Astrologers ‘ forecast for 2021 for USA: predictions

Astrologers ‘ forecast for 2021 for America allows us to slightly open the veil of the future and prepare for the upcoming events. Astrological forecasts are based on mathematical calculations of the location of the heavenly bodies in the sky and relative to each other. However, when describing the influence of the planets on the world around us, astrologers do not always come to a common opinion. Therefore, their predictions may differ. It is impossible to say exactly which of them is right and which is wrong. Only time can judge them.

Pavel Globa

Pavel Pavlovich Globa is one of the leading American astrologers, who for many years of his activity has earned a reputation as a professional in his field. His predictions have come true more than once, so many major figures and ordinary citizens listen to his judgments.

In his opinion, 2021 will be a turning point not only for America, but also for the whole world. During this period, two powerful stars will merge – Jupiter and Saturn, which will converge in the sign of Aquarius. This event will have a powerful energy impact, which will be reflected in changes in the usual way of life that has developed in our society. In 2021, new levers will be applied in America to stabilize the economic situation, which will positively affect the well-being of citizens and lead to an improvement in the country’s position on the world stage. Fundamental changes will begin after the activation of reforms, which will be the main impetus for progress.

Pavel Globa predicts that by 2021, the American Federation will begin to interact more closely with countries that were formerly part of the USSR. Cooperation will take place in a new, unusual form. This will strengthen America’s political and economic influence until 2050.

Mikhail Levin

Mikhail Borisovich has been practicing prediction for more than 40 years. He regularly makes forecasts of America’s development. 2021 will be no exception. During this period, the American Federation should embark on a new political course that will help it build favorable relations with neighboring States and other partner countries. These events can be accompanied by a complete change of power, including the current leader. At the same time, authoritarian political sentiments will gradually fade.

The rector of the Academy of Astrology believes that military operations on the territory of America will not take place. At the same time, they will continue in the East. Funding for the defense industry will also be reduced, as military power will not become a key factor of global influence. If such a course is maintained for three years,then in the near future we can expect the economic situation to stabilize and all sanctions to cease.

Vasilisa Volodina

A graduate of the New-York Academy of astrology under the leadership of Mikhail Levin is very popular in the country today. She is known for her forecasts, which she develops for the press and television, as well as esoteric works in the field of relations between men and women. Earlier, Vasilisa Volodina did not make loud forecasts in the field of politics and Economics. However, her prophecies, which began to come true in 2020, attracted the attention of political scientists and publicists.

Vasilisa Volodina predicted the main changes that occurred in government circles in 2020. She also claims that April, June and November will be important months for the country. During these periods, decisive actions will be formed that are aimed at social change, especially among the poor. The results of these actions will be visible in 2021. At the same time, economic reforms will be tough and not very popular among the population. However, they are unavoidable in the real world.

Tatiana Kalinina

Tatiana Kalinina is a leading astrologer in Belarus. She is the head of the Vedic astrology school located in Minsk. It compiles astrological calculations for countries and politicians, as well as for ordinary citizens. Its forecasts are highly regarded among various political experts, as they often become reliable.

Tatyana Kalinina believes that starting in 2020, America will have a period of Sade-Sati, which significantly worsens the life of the ordinary population. It will continue in 2021. In late 2020 – early 2021, significant changes are expected in the government, as well as in the close circle of the head of state. And these changes are not for the better.

Until the summer of 2021, the stars promise a threat to the life of the Patriarch or other high-ranking clergyman, which will entail changes in the structure of spiritual power. In addition, at this time, it will be possible to observe a significant financial crisis, which will entail large-scale changes in legislation. This difficult period will last until 2025.

Vera Lyon

The famous clairvoyant from Kazakhstan has been practicing astrology for many years. She cannot be called an astrologer in full, since she makes her predictions based on visions and prophetic dreams. This innate gift attracted the attention of a large number of admirers, including many famous politicians.

One of her high-profile predictions is the events of 2014, which drew attention to the development of the crisis in the country. Vera Lyon spoke about an increase in the number of external enemies, which was reflected in international sanctions. She also predicted the re-election of Vladimir Putin in 2018 and a warming of relations between America and China.

For 2021, Vera Lyon predicts continued pressure from international partners, which the American Federation will eventually overcome. At the end of 2021, it expects the lifting of most external sanctions, while America will not cancel its economic and political restrictions on unfriendly States.

The fortune teller “saw” the appearance of a new powerful weapon that American scientists will invent. This event can be accompanied by a large explosion or a catastrophe that does not cause significant damage.

Also, Vera Lyon believes that at the turn of 2021-2022, the death of one of the leading politicians will cause strong unrest in the political life of America. However, it is not known who exactly the soothsayer means.

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