Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

The previous year was not very happy for this zodiac sign. But, fortunately, the period of searching and throwing ends. The 2021 horoscope for freedom-loving and impulsive Aquarians indicates that it is time for a happy change.

Characteristics of the zodiac sign

Among the artistic and unpredictable Aquarians, there are many geniuses. After all, they came to this world to make it better and help anyone who meets them on the way. Despite some extravagance, these people are absolute realists. Well-developed intuition prevents them from building castles in the air and dreaming about something ephemeral. Although they can easily get along with people, it’s hard to call them too trusting. Generous and open Aquarians are unlikely to let someone into their soul too quickly.

Reliable and honest partners, they are capable of compromise. Representatives of such a sign will not waste precious time on meaningless struggle. It is easier for Aquarians to agree even with the wrong opinion, only to retreat for a while and gather their strength again.

True to their own ideals, they methodically and purposefully move forward, towards the truth, doing as they see fit. Perhaps this is why Aquarians are much easier to achieve success than other zodiac signs.

Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

What awaits Aquarius in the year of the Metal bull

The life of Aquarians in the current year will be quite rich. 2021 will be a successful year both in terms of service or business, and in your personal life. However, you should not rely only on luck. Perseverance and hard work will help Aquarians get closer to their goal much faster. Metal Bull, patronizing this year, is not too loyal to excessive eccentricity. Open and cheerful Aquarians should learn wisdom and patience from him.

Horoscope for men

Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

Aquarians in the new year will have a serious opportunity to improve their social status. Especially favorable to Aquarian men, the stars will be at the beginning of the year. Any initiatives in January-February will be especially successful. Therefore, there is no need to postpone long-accumulated ideas and plans in a long box – it’s time to start implementing them.

A love horoscope for 2021 for reserved and secretive Aquarius men will be no less successful. By the end of the summer, they will have a serious chance to find a soulmate.

The social circle may significantly expand in 2021. Under the onslaught of stars, competitors will give up. Aquarians will be surrounded by very influential people who can provide them with significant help and not only moral, but also material support.

But drastic changes are not desirable this year. It is better to postpone the search for a new job or change of residence until next year. The problems that plagued them in the past, 2020, were temporary. In the next 2-3 years, life will stabilize and get back on track.

Horoscope for women

Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

Charming and extravagant representatives of the fair sex, born under the sign of Aquarius, in the year of the hardworking Metal bull are waiting for serious changes. Moreover, they will concern both professional activities and personal life.

The horoscope for 2021 for the indefatigable and unpredictable Aquarius woman will be quite predictable. At this time, all the ideas that have been developed can finally be implemented.

In the spring, Aquarians will be attracted to experiments with their own appearance. A new hairstyle or coloring of curls will allow them to update internally and give an impetus to the next achievements. During this period, any cosmetic procedures will undoubtedly benefit. Sports, yoga, and massage courses will help you maintain your vitality.

Single ladies in the second half of the year are waiting for a fateful meeting, which is most likely to end with a trip to the registry office. Married women can hope for a new round in relationships and the establishment of harmony in the family.

Love horoscope

Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

The personal life of representatives of this worthy zodiac sign is also on top this year. Although it is not common for Aquarians to be reckless, you should still be careful, especially in the first half of the year. This time will not be too suitable for finding a new love. The chance to meet someone capable of a serious relationship will appear only closer to autumn. The wedding should be postponed until next year, 2022.

Married couples at the beginning of the year will have to struggle with the routine. It will be possible to restore mutual understanding and improve relations closer to autumn. At this time, they are waiting for a new round of relations. But don’t let it go by itself. To make marital relations more harmonious, it is worth diversifying them: to engage in joint leisure activities or to go on an exciting journey together. It is better to schedule it for September. There will be a lull at work during this period.

Money horoscope

Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

This year, Volodya will be able to significantly increase their own income. But it is better to hide the accumulated savings away – unexpected expenses may appear closer to autumn.

Representatives of this sign may try to break existing ties and, taking the money earned, retire. But such drastic measures are unnecessary. There are many smarter ways to change your environment.

In 2021, they will have the opportunity to close karmic debts and renew their own lives. But it is worth controlling the irrepressible energy, especially at the beginning of the year. Profitable projects will appear only by the end of spring. To implement them, you may need the help of close or trusted partners.

Career horoscope

Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

During this period, Aquarians will finally have the opportunity to show their talents. Their natural charm will certainly help them do this. Moving up the career ladder will bring great satisfaction. Life will seem exciting and interesting again, and it will sparkle with new colors. This zodiac sign will have a serious opportunity to solve all the previously encountered difficulties. But you need to act immediately. They will be successful until mid-may. If there is trouble, it will be small and will end quickly. Many of them can be resolved with the help of friends.

In 2021, there will be a chance to be heard and convey the previously received and revised information to your superiors or partners. Only the beginning of the year can pose some danger. At this time, you need to carefully control your emotions and relationships with colleagues, who may consider the artistry of Aquarians a manifestation of disrespect for the team.

Health horoscope

Aquarius horoscope for 2021: women and men

Aquarians will feel great at the beginning of the year. Diseases will recede. But closer to spring, exacerbations of stomach diseases and poisoning are possible. Therefore, during this period, you should closely monitor your own nutrition. However, if you follow the diet, this can be avoided.

You should also monitor your health in may and June. During this period, the most old sores can remind you of themselves. Preventative treatment doesn’t hurt. At the end of August, severe nervous tension can lead to insomnia. It’s time to go on vacation and relax a little. Although Aquarians do not like to relax too much, you should definitely do it. Otherwise, the consequences of prolonged emotional and physical stress will develop into something more serious.

Aquarian Celebrities

It would seem, what can be the connection between the most famous chemist Dmitry Mendeleev and the soothsayer Vanga, also born under this sign? But this connection is undoubtedly there. Both of them had the colossal intuition that made them world-famous.

Many poets and writers were born under the sign of Aquarius. After all, such people are subject to many secrets of human souls. Under the sign of Aquarius, the poet and translator Zhukovsky and the fabulist Krylov, George Byron, the science fiction writer Jules Verne and the classic of world literature Charles Dickens, the writer Saltykov-Shchedrin, and the poet Boris Pasternak were born. The film theorist Eisenstein was also born under this sign.

The most famous Aquarian politician is the 16th American President, who did a lot for his country, Abraham Lincoln. The French politician Talleyrand had a keen sense and insight inherent in this sign. A lot of Aquarians are actors, artists and scientists.

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