Americans melodrama 2020-2021 year

Incredible and life’s love stories always interest the fair sex, although some people enjoy watching men. In the 2020-2021 year, the list of Americans melodramas to grow with a number of new products, so fans will have plenty to choose from.

The wife of my husband

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 21 Jul 2020

Director: Artyom Kagramanyan

Actors: Maria Gorban, Vera Smolina, Yevgeni Dzhuraev

Rita suddenly suffered a personal tragedy. Her husband left her and went to the beauty named Alena. The main character was expecting a baby and cannot accept the loss, so decided to take a sudden step. At a reception at the sorcerer she thinks fondest wish, but magic effect is not as was waiting for Rita.

Silver skates

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 13 Feb 2021

Director: Michael Lokshin

Actors: Fedor Fedotov, Alexei Guskov, Sophia Priss

Genre: romance, history, adventure

Among the new Americans melodramas 2021 fans of this genre expect and the film “Silver skates.” The events of the film developed in e in 1899. It happens a miracle – crosses two destinies that never was to meet. Love connects the hearts of two people from different worlds and makes them work together to overcome life’s difficulties.

My happiness

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: may 2021

Director: Alexey Frandetti

Actors: Alexander Michkov, Sergey Bezrukov, Daria Abralinsky

Genre: romance, war, drama

Artists front-line team is a courageous and brave heroes. They are willing to go to any actions and to sacrifice himself just to save other people. A young playwright likes young actress Lara Vishneve, so it is ready again and again to rewrite his novel. And all for the sake of his beloved, for the sake of her life.

At the end of the world

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 14 Feb 2020

Director: Ilya Aksenov

Actors: Boris Dergachev, Yang GE, Daria Rudenok

Genre: romance, Comedy

Often in life things are moving not as we would like, here and in the film the characters plans didn’t go through the path. The girl is ready to marry the beloved, he is a guy not ready to voice the question that will completely change his life. She flies to Vladivostok on business, and the guy wants it to be a surprise, but his plans do not coincide with the plans of fate.

Marathon desires

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 23 Jan 2021

Director: Dasha Caruso

Actors: Aglaya Tarasova, Kirill Nagiev, Pavel Derevyanko

Genre: Comedy, romance

According to the ratings of viewers, to the expected novelties melodramas 2021 can be attributed to “Marathon of dreams”. A young girl needs in a day to get from Voronezh to Khanty-Mansiysk, otherwise she will lose her beloved. Change in e is fundamentally changing the fate of the heroine.

Above the sky

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 27 Jun 2020

Director: Oksana Karas

Actors: Taisiya Vilkova, Pauline Vitorgan, Philip Avdeev

Genre: romance, mystery, drama

The main character spends the summer outside the city. She is constantly under the supervision of his mother. But her attention is caught by a young guy. She’s in love with him, despite the fact that his past is shrouded in mystery. There is still a lot of change, but the feelings young people have no boundaries.

Happiness is… Part 2

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: April 1, 2020

Director: Irina Bass, Olena Voitovich

Actors: Elena Valyushkina, Nikita Volkov, Irina Alferova

Genre: romance, family

The film has several interwoven stories. Each story has its own history and drama. In each story there is a place of love, life’s UPS and downs, the growing up of children. Heroes overcome their fears and confidently go to his goal. Well-disclosed subject relationship.

The difficulties of survival

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 22 Aug 2020

Director: Eugene Torres

Actors: Basil Brichenko, Artem Markaryan, Elizaveta Kononova

Genre: Comedy, romance

Fans of films of this genre will love the work from the Director of “the Internship” a movie called “Difficulty of survival”. The main character goes in search of a young millionaire who lives on a deserted island. She does not even suspect that in fact there is no millionaire, and under it stands a young journalist who came up with the story of the rich man.


Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 20 APR 2021

Director: Ilya Uchitel

Actors: Viktor Dobronravov, Alexander Petrov, Beyonce Miloslavskaya

One of the most anticipated new Americans melodramas 2021 is the film “Musketeers”. The main character is a successful football player. It has all of what can dream any guy his age. He’s got millions of fans and admirers, but in an instant his career is under serious blow, because the judge’s Desk there was a statement about the rape.

Love triangle

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 14 Feb 2020

Director: Babolat Baturin, Alexander Ermolin

Actors: Leo Kotkin, Arina Postnikova, Maria Korytova

Genre: romance, Comedy

The film consists of three different stories, although their basic idea is that if you find true love, get to her feet. Should not tolerate a relationship that makes you miserable. Only true love can bring sincere happiness.

Mother Mary

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 14 Sep

Director: Andrey Simonov

Actors: Anna Yakunin, Alexander Smirnov, Dmitry Bogdan

The main character is rushing to the capital after he finds out that her nephew Oleg came under investigation. He is accused of assaulting the girl, but Maria can’t believe it, because bringing up a guy like his own son. She is ready to act radically, to prove that Oleg is innocent.

Ice 2

Americans melodrama 2020-2021 yearPremiere: 14 Feb 2021

Director: Zhora Krizovnicka

Actors: Hope Mikhalkov, Aglaia Tarasova, Alexander Petrov

Genre: romance, sports, drama

Fans of melodramas Americans look forward to in 2021 release of the sequel “Ice.” The story of a girl athlete, a fate which fell the real test in the form of injury and disability, and sincerely happiness in the form of love, to cling to the soul of many viewers. Manufacturers have not yet disclosed what will be the second part, so fans can only wait for the release of the film on the screens.

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