Arguments for the final essay in 2021 | directions, whether you need to add to the topics

Graduates who finish the 11th grade in 2021 should start working out possible topics and directions for the first GIA test today, so we suggest that we analyze in more detail what admission to the unified state exam will be in the coming season and how to choose arguments for the final essay.

Important! The topics of the final essay of the 2021-2022 academic year are not disclosed in advance. This information will be available to graduates 15 minutes before the start of the test.

But, in advance, you are given the opportunity to work out a narrow range of areas and understand whether you need cliches for possible topics, what is your personal position on the issues raised, and what works can be used as arguments.

Date and format of the event

Traditionally, the final essay is held on the first Wednesday of December, but in the 2021-2022 academic year, the deadlines will be changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Presumably, graduates will be able to pass the first test after April 5, 2021.

In late April or early may 2021, additional tests will also be provided for those who, for some reason, will not be able to attend the main test, or did not get admission to the unified state exam the first time.

Arguments for the final essay in 2021 | directions, whether you need to add to the topics

What is important to know?

  1. all 11th graders in America write an essay in one day;
  2. the test takes place on the basis of the native school;
  3. examinees will be offered a choice of 5 topics (1 topic for each direction).);
  4. the allotted time is 235 minutes (3 hours 55 minutes), but an additional 90 minutes can be given to a certain group of students.;
  5. the examinee must write an essay-reasoning, with a volume of 350 words or more;
  6. the essay is evaluated according to the “credit / non-credit” system.»;
  7. the use of texts of literary works is prohibited;
  8. the use of a spelling dictionary is allowed (provided by the organizers);
  9. copying the entire text or parts of it from any sources is not allowed;
  10. a high-quality essay can add from 1 to 10 points to the result of the unified state exam in American (not valid in all American Universities).

As you can see, by working out in advance the arguments to the areas of the final essay proposed by the FIPI, and aiming not just at the “test” but at the highest quality work, you get more opportunities for entering the budget in 2021.

Evaluation criteria

Experienced teachers recommend that you start preparing to familiarize yourself with the assessment criteria, because it is according to these points that you will need to write an essay-reasoning.

In 2021, the FIPI established the following evaluation criteria::

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