The fact that Disney is preparing a three-part of the legendary “Star wars”, but which will be totally new and different from the last part of a trilogy.

Avatar 2 — movie 2021



  • The role will act as Neytiri Zoe Saldana (“Star trek,” “Guardians of the Galaxy”);
  • Parker Selfridge will be played by Giovanni Ribisi (“Sneaky Pete”, “Paradise”);
  • VIN Diesel (“fast and furious”, “xxx”);
  • In the role of the Waranga — Oona Chaplin (“Game of Thrones”, “Project Lazarus”);Avatar 2 — movie 2021
  • Ronal — Kate Winslet (“the Reader,” “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”);
  • Doctor Karina Could — Michelle Yeo (“Two soldiers”, “memoirs of a geisha”);
  • Dr. Jan Garvin — Jemaine Clement (“Real vampires”, “Moana”);
  • Dr. Grace Augustine — Sigourney Weaver (The”Tomba”, “Alien”);Avatar 2 — movie 2021
  • Jake Sully — Sam Worthington (“On the verge”, “Everest”);
  • David Thewlis (“7 years in Tibet”, “Harry Potter”);
  • Miles Quaritch — Stephen lang (“public enemies,” “do Not breathe”);
  • Cliff Curtis (Three kings, “Hell”);Avatar 2 — movie 2021
  • General Ardmore — Edie Falco (“Horace and Pete”, “Dependency”);
  • Norm Spellman — Joel Moore (“Eternity”, “wanted”);
  • Javier “Spider” Socorro — Jack The Champion (“The Nanny”, “The Avengers-4: Final”);
  • Corporal Lyle Wainfleet Matt Gerald (“Lie to me”, “castle”) and others.Avatar 2 — movie 2021

The budget of the Avatar franchise

For filming other parts of the Avatar in total is planned to spend about $ 1 billion. When the equilibrium distribution between the remaining 4 episodes on each, get 250 million, the rental of the remaining parts announced at 2023, 2025 and 2027 years. Will the Director and his team to invest the budget, has not yet been disclosed. It is known only one thing, that Cameron has removed a period of 5 years one of the most expensive in southern California sites MBS Media Cumpus.

Selected set, you’ll be hard policy and supports the various environmental “green” movement. Directorate MBS Media Cumpus fundamental with respect to the applicable paints, chemicals, and advocates for saving natural resources. This resulted in additional investments in the installation of solar panels, designed to provide solar energy to the whole process of the film.

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