Angela pearl: horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

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World-famous astrologer Angela pearl presented her video horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs. We suggest you find out right now what can happen in your life in the coming year, what areas of life you should pay special attention to, and how to turn the predisposition of fate to certain events that arise against the background of a certain position of the planets in a positive direction for yourself.

Astrological houses and the blackout

When making horoscopes, Angela pearl indicates in which houses of the horoscope these or other planets will be located for a particular zodiac sign and how this arrangement of planets will affect the fate.

Angela pearl: horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

The term “horoscope house” comes from the Latin word DOMINUS (God, divine). In total, there are 12 such houses that are responsible for such areas of life:

  1. personality;
  2. values (spiritual and material), money;
  3. mindfulness, development;
  4. home and family;
  5. creativity, interests, Hobbies;
  6. work and career, team relationships, health;
  7. friends and enemies;
  8. warnings from above, big deals;
  9. borders (travel, relocation, emigration), legal issues, training;
  10. achievements and career;
  11. environment and luck (responsible for the future);
  12. the sphere of secrets and the past, self-knowledge, esotericism, distant lands.

Angela pearl: horoscope for 2021 for all zodiac signs

Also in 2021 we are waiting for 4 eclipses:

  • May 26 (lunar);
  • June 10 (Sunny);
  • November 19 (lunar);
  • December 4 (Sunny).

Now that we understand the meaning of each house, let’s take a look at what Angela pearl’s 2021 horoscope predicts for each Zodiac sign.

After a difficult 2020, Aries should not slow down in the coming 2021 and continue to move towards the goal. The slow planets Pluto and Uranus may pose some financial challenges, but it is during this period that fate will present the opportunity to lay a solid Foundation that will ensure financial stability in 2022 and beyond.

The Saturn + Jupiter connection will be located in the 11th house all year round, which will give you incredibly powerful luck, which you should definitely not miss.

From 14.05 to 29.07 – a great period for moving and emigrating.

Eclipses will occur in homes:

  • №9 (26.05.21);
  • №3 (10.07.21);
  • №2 (19.11.21);
  • №9 (04.12.21).

Accordingly, it is in these areas that the most significant changes are expected.

For more information about what awaits Aries In 2021, see the detailed video horoscope of Angela pearl:


In 2021, Taurus Will have to constantly fluctuate between progressive innovative solutions and the usual conservative way of life.

The beginning of the year will not be easy. There may be some obstacles in achieving your goals and career, which will require more effort to achieve the result. But the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house promises good luck in moving, traveling, studying abroad.

In 2021, focus on homes:

  • №8 (26.05.21);
  • №2 (10.07.21);
  • №1 (19.11.21);
  • №8 (04.12.21).

For Taurus, 2021 will be a landmark year, because the Foundation laid during this period will be the basis for further successful growth (both financial and personal).

For more tips from Angela pearl for 2021, see the video for Taurus:


Gemini will see financial improvement in the coming year, as Saturn has finally left your financial zone.

Achieving high results will be more difficult. Various obstacles on the way, including in the field of moving or traveling abroad, are not excluded. Also, Angela does not recommend starting legal proceedings in 2021.

Eclipses will occur in homes:

  • №7 (26.05.21);
  • №1 (10.07.21);
  • №12 (19.11.21);
  • №7 (04.12.21).

Thus, a special focus will be on the 7th house, marking a new relationship, marriage, or Vice versa divorce.

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Throughout 2021, there will be a quadrature between Saturn and Uranus, which promises obstacles and obstacles in various areas. At the same time, in the coming year you will be able to count on big money that will come suddenly. However, taking out loans is strongly discouraged. There is a high probability that a large debt will hang long enough. Also, do not plan long-distance trips at the very beginning of the year.

Eclipses are expected in such houses:

  • №6 (26.05.21);
  • №12 (10.07.21);
  • №11 (19.11.21);
  • №6 (04.12.21).

The coming year 2021 is a great time for any endeavors that will bear fruit for the next 20 years. The ideal period for conceiving a baby for families who are planning IVF.

For more information about what the year 2021 will bring to cancer, see the full version of the horoscope from Angela pearl:

The coming year promises to be more calm and even. It can bring many interesting opportunities, but it will be difficult to achieve your goals.

All year long, Saturn and Jupiter will be in your marriage sector, making 2021 the perfect time to start a relationship, propose marriage, and get married. It is worth noting that the family created in 2021 will be very strong, and the relationship will be long. It is possible that someone will have a divorce, if the situation leads to such a decision for some time.

Eclipses in the coming year will affect such houses:

  • №5 (26.05.21);
  • №11 (10.07.21);
  • №10 (19.11.21);
  • №5 (04.12.21).

Since June 25, the Neptune retrograde period begins, so you should abandon risky financial operations and projects.

More tips for 2021 from Angela can be found in the video:

The period we are entering promises Virgo a revision of values and a change of work, because the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be located in the 6th house of work and career.

Uranus will be located in the travel sector – which means that a wide variety of trips for work, study or recreation are possible. But, Saturn in the work sector will be a deterrent, which can create obstacles on the way to the set plans.

The period is good for changing the type of activity, starting your own project, as well as creating the Foundation for further activities for the next 20 years.

There will be 4 eclipses in 2021:

  • №4 (26.05.21);
  • №10 (10.07.21);
  • №9 (19.11.21);
  • №4 (04.12.21).

Thus, for Virgins, the key topics in 2021 will be family, place of residence and work. For more detailed tips from Angela, see the video tutorial:

In the coming year, the influence of Saturn and Uranus will also be relevant for Libra. The period will be easier and calmer, although not without some problems. The period is successful for initiatives and progress towards the goal, because although there will be obstacles, they will be completely surmountable.

Eclipses will occur in homes:

  • №3 (26.05.21);
  • №9 (10.07.21);
  • №8 (19.11.21);
  • №3 (04.12.21).

The main focus will be the 5th and 8th houses-areas of family, love, business and Finance, between which you will have to constantly balance.

Also see the full horoscope for 2021 in the video clips of Angela pearl:


For Scorpios, 2021 will be a year of great opportunities. Many people will find permanent residence or move to another city (maybe even a country), start a family, or even have a child. You should also expect changes in the family composition. But what exactly this change will be depends on how events unfolded in a person’s life until 2021.

The quadrature of Pluto and Uranus promises some obstacles in achieving high results, but with a little more effort, you will definitely get what you want. Do not worry, even if the high bar is not reached in 2021, because any initiative in 2021 will be the Foundation for successful activities for the next 20 years.

4 eclipses expected in homes:

  • №2 (26.05.21);
  • №8 (10.07.21);
  • №7 (19.11.21);
  • №2 (04.12.21).

The topic of finances will remain important throughout the year, as well as the topic of family, relationships with relatives and colleagues.

For more information about what Angela predicts for Scorpios in 2021, see the video:


For Sagittarius, 2021 has prepared an increase in financial income after many years of difficult period, because Saturn left the money sector. Uranus and Pluto will also have a key impact on the course of life, but do not be afraid of possible difficulties, because in 2021 you will be able to lay an excellent Foundation for further development.

If you are in the throes of a significant other, then 2021 is a great time to start a relationship or get married. You should be careful only during periods of Saturn and Jupiter retrograde. This is not a time for important decisions, but it is a great time to return to ideas and projects that were previously postponed or need to be finalized.

Eclipses will take place in such houses:

  • №1 (26.05.21);
  • №7 (10.07.21);
  • №6 (19.11.21);
  • №1 (04.12.21).

Learn more about how full moons, retrograde periods, and the movements of other planets will affect your life by watching Angela pearl’s video.:


All the difficulties that have plagued Capricorns over the past few years are a thing of the past. There will be no more eclipses in the sign of Capricorn. Only the presence of Saturn in the money sector, as well as the quadrature of Neptune and Uranus, can strain. However, those who are active and able to overcome obstacles will be able to achieve the desired results in any type of activity.

In 2021, Capricorns will finally be able to meet a soulmate and build a strong relationship, buy a real estate or car, start their own business or just change their occupation. It is important to know that everything that will have a beginning in 2021 will be strong and durable, because Saturn and Jupiter will connect for 20 years.

Also, the horoscope of Angela pearl predicts 4 eclipses in such houses for Capricorns in 2021:

  • №12 (26.05.21);
  • №6 (10.07.21);
  • №5 (19.11.21);
  • №12 (04.12.21).

For more information about which periods will be favorable for business and love in the coming year, and which ones will not be very good, see the video:


For Aquarians, 2021 is a year of opportunity and change, because it is in the sign of Aquarius that Jupiter and Saturn will unite. Many Aquarians will start life with a clean slate, radically changing many things in their lives and overestimating the values of life.

Also in 2021, it is worth starting families and having children. Single Aquarians will definitely get the opportunity to meet their soulmate.

In terms of finances, 2022 will be the most successful year, but only if in 2021 you lay a good Foundation for business or career development.

Eclipses will be in such houses:

  • №11 (26.05.21);
  • №5 (10.07.21);
  • №4 (19.11.21);
  • №11 (04.12.21).

For more information about favorable and unfavorable periods, as well as the influence of other planets, the moon and ascendant on the fate of Aquarius, see the video:

For Pisces, 2021 will focus on self-discovery and their inner world, because Saturn and Jupiter will unite in the 12th house. This year will be especially successful for people of creative professions.

It is worth noting that 2022 will be even more successful and important for Pisces. But, all the success that you will reap in 2022 and beyond should be laid in 2021.

4 eclipses are expected in such houses:

  • №10 (26.05.21);
  • №4 (10.07.21);
  • №3 (19.11.21);
  • №10 (04.12.21).

For more interesting information about what the astrological horoscope for 2021 will be for Pisces, see the video by Angela pearl:

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