Apple spas in 2021

On Apple spas in 2021 many will go to Church for the morning worship service to consecrate the ripe and fragrant apples. The holiday is closely intertwined old Slavonic and Christian traditions that are passed down from generation to generation for centuries. Church name – the Transfiguration of the Lord.

When noted

Apple Saved has nothing to do with Easter, so it has a fixed date celebration that will not change and in 2021. The Transfiguration is often called the Second Savior, because it is celebrated between Honey and Nut Saviour.

Important! In 2021 to celebrate the holiday will be August 19, Wednesday. Public holiday it is not, therefore, servants and employees of other professions have to go to work.

Apple spas in 2021

The history of

Now the holiday is more associated with the Church, although he appeared in Russia long before her baptism. It is one of the festivals of harvest and preparation for the fall. This day was devoted to Apple picking. Not plucked from the trees until late winter varieties. Conducted various ceremonies, during which they thanked a higher power for the harvest. Housewives definitely tried to keep at least a few fruits until next year. It was considered that in this case the tree will delight the hosts a good harvest. The main forces were aimed at gathering apples, but in the second half of the day or evening, arranged national celebrations and feast. With the advent of Christianity, the festival has acquired a new meaning, but a long tradition has successfully survived.

August 19, believers celebrate the Lord’s Transfiguration. The basis of the festival went to the events that occurred during the life of Jesus Christ. The son of God told his disciples that He would die for the salvation of mankind. It was difficult to believe. To dispel doubts, Jesus with Peter, John and Jacob went to mount Tabor. On the mountain his face shone, his clothes were white-white. Occurred The Transfiguration Of Christ. In other words Jesus revealed to the disciples his divine nature.

After came down from heaven to earth the prophet Moses and Elijah. They confirmed the words of the son of God on the upcoming pain and death for the salvation of mankind. They also said that Jesus would be resurrected and ascend to heaven to His Father. The Apostle Peter tried to persuade the Teacher not to go down the mountain, in order to avoid suffering, but the Son of God said that he must die for the salvation of the souls of others.

Among the faithful of the Transfiguration of Christ is the main symbol of faith. He reminds them about the need to go out of the way, regardless of difficulties and obstacles, Jesus did not refuse to sacrifice his life for the people.

Apple spas in 2021


Earlier, on the road from the Church were treated to apples of relatives and friends. Near the temple necessarily gave the fruit to those who have no garden. Carried them on the graves of deceased relatives. Treated definitely and children. According to the ancient belief in heaven on this day the deceased children handing out apples. Parents who lost a child to the Second of the Saviour did not eat these fruits. Otherwise their child will not get a treat in heaven.

Knowing what number of the Apple feast day in 2021, hostess will lay a festive table. It will prevail dishes with apples:

  • pies;
  • pancakes;
  • cupcakes;
  • strudels;
  • pastries;
  • baked with honey, fruits, etc.

Be sure to cook the compote or juice. Because the Transfiguration falls on the Dormition fast, to serve the meat dishes are prohibited, but the fish you can eat. Allowed to drink some wine.

Apple spas in 2021

Ancient rites

Our ancestors spent a lot of rites on Savior of the Apple to protect your family from evil spirits and gather a rich harvest next year.

An Apple for the cows

If the family had a cow, a sacred Apple, brought out of the Church, be sure to hide in a small haystack, and put in the barn. Animal to return from the pasture usually ate. Did this to ensure that next year the cow gave birth to a healthy calf and gave a lot of milk.

The rite to protect the house

The family lived in prosperity and well-being, the woman cut an Apple into two parts. In one half she inserted the candle and went round all the corners in the house. Wax collected in the other half. After you fold the Apple and buried in the ground away from home.

To save Apple girl wondered. To know the future, they also used apples. On this day, watched the weather, because with the holiday involves a lot of people will.

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