Anime of 2021: the most anticipated list

Otaku annually make an anime-list: a list of anime that must be viewed. It includes the most interesting releases, adaptations of manga, ranobe, games, visual novels and long-awaited sequels to already beloved animated franchises. What anime will be released in 2021? How will the geniuses of Japanese animation please their fans?

Shaman King (Shaman King)

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: April-2021

Genre: senen, action, adventure, Comedy, supernatural, superpower

Original author: Hiroyuki Takei

The legendary anime “Shaman King”, which does not need any comments, will receive a long-awaited reboot in the form of a series in April 2021. Fans have been waiting for this event for 19 years! The series will be an original adaptation of 35 volumes of Hiroyuki Takei’s manga about the Shaman tournament. The main difference between season 2 is canonicity. It remains only to count the days until the release of the first series!

Yakusoku no Neverland – The Promised Neverland) – season 2

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere date: 31.12.2020

Genre: senen, science fiction, detective, Thriller, psychological

Original author: Kaiu Shirai

One of the most anticipated anime 2021-2022 directed by Mamoru Kambe. Emma, Norman, and ray are gifted children from grace field house. The children enjoyed a comfortable life under the patronage of a kind and caring woman, who was affectionately called “mom”. But one day the orphans became unwitting witnesses of an event that forever destroyed the usual way of their lives. What waits for children to come? What other misadventures will fate have in store for them?

Gintama (Gintama(Shinsaku)

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: 2021 (date to be specified)

Genre: senen, action, Comedy, science fiction, parody, historical, drama, samurai

Original author: Hideaki Sorachi

The action takes place in an alternate reality. Japan, mid-19th century, aliens took control of the Empire’s governance. Yes, the health care system and social package are good, but what should a true samurai do when they have introduced a ban on carrying weapons? Gintoki-the last representative of the ancient military-feudal estate, together with his friends, created the Agency “Jack Of all trades”. Their to-do list might include finding a missing cat or saving the planet. Where will the heroes go this time?

Detective Conan. Movie 24: scarlet bullet (Detective Conan Movie 24: Hiiro no Dangan)

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: April-2021

Genre: senen, detective, Comedy, action, drama, police

Original author: Gose Aoyama

Studio: TMS Entertainment

In Tokyo, the launch ceremony of a unique vacuum Express train capable of reaching speeds of up to 1000 km/h is being held. The event is watched by millions of viewers from all over the world. But it was not without incidents: at the party of project sponsors, the main faces of large corporations began to disappear. Detective Conan comes to the conclusion that the events are directly related to the abductions of 15 years ago, which occurred at the opening ceremony of a sports festival in Boston.

Yuri on ice: Icy youth (Yuri. on Ice)

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: 2021 (date to be specified)

Genre: Comedy, sports

Original author: Mitsuro Kubo

The release date of the full-length film based on the original 12-episode anime has been postponed to 2021. According to the story, figure skater Yuri Katsuki was defeated in the Gran-Prix final. The guy intended to quit sports and began to lead a closed life. After some time, Yuri meets Viktor Nikiforov on the doorstep of his house. An internationally recognized figure skater decides to help the guy by becoming his coach. Yuri had a goal in life: to win the Grand Prix series and beat his main rival Yuri Plisetsky.

Work of cells (Hataraku Saibou!) – season 2

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: January-2021

Genre: Comedy, senen

Original author: Akane Shimizu

Studio: David Production

Continuation of an exciting story about microorganisms. According to research by scientists, more than 40 trillion people live in the body of an adult. cells. Each of them has a special role. The main character-a young blood cell named AE-3803-has just started performing her “official duties”. There are many challenges ahead, but they don’t seem so significant thanks to the help and support of friendly neighbors. One day AE-3803 meets the neutrophil U-1146. What will this acquaintance lead to?

Welcome to hell, Iruma! (Nairimashita! Iruma-kun – – season 2

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: April-2021

Genre: Comedy, fantasy, demons, school, supernatural, senen

Original author: Osamu Nishi

Studio: Bandai Namco Pictures

Anime from Director Makoto Moriwaki. In any family there are squabbles, and most of the problems are somehow connected with the lack of money. All people solve financial problems in different ways, sometimes using very non-trivial methods. So, the parents of a teenager named Iruma Suzuki decided to sell their son to the Devil. They didn’t really need money, but they wanted to get a taste of the rich and carefree life. As a result, the dumbfounded young man found himself in the Underworld among demons. But the Devil wasn’t so bad after all. He invited iruma to become his grandson and pass on his “devilish legacy”to Him.

Red Mars (Mars Red)

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: 2021 (date to be specified)

Genre: action, historical, military, vampire, supernatural

Original author: Buno Fujisawa

Directed By Kohei Hatano

Studio: Signal MD

Multi-part anime novelty of 2021 based on the manga by Buno Fujisawa. Alternate world, 1923, the end of the Taisho era. Vampires live among humans. Recently, their number has greatly increased due to the appearance of a mysterious source – “Askra”. The Japanese government is urgently reorienting the army to fight ghouls. The Code zero squad is trying to contain the vampire forces, but it’s made up of … vampires.

About my transformation into slime (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken) – season 2

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: 2021 (date to be specified)

Genre: action, adventure, Comedy, drama, fantasy

Original author: Fuse

“No one is eternal. Nothing lasts forever. Life in General is a meaningless thing. But what is there after death?” Satoru Mikami is an ordinary civil servant who devoted all his time and energy to his work, often talking about such topics. But the guy wasn’t going to die at all: fate decided everything for him. The robber kills Satoru. But the guy didn’t disappear. He turned into a… the mucus. Small slime ball by the name of Limuru living in a world full of mysterious creatures.

Re:Zero. Living from scratch in an alternative world (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) – season 2

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: January-2021

Genre: drama, fantasy, psychological, Thriller

Original author: Tappei Nagatsuki

Studio: White Fox

In the story, an outsider hikikomori named Subaru Natsuki suddenly “falls” into an alternate reality on the way out of the store. The guy does not understand at all what happened to him, who attacked him and what to do next. He is being chased by bloodthirsty murderers: and it would not have been very good if a beautiful Savior hadn’t suddenly appeared on the horizon. But the hero did not have time to recover, as he and his new girlfriend are killed… But this is not the end, but only the beginning of a stunning story, reminiscent of “Groundhog Day”.

Shining witches (white Witches) – season 6

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: January-2021.

Genre: etty, musical, magic, science fiction, military

Director: Shoji Saeki

The storyline of “Shining witches” will be dedicated to a musical team consisting of 9 witches. Sorceresses use their magic not to fight, but to fill people’s hearts with happiness and joy. The audience will get acquainted with two new characters-charming singers Ayla Piaivikii and Eleonora Giovanna.

Long Horizon: The fall of the round table (long Horizon: Entaku Houkai) – season 3

Anime of 2021: the most anticipated listPremiere: January-2021

Genre: action, adventure, fantasy, games, magic

Original author: mamare tono

Studio: Studio DEEN

Completing the list of anime 2021 is the continuation of the masterpiece series from Director Shinji Ishihira. The plot develops in an online game: 30 thousand players trapped in the virtual world will have to try on the role of avatars. Dead characters are resurrected at the very beginning of the game, which completely deprives them of any hope of returning home. The main characters of Shiroe and Natsuko stuck in the game world, are in the same Guild and always stick together. Will they be able to complete all the missions and return to reality?

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