Astrologers forecast for 2021 for the USA

Astrologers forecast for 2021 for the USA will help to lift the veil of future changes in the country. Despite the fact that astrology is based on mathematical calculations, interpretation of the positions of the heavenly bodies people are doing. The results of their work can carry subjective and vary significantly from each other. To believe this information or not, everyone decides for himself.

Pavel Globa

The prediction Pavel Globa is based on another connection in 2021 Jupiter and Saturn, which is repeated approximately every 20 years. According to astrologers, this phenomenon is having a powerful influence on the political course of countries, therefore, will contribute to change many global trends, including in connection with the re-election of the President of the United States. The merger of these planets in the previous cycle in 2000 was the election of Vladimir Putin President of the USA and the rise to power of neoconservatives in the United States. Major changes Globa forecasts for the coming cosmic process.

The meeting of two giants of the Solar system will happen 21.12.2021 when we can expect the appearance in the political arena bright strong personality, able to take responsibility for the fate of the country. It was on December 21, falls the birthday of Stalin, so there is a risk that the newly-born identity is to embody his image. Because the connection of the planets will be in the sign of Aquarius, symbolizing reform, coups, qualitative transformation, so there is an assumption about the beginning of laying the foundations of a new Russian statehood until the change of form of government and changing the country’s status on the world stage.

Globa also tells about possible high-profile event at the end of 2021, directly related to the USA, like the terrorist attacks of 2001 in the twin towers in new York or a monstrous tsunami in Japan 2011 Certain position of Neptune compared to other planets indicates the destructive nature of this event or the awakening of uncontrollable collective energy. An example of such events – the social protests of 2011 in Tahrir square in Egypt.

Kalinina Tatiana

The astrologer of the Higher School of Astrology Tatiana Kalinina offers a forecast for the USA, divided into several periods:

  • Since June 12, 2020 September 4, 2021, there is a risk of the development of new international conflicts or exacerbate existing ones. From January 2021 to March 2022 is expected to be the most difficult period for the country, but the coming year will be fruitful. Crisis, stagnation and even negative events primarily relate to the entertainment, arts and sports.
  • from 4 September 2021 29 July 2021 possible unstable situation in the sphere of power. Such is often observed before the election of the first persons of the state. But since this is not expected, events may develop in unexpected ways. Kalinin predicts that the year will be unstable for the President, the crisis in the financial sector, the further confrontation of the USA with other States and appropriate sanctions. Also loud possible negative developments of the financial sector, against which actual ruble would seem not serious.

Looking ahead, the astrologer talks about the possibility of a financial lift for USA only in January 2023-February 2024 On the horoscope of the country at this period there was a military conflict, for more horoscope money luck in money matters.

Vasily Lastochkin

In the author’s forecast of Vasily Lastochkin said in the possible worsening of relations at the beginning of 2021 for the USA and one of the countries-partners and even the possibility of military conflict. At this period is the conjunction of transit Pluto to Saturn, which can provoke the events of positive and negative character. Because Pluto symbolizes the events that modify certain qualities of objects beyond recognition (up to accidents), in 2021 in some regions man-made or geological disasters. Among the most likely places – far East, Kamchatka.

V. Swallow also tells about the possible structural changes of the Federation with their consolidation on the legislative level. in this area there are the following types of events (alone or in combination):

  • recognition from the world community of the Crimea as part of the USA;
  • the entry into the Russian Federation, Abkhazia, South Ossetia;
  • the transfer of the capital to another region, perhaps Siberia and the first steps to implement this decision.

Favourable developments in the economic sphere can be expected in the first third of the year only due to positive transits to the previous two years. April 2021 will be the beginning of the financial crisis. He will be associated with the global crisis and will run the country until the end of 2026.

Other astrologers

Punit of Bengal gram suggests that from 2021, and over the next decade for the USA begins the time of comfort, inventions, investment in the domestic sphere. The government will focus on improving the welfare of citizens (especially the most vulnerable), the development of free medicine and education.

Michael Levin predicts that in 2021 a noticeable weakening of the authority of the President and the Central government itself. The same fate applies to the influence of power structures on a small business and internal life of the country as a whole. These processes will manifest themselves on the background of growing social conflicts. By mid-year, possibly improving relations with Ukraine, though on the complete restoration of relations is to say not earlier 2029-2030 gg

Svetlana Dragan, to some extent confirms the prediction Pavel Globa about the phenomenon of the leader or strong currents, unusual for the existing reality. 2021 in USA expected time for a change after the beginning of political and economic vector. It is the journey of finding a new direction for the country’s further development and we can expect the emergence of a new leader. The astrologer also won’t rule out outside help in these processes. This probability stems from the fact that events will occur in the sign of Aquarius, which is associated with external assistance and space breakthrough.

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